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Tension and Grief in Syria After Protests and Deadly Reprisals as Emergency Law Lifted

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011

by: Michael Slackman and Liam Stack, The New York Times News Service | Report


Tension and Grief in Syria After Protests and Deadly Reprisals as Emergency Law Lifted
President Bashar al-Assad called Sunday for the United States to use its influence to revive negotiations between his country and Israel. (Photo: Tyler Hicks / The New York Times)

Cairo – Violence continued to plague Syria this weekend, as government forces killed more demonstrators in Latakia, protesters burned offices of the ruling party in the south and west, and mourners throughout the country buried the dozens of unarmed protesters killed a day earlier.

President Bashar al-Assad of the ruling Baath Party began the day in what appeared to be a gesture intended to ease the crisis, when he announced the release of as many as 200 political prisoners. But by sunset, Baath Party offices were burning in at least two cities, the military was deployed in Latakia and once again government forces opened fire with live rounds, witnesses said.

After more than a week of protests and human rights groups confirming that 61 people had been killed by government forces, there appeared to be no clear path forward for protesters, who had erupted in angry demonstrations around the country on Friday, or for the government, which has offered words of compromise at the same time that it has unleashed lethal force.

“People are afraid,” said a prominent religious leader from a community at the center of the conflicts, who was not identified to protect him from reprisal. “People are afraid that the events might get bigger. They are afraid there might be more protests.”

Exact numbers of the dead are hard to determine, as the official government news service denied the authorities’ culpability in new reports blaming criminal gangs. By nightfall, government officials were blaming a sectarian clash for the crisis, which was quickly dismissed by protest supporters, who said the goal was freedom for all Syrians and an end to authoritarian rule.

The protesters, according to the religious leader, want “freedom and their rights; they were making demands from the government for things to get better here and for an end to the state of emergency.”

The day broke over a landscape of grief as mourners set out for funerals in the southern towns of Sanamayn and Dara’a, in Latakia, in the central city of Homs and in the suburbs of Damascus. In each place, demonstrators had been killed hours earlier, shot by government forces in the most violent government oppression since 1982, when the leadership killed at least 10,000 people in the northern city of Hama.

But the mourning soon gave way to another surge of demonstrations, and then violence. At least two demonstrators in Latakia were killed after protesters set fire to the local headquarters of the Baath Party. Ammar Qurabi, the chairman of the National Association for Human Rights, said two witnesses reported seeing Syrian Special Forces open fire into a crowd.

One Latakia resident reached by telephone said 10,000 to 15,000 antigovernment protesters from the city and surrounding villages, some armed with knives, machetes and clubs, had taken to the streets. “The demonstrations have been peaceful, “ the resident said, “but after the violence yesterday protesters brought weapons.”

In the southern village of Tafas, near the protest movement’s epicenter in Dara’a, mourners also set fire to the local Baath headquarters.

Pro-government demonstrators were also out in Damascus, where about 200 people drove around the city on Saturday evening in a convoy of cars, trucks and minibuses. They carried portraits of President Assad and his father, former President Hafez al-Assad, and chanted, “We are national unity” and “With our soul and with our blood, we will redeem you, Bashar.”

A government spokeswoman, Buthaina Shaaban, denied to BBC Arabic that government forces had opened fire on protesters, blaming instead foreigners and an armed group of villagers. “We arrested outsiders in Syria charged with opening fire on the crowd,” she said. “They stole weapons. The authorities did not shoot protesters, but an armed group from Sanamayn” did.

Protests have taken place around Syria since the start of the tumultuous movement for change that has shaken the Arab world with peaceful protest and conflicts approaching civil war. But the political crisis blew wide open about a week ago when demonstrators took to the streets in Dara’a after the police arrested a group of young people for scrawling antigovernment graffiti, hauling them away without notifying their parents.

Syria is a resource-poor nation with great strategic influence in the region because of its alliances with Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, and its location bordering Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. But it also struggles with a fragile sense of national unity amid sectarian tensions between its rulers, all members of the minority Alawite religious sect, and a Sunni majority. It also clings to a pan-Arab Baathist ideology.

“The events are developing and succeeding each other rapidly all over Syria,” Abdel Majid Manjouni, assistant chairman of the Socialist Democratic Arab Union Party in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, said in a telephone interview. “They are going from city to city, and the ruling party is not being successful in its attempt to block the protests or the demands for democratic change in the country.”

The Syrian crisis has in many ways followed a course similar to those in Tunisia and Egypt, which ended with the resignation of each country’s president.

In Syria, there have been no widespread calls for President Assad’s departure, though as the anger mounts in the wake of protesters’ deaths, that view has started to gain voice.

“I am calling him to go to the television,” said Ayman Abdel Nour, a childhood friend of the president’s now living in the United Arab Emirates. “The people still respect him. First, he must deliver his condolences face to face to the people. No. 2, he must say there will be a multiple party system, a free parliamentary election in two months from now.”

Mr. Qurabi, the chairman of the human rights group, said that more than two dozen protesters were killed Friday, including 20 in the tiny southern village of Sanamayn, 4 in Latakia, 3 in Homs and 3 in the greater Damascus area. Mr. Qurabi blamed live ammunition for all those deaths on Friday.

“The protest in Sanamayn was very, very, very big,” Mr. Qurabi said in a phone call from Cairo, where he is attending a conference. “They killed them in the streets because there is not even really a square for the people to protest in.”

People in Syria were far more reluctant to speak, including one young man who said he had been detained by the police for three days after talking to the news media. “I was talking about the news of the protest with some reporters,” he said in a phone call to Damascus. “The police came for me at about 11:15 on Tuesday morning and took me off the street in front of my house. My phone calls are monitored, and I don’t want to say anything over the phone.”

An employee of The New York Times contributed reporting from Damascus, Syria.

This article “Tension and Grief in Syria After Protests and Deadly Reprisals” originally appeared at The New York Times.

© 2011 The New York Times Company

Truthout has licensed this content. It may not be reproduced by any other source and is not covered by our Creative Commons license.

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Toxic Intervention: Are NATO Forces Poisoning Libya With Depleted Uranium as They “Protect” Civilians?

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

Wednesday 23 March 2011

by: Dave Lindorff  |  This Can’t Be Happening | News Analysis

Toxic Intervention: Are NATO Forces Poisoning Libya With Depleted Uranium as They "Protect" Civilians?
On a tour led by an official of the Libyan government, a girl is seen next to a house covered in shrapnel marks on the eastern outskirts of Tripoli that government officials said was targeted by western air strikes, March 25, 2011. (Photo: Moises Saman / The New York Times)

President Obama’s criminal launch of an undeclared and Congressionally unauthorized war against Libya may be compounded by the crime of spreading toxic uranium oxide in populated areas of that country.

This is latest concern of groups like the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, which monitor the military use of so-called depleted-uranium (DU) anti-tank and bunker-penetrating shells.

Images of Libyan civilians and rebels celebrating around the burning hulks of the Libyan army’s tanks and armored personnel carriers, which had been hit by US, French and British aircraft ordinance in the early hours of the US-led assault on the forces of Col. Muammar Gaddafy, could well have been unknowingly inhaling the deadly dust of the uranium weapons favored by Western military forces for anti-tank warfare.

Specifically, the British-built Harrier jets used by British naval air forces and also by US Marine pilots, are often equipped with pod-mounted cannons that fire 20 mm shells–shells that often have uranium projectiles designed to penetrate heavy armor.

So far, the US has not introduced its A-10 Thunderbolts, known also as Warthogs, into the Libyan campaign, probably because these sub-sonic, straight-wing craft, while heavily armored, are vulnerable to shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles which Libyan forces are known to possess in large numbers. Once the air-control situation is improved by continued bombardment, however, these specialized ground-attack aircraft will probably be added to the attacking forces. The A-10 has a particularly large automatic cannon which fires an unusually large 30 mm shell. These shells are often fitted with solid uranium projectiles for attacking tanks, APCs or groups of fighters holed up in concrete bunkers.

A-10s were heavily used in the Balkan conflict, and officials of Kosovo were dismayed to learn that some 11 tons of uranium weapons were fired there, leaving dangerous uranium dust fallout in their wake.

The US military is fond of DU weapons because the material, made from uranium from which the fissionable U-235 has been removed, because it is extremely heavy, and, in alloy form, also extremely hard. Because of its mass, such projectiles can penetrate even the heaviest armor. Then, in the heat caused by the collision with an object, the uranium bursts into flame at extreme heat, causing an explosive (and toxic) inferno inside a tank or other vehicle, which usually also ignites any ammunition being carried. Soldiers inside a target vehicle are incinerated. The problem is that the resulting uranium oxide produced by such explosions, besides being highly toxic chemically, is also a microscopic alpha-emitter, which if inhaled or ingested by human beings is extremely carcinogenic and mutagenic.

Cities in Iraq where DU weapons were heavily used, such as Basra, Samara, Baghdad, Mosul and probably especially Fallujah, which was virtually leveled in a November 2004 Marine assault, are showing high rates of birth defects, many of which, along with unusually high rates of leukemia, medical experts say are emblematic of fetal radiation damage.

A University of Michigan peer-reviewed study of births in Fallujahpublished in December 2010 found that of 547 births in Fallujah General Hospital in May of 2010, six years after the all-out US assault on that city of 300,000, in which DU weapons were reportedly used widely, 15% of babies had birth defects–a rate more than five times higher than the global average of 2-3%.

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It would be a tragic irony if rebels in Libya, after calling for assistance from the US and other NATO countries, succeeded in overthrowing the country’s long-time tyrant Gaddafy, only to have their country contaminated by uranium dust–the fate already suffered by the peoples of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

All republished content that appears on Truthout has been obtained by permission or license.

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Libya: The Objective of “Humanitarian Bombing” is Death and Destruction

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, March 25, 2011

The Bombing of Civilian Targets

The objective is not to come to the rescue of civilians.

Quite the opposite. Both military as well as civilian targets have been pre-selected.

Civilian casualties are intentional. They are not the result of “collateral damage“.

Early reports confirm that hospitals, civilian airports and government buildings have been bombed.

Within hours of the air attacks, a Libyan government health official “said the death toll from the Western air strikes had risen to 64 on Sunday after some of the wounded died.” The number of wounded was of the order of 150. (Montreal Gazette, Gadhafi hurls defiance as allied forces strike Libya, March 19, 2011).

The death toll resulting from aerial bombings and missile attacks (March 24) is of the order of 100 civilians, according to Libyan government sources ( UN Chief Expects Int’l Community to Avoid Civilian Casualties in Libya, March 25, 2011)

Media Disinformation

These deaths resulting from US-NATO missiles and aerial bombings are either denied or casually dismissed as `collateral damage`. According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague modern humanitarian warfare does result in civilian deaths, a totally absurd proposition:

“This operation has been doing what it was meant to do, protect the civilian population of Libya, and there is no confirmed evidence of any casualties at all, civilian casualties, caused by the coalition strikes on the Gaddafi regime,” (British Foreign Secretary William Hague,  No evidence of civilian casualties in Libya strikes: UK | Reuters, March 25, 2011)

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirms that “The coalition is going to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties and most of the targets are air defence targets isolated from populated areas.” (West trying to avoid Libyan civilian deaths: Robert Gates – World – DNA, March 22, 2011)

The objective of the media disinformation campaign is to blatantly obfuscate the loss of life of civilians.  Western media reports on casualties are heavily convoluted. Tomahawk missiles and aerial bombings are upheld as instruments of peace and democracy. They do not result in civilian deaths.

Without media disinformation, the legitimacy of the military operation under R2P would collapse like a deck of card.

Several hundred people gather at a funeral. The latter is dismissed as Qadhafi propaganda.

The funeral is ‘fake” according to Western reports. It is presented as a staged event.

In the words of one report: “Men pray for people supposedly killed in air strikes. But the contents of these coffins remain unclear.( See Civilian Casualties in Question at Tripoli Funeral –, March 24, 2011, In Libya, coffins carry a mystery, SMH, March 26, 2011).

Humanitarian Bombing and Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

The purpose of these bombardments is to destroy the country’s institutions, its productive base. It’s called “humanitarian bombing”. It is justified under the concept of  “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Power generating facilities, bridges, roads, hospitals, TV stations, government buildings, factories, are singled out as strategic targets.

Libyan sources (unconfirmed) report that two hospitals and a medical clinic were bombed:

“Al-Tajura Hospital was hit as was Saladin Hospital in Ain Zara. The clinic that was bombed was also located in the vicinity of Tripoli, the Libyan capital.  Not only were these civilian structures, but they were also all far away from the combat zone.

Civilian air facilities throughout Libya have been attacked. (Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Breaking News: Libyan Hospitals Attacked. Libyan Source: Three French Jets Downed, Global Research, March 19, 2011)

In the case of the hospitals, the smart bombs are extremely precise. The Russian Foreign ministry has accused the Western military alliance of conducting an indiscriminate bombing campaign. (Metro – Russia: Stop ‘indiscriminate’ bombing of Libya, March 19, 2011)

Invariably the Western media will state that Qadhafi forces are bombing the country’s hospitals, without supporting evidence.

There are indications that hospitals are included in the list of targets. Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were assigned specific civilian bombing targets. The pilots decided to return to base without attacking their pre-selected target, which was identified as an airfield. According to the press reports, the selected target was adjacent to a hospital: “Lawson said the risk was not related to any threat to the CF-18sbut rather potential damage to civilians or important infrastructure such as hospitals, on the ground.” ( CTV Calgary- Canadian pilots abort bombing over risk to civilians – CTV News, March 23, 2011, emphasis added)

Public opinion is invited to unconditionally endorse a new war theater in North Africa.  The so-called international community has managed through media propaganda to build a consensus.

The Responsibility to Protect has been endorsed by civil society organizations and NGOs. Many sectors of the progressive Left are supporting the bombings of Libya as a means to installing democracy, without even analysing the nature and composition of the rebellion.

Those who speak out against the US-NATO “no fly zone” are casually branded as “Qadhafi apologists”.

The Yugoslav Model of “Humanitarian Bombing”

Humanitarian bombing is part of a historical process. It is embedded in military planning.

The Libyan “humanitarian bombing” campaign is an integral part of military strategy which consists in destroying the country’s civilian infrastructure. It is modelled on previous humanitarian bombing endeavors including the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia and the 2003 military campaign against Iraq.

When Yugoslavia was bombed in 1999, bridges, power plants, schools and hospitals were identified as “legitimate military targets” selected by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Vicenza, Italy and carefully “validated prior to the pilot launching his strike.” The same procedure is being applied to Libya: military and civilian targets are validated in advance. The pilot is not always informed as to the precise nature of the target.

In 1999, the children’s hospital located in Belgrade’s embassy area was the object of air attacks. It had been singled out by military planners as a strategic target.

NATO acknowledged that they had done it, but to “save the lives” of the newly borne, they did not target the section of the hospital where the babies were residing, instead they targeted the building which housed the power generator, which meant no more power for the incubators, which meant the entire hospital was for all sakes and purposes destroyed and many of the children died.

I visited that hospital, one year after the bombing in June 2000 and saw with my own eyes how they did it with utmost accuracy. These are war crimes using the most advanced military technology:  The so-called “smart bombs”.

In Yugoslavia, the civilian economy was the target: hospitals, airports, government buildings, manufacturing, infrastructure, not to mention 17th century churches and the country’s historical and cultural heritage.

The diabolical objective of triggering an environmental catastrophe in the Danube river basin was also on the drawing board. NATO targeted the Pancevo petrochemical plant near Belgrade. The objective was no only to disable the plant but also to trigger an environmental catastrophe. How did they do it?

“A thermal imager from a spy satellite or an aircraft can detect infrared radiation emitted from any object situated on the petrochemical plant and convert its readings into a high-resolution video or snap picture. … In the words of a Pentagon spokesman, the U2 “snaps a picture from very high altitude, beams it back in what we call a reach-back, to the States where it is very quickly analyzed”. And from there, “the right targeting data” is relayed to the CAOC in Vincenza which then “passes [it] on to people in the cockpit”.

The “smart bombs” were not dumb; they went where they were told to go. NATO had scrupulously singled out the containers, tanks and reservoirs, which still contained toxic materials. According to the petrochemical plant director, NATO did not hit a single empty container: “This was not accidental; they chose to hit those that were full and these chemicals spilled into the canal leading to the Danube“. … When the smart bombs hit their lethal targets at Pancevo (see photos below), noxious fluids and fumes were released into the atmosphere, water and soil. “More than one thousand tons of ethylene dichloride spilled from the Pancevo petrochemical complex into the Danube [through the canal which links the plant to the river]. Over a thousand tons of natrium hydroxide were spilled from the Pancevo petrochemical complex. Nearly 1,000 tons of hydrogen chloride spilled from Pancevo into the Danube River” (Michel Chossudovsky, NATO Willfully Triggered an Environmental Catastrophe In Yugoslavia, Global Research, 11 April 2004)

A ‘smart bomb’ hit this container with perfect accuracy. (Pancevo petrochemical complex ( ©Michel Chossudovsky, March 2000 )

The container on the right was targeted by NATO because it was full of highly carcinogenic VCM ( © Michel Chossudovsky, March 2000 )

See Michel Chossudovsky, NATO Willfully Triggered an Environmental Catastrophe In Yugoslavia, Global Research, 11 April 2004

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War on Libya and Control of The Mediterranean

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

by Rick Rozoff

Global Research, March 25, 2011

Libya is also one of only five of Africa’s 54 countries that have not been integrated into, which is to say subordinated to, the new U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

A year after assuming the post of president of the French Republic in 2007, and while his nation held the rotating European Union presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy invited the heads of state of the EU’s 27 members and those of 17 non-EU Mediterranean countries to attend a conference in Paris to launch a Mediterranean Union.

In the words of Britain’s Daily Telegraph regarding the subsequent summit held for the purpose on July 13, 2008, “Sarkozy’s big idea is to use imperial Rome’s centre of the world as a unifying factor linking 44 countries that are home to 800 million people.”

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, however, announced that his nation would boycott the gathering, denouncing the initiative as one aimed at dividing both Africa and the Arab world, and stating:

“We shall have another Roman empire and imperialist design. There are imperialist maps and designs that we have already rolled up. We should not have them again.” [1]

The unprecedented summit was held with the intention of “shift[ing] Europe’s strategic focus towards the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans.” [2]

Less than three years later Sarkozy’s Mirage and Rafale warplanes were bombing Libyan government targets, initiating an ongoing war being waged by France, the United States, Britain and what the world news media refer to as an international coalition – 12 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the emirate of Qatar – to overthrow the Gaddafi government and implant a more pliant replacement.

The Mediterranean Sea is the main battle front in the world currently, superseding the Afghanistan-Pakistan war theater, and the empire of the new third millennium – that of the U.S., the world’s sole military superpower in the words of President Barack Obama in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and its NATO partners – is completing the transformation of the Mediterranean into its mare nostrum.

The attack on Libya followed by slightly more than three weeks a move in the parliament of the Eastern Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus to drag that state into NATO’s Partnership for Peace program [3], which if ultimately successful would leave only three of twenty nations (excluding microstate Monaco) on or in the Mediterranean Sea not full members of NATO or beholden to it through partnership entanglements, including those of the Mediterranean Dialogue (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia): Libya, Lebanon and Syria.

NATO membership and partnerships obligate the affected governments to open their countries to the U.S. military. For example, less than a year after becoming independent Montenegro had already joined the Partnership for Peace and was visited by then-commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe Admiral Harry Ulrich and the submarine tender Emory S. Land in an effort “to provide training and assistance for the Montenegrin Navy and to strengthen the relationship between the two navies.” [4]. The next month four NATO warships, including the USS Roosevelt guided missile destroyer, docked in Montenegro’s Tivat harbor.

If the current Libyan model is duplicated in Syria as increasingly seems to be the case, and with Lebanon already blockaded by warships from NATO nations since 2006 in what is the prototype for what NATO will soon replicate off the coast of Libya, the Mediterranean Sea will be entirely under the control of NATO and its leading member, the U.S.

Cyprus in the only European Union member and indeed the only European nation (except for microstates) that is – for the time being – not a NATO member or partner, and Libya is the only African nation bordering the Mediterranean not a member of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue partnership program.

Libya is also one of only five of Africa’s 54 countries that have not been integrated into, which is to say subordinated to, the new U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

The others are:

Sudan, which is being balkanized as Libya may also soon be.

Ivory Coast, now embroiled in what is for all intents a civil war with the West backing the armed groups of Alassane Ouattara against standing president Laurent Gbagbo and under the threat of foreign military intervention, likely by the AFRICOM- and NATO-supported West African Standby Force and possibly with direct Western involvement. [5]

Eritrea, which borders Djibouti where some 5,000 U.S. and French troops are based and which was involved in an armed border conflict with its neighbor three years ago in which French military forces intervened on behalf of Djibouti.

Zimbabwe, which is among likely candidates for the next U.S.-NATO Operation Odyssey Dawn-type military intervention.

The Mediterranean has been history’s most strategically important sea and is the only one whose waves lap the shores of three continents.

Control of the sea has been fought over by the Persian, Alexandrian, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spanish, British and Napoleonic empires, in part or in whole, and by Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany.

Since the end of World War Two the major military power in the sea has been the U.S. In 1946 Washington established Naval Forces Mediterranean, which in 1950 became the U.S. Sixth Fleet and has its headquarters in the Mediterranean port city of Naples.

In fact the genesis of the U.S. Navy was the Naval Act of 1794, passed in response to the capture of American merchant vessels off the coast of North Africa. The Mediterranean Squadron (also Station) was created in reaction to the first Barbary War of 1801-1805, also known as the Tripolitan War after what is now northwestern Libya. The U.S. fought its first naval battle outside the Western Hemisphere against Tripolitania in 1801.

U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, also based in Naples, is assigned to the Sixth Fleet and provides forces for both U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command. Its commander is Admiral Samuel Locklear III, who is also commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Naples.

He has been coordinating U.S. and NATO air and missile strikes against Libya from USS Mount Whitney, the flagship of the Sixth Fleet, as commander of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn, the U.S. Africa Command operation in charge of U.S. guided missile destroyers, submarines and stealth bombers conducting attacks inside Libya.

Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations (the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. Navy), recently stated that the permanent U.S. military presence in the Mediterranean allowed the Pentagon, which “already was positioned for operations over Libya,” to launch Odyssey Dawn on March 19. “The need, for example in the opening rounds, for the Tomahawk strikes, the shooters were already in place. They were already loaded, and that went off as we expected it would.”

“That’s what you get when you have a global Navy that’s forward all the time….We’re there, and when the guns go off, we’re ready to conduct combat operations….” [6]

On March 22 General Carter Ham, the new chief of U.S. Africa Command, visited the U.S. air base in Ramstein, Germany and met with British, French and Italian air force leaders to evaluate the bombing campaign in Libya. He praised cooperation with NATO partners before the war began, stating, “You can’t bring 14 different nations together without ever having prepared for this before.” [7]

As the AFRICOM commander was in Germany, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was in Egypt to meet with Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces and chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, to coordinate the campaign against Libya.

The Pentagon’s website reported on March 23 that forces attached to AFRICOM’s Task Force Odyssey Dawn had flown 336 air sorties, 108 of them launching strikes and 212 conducted by the U.S. The operations included 162 Tomahawk cruise missile attacks.

Admiral Roughead stated that he envisioned “no problem in keeping operations going,” as the Tomahawks will be replaced from the existing inventory of 3,200. Enough to level Libya and still have plenty left over for the next war. [8]

The defeat and conquest, directly or by proxy, of Libya would secure a key outpost for the Pentagon and NATO on the Mediterranean Sea.

The consolidation of U.S. control over North Africa would have more than just regional repercussions, important as they are.

Shortly after the inauguration of U.S. Africa Command, Lin Zhiyuan, deputy director of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences, wrote the following:

“By building a dozen forward bases or establishments in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and other African nations, the U.S. will gradually establish a network of military bases to cover the entire continent and make essential preparations for docking an aircraft carrier fleet in the region.”

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with the U.S. at the head had [in 2006] carried out a large-scale military exercise in Cape Verde, a western African island nation, with the sole purpose of controlling the sea and air corridors of crude oil extracting zones and monitoring how the situation is with oil pipelines operating there.”

“[A]frica Command represents a vital, crucial link for the US adjustment of its global military deployment. At present, it is moving the gravity of its forces in Europe eastward and opening new bases in Eastern Europe.”

“The present US global military redeployment centers mainly on an ‘arc of instability’ from the Caucasus, Central and Southern Asia down to the Korean Peninsula, and so the African continent is taken as a strong point to prop up the US global strategy.

“Therefore, AFRICOM facilitates the United States advancing on the African continent, taking control of the Eurasian continent and proceeding to take the helm of the entire globe.” [9]

Far more is at stake in the war with Libya than control of Africa’s largest proven oil reserves and subjugating the last North African nation not yet under the thumb of the U.S. and NATO. Even more than domination of the Mediterranean Sea region.


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Stop NATO e-mail list home page with archives and search engine:

Stop NATO website and articles:

Rick Rozoff is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Rick Rozoff


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The Next Nagasaki – Nuclear Fears Stalk The World-Threat to the American Public

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

by Yoichi Shimatsu

Global Research, March 19, 2011

A second Hiroshima is happening with the partial meltdowns at Fukushima 1 nuclear reactors. We can only hope the eventual toll in lives comes nowhere near close to that of the world’s first atomic catastrophe.

The international community is now asking: Where will be the next Nagasaki?

In the US with its 23 aging reactors of identical design as Fukushima’s GE Mark 1 reactors, along with another dozen more of slightly modified design?

In France, the world’s most nuclear-dependent country?

Probably not in Germany or Venezuela, which are cutting back their nuclear programs, nor Britain, the world leader in conversion to offshore wind power. Or even China, a solar-energy paragon now scaling back plans for new nuclear plants.

Many people are also wondering: How can the only nation that ever experienced atomic bombings become so trusting in nuclear energy? The answer is both simple and complicated. In the modern economy, the energy to run machines is intertwined with national security, foreign policy and warfare.

Uranium-based Progress

World War II was in essence a contest for fossil fuel. An energy-hungry Japan invaded China for its coal and Indonesia for oil reserves. Nazi Germany’s blitzkriegs were aimed at oil fields in Romania, Libya and the Caspian Sea region. The United States and Britain fought the Axis Powers to retain their control over the world’s fossil fuel, and they’re still doing the same in conflicts with OPEC nations and to control Central Asia and East Asia’s continental shelf.

To prevent the recurrence of another Pacific War, Washington tried to ween postwar Japan from its dependence on coal and oil. As Japanese industry revived by the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the US pushed Japan to adopt the “safe and clean” energy of the future – nuclear power. General Electric and Westinghouse were soon given charge of installing a network of nuclear power plants across the island nation, while Tokyo was inducted into the US-launched International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Unlike older fuel resources, nuclear power was the sole proprietary right of the US, which not only dominated uranium mining but also production of boron, the neutron absorbing mineral needed for controlled nuclear reactions.American labs including Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oakridge are the graduate schools for the world’s nuclear physicists.

In the same period of heady infatuation with technology, the New York World’s Fair of 1964-65 was a debutante ball for a brighter “universal” future based on atom-splitting. The General Electric pavilion was called “Progressland” with a multimedia show featuring a “plasma explosion” of plutonium fusion for awe-struck visitors. Japan served as the model of international citizenship and cooperation under the American aegis of atomic power.The Fukushima nuclear plant designed by GE was commissioned in 1971.

The modern myth of safe nuclear power was alternatively resisted and grudgingly accepted by the Japanese public. In more recent years, once negative perceptions toward nuclear provider Tokyo Electric Power company have shifted. A young computer-graphics designer in Tokyo told me that his generation grew up thinking “TEPCO has a god-like aura of infallibility and power greater than the government.” My experience as an editor inside the Japanese press reveals how its corporate image was cunningly promoted with “greenwash” commercials falsely claiming environmental-friendliness and hefty ad revenues for television and print media.

Atomic Energy in the Cold War

Japan was no stranger to atomic energy. During the Second World War, the Allies and the Axis competed for an exotic new energy source -uranium. While the Manhattan Project was secretly crafting the atomic bomb in New Mexico, Japan opened uranium mines in Konan, North Korea, which now are the source of Pyongyang’s nuclear energy program.

Following the Allied victory, the Soviet Union aimed to break the American nuclear monopoly by establishing a protectorate called the Republic of East Turkestan in China’s northwest province of Xinjiang. The rich uranium deposits near Burjin, in the foothills of the Altai mountains, provided the fissionable material for development of Soviet nuclear capability. The hastily dug Soviet mines left behind the curse of radiation disease for the predominantly Uyghur and ethnic Kazakh inhabitants as well as to downstream communities in eastern Kazakhstan. Kazakh and Chinese scientists have since run soil remediation projects, using isotope-gathering trees to cleanse the irradiated land.

To prevent the Soviets from amassing a nuclear arsenal, the Truman administration initiated a top-secret program to control the world’s entire uranium supply. Operation Murray Hill focused on sabotaging the Altai mining operations. Douglas MacKiernan, operating under the cover of US vice consul in Urumchi, organized a covert team of anticommunist Russians and Kazakh guerrillas to bomb the Soviet mining facilities. Forced to flee toward Lhasa, MacKiernan was shot dead in case of mistaken identity by a Tibetan border guard and is honored as the CIA’s first agent killed in action.

The covert global operations of Operation Murray Hill are carried on today by the CIA’s counter-proliferation bureau. A glimpse into its clandestine operations is provided in “Fair Game”, the book and movie about Valerie Plame, the agent exposed under the Bush administration. Battles open and covert against nuclear foes have been fought as far afield as Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Argentina, Indonesia, Myanmar and Iraq as well as against usual suspects Iran and North Korea.

Threat to the American Public

The partial meltdowns at Fukushima 1 are putting Washington into a quandary. Had these radiation releases occurred in North Korea or Iran, Washington could have summoned UN Security Council sessions, demanded IAEA inspections and imposed tough sanctions and possibly military intervention. The meltdowns, however, are from American-designed reactors operating under protocols created by the US.

The Obama administration has, therefore, downplayed the seriousness of the current nuclear drama shaking its security ally Japan. In an unconvincing defensive tone, the American president has backed nuclear energy as part of “the energy mix” supporting the US economy. His pro-nuclear stance is irrational and irresponsible, when smaller allied countries including Britain, the Netherlands and Germany are making massive investments in offshore wind farms in the North Sea to end their dependency on nuclear and fossil fuels.

The international community is well aware of the double standard in policy. The US quietly applauded Israeli air strikes against Saddam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear-energy plant in 1981 and has since demanded ever-stricter sanctions against Tehran and Pyongyang. Yet Washington refuses to lead by example, shrugging off the anti-nuclear movement’s pleas to stop plans for new reactors and shunning calls from the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for total nuclear disarmament. America’s campaign for an atomic monopoly, or at least nuclear dominance, is driving smaller powers toward obtaining a deterrence capability. These nations aren’t some “axis of evil”; they’re just playing the survival game by the rules – not the words – set by Washington.

In the days and months ahead, America’s own citizens will be cringing from the dreaded arrival of radioactive fallout. Terrorism is now practically forgotten when a much wider threat may soon blanket American skies from “sea to shining sea.” Unless Washington moves rapidly toward repudiation of its own nuclear addiction, the specter of another Nagasaki will overshadow the land of the free and home of the brave.

Yoichi Shimatsu is Former Editor of The Japan Times Weekly

Yoichi Shimatsu is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Yoichi Shimatsu


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US- NATO Bombings continue as hundreds die and thousands flee

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Global Research, March 27, 2011

Libyan operation continues as hundreds die and thousands flee

Coalition forces leave Colonel Gaddafi‘s air defense in tatters, but on the ground tensions remain high; according to reports, at least 114 people have been killed in the first four days of the operation while 300,000 have already fled the country.

Saturday was marked by the rebels gaining control over Ajdabiya – a key gateway to the oil reserves in the country’s east. Unconfirmed reports also claim the rebels have advanced beyond Ajdabiya, toward the town of Brega.

The victory marks the first major turnaround in the uprising, and many believe it could not have been achieved without the international air strikes on Gaddafi’s troops.

On Friday, British and French planes destroyed Gaddafi’s artillery battery and armored vehicles located in and around Ajdabiya.

Saturday, on the outskirts of Misrata, allied aviation initiated an attack on forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi that had been shelling the city occupied by rebels.

Rebel forces had been struggling for over a week to recapture some of the towns in the East that they had lost. But the road to Tripoli is lined with government forces, and the fight on the ground is intense.

The US military command claims allied forces are currently focusing on ruining the communications and supply lines between Gaddafi’s military units, not bombing the cities themselves and risking the lives of civilians, AP reports.

The rebel’s political front – the Transitional National Council – addressed a letter to the French government, thanking its military forces for their help in containing the loyalist forces.

The people of Libya consider you their liberators,” the statement reads.

The letter further relays the rebels’ desire to carry on the fight without international help.

However, the question of civilian deaths on the ground remains a major issue. Libyan state television is continuously reporting that the number of civilian deaths stands at more than a hundred, while people in the capital city remain particularly worried.

In Tripoli people woke up to fresh explosions amid fears of more bloodshed on Saturday, as three explosions rocked the area in and around the suburbs. For the third straight night the suburb of Tajura was hit. Also, the town of Zliten which is 160 kilometers to the East of Tripoli was hit with air strikes. The coalition air force insists that it is targeting important facilities of Gaddafi’s air force.­

At a short overnight press conference, the Libyan government’s spokesperson announced that at least 114 people have been killed and 445 injured in the first four days of the coalition’s week long series of air strikes. It was unclear whether these deaths and injuries were actually civilians or fighters, and ascertaining exactly who is who on the casualty list remains a problem. The people are frightened of increasing death tolls among civilians and soldiers alike.

The American military has announced that the coalition has fired 16 Tomahawk missiles and flown 153 air sorties in the last 24 hours.

NATO to take over coalition leadership

NATO is gearing up to replace the US in leading the campaign in Libya. It has been agreed that the alliance would take control of the mission on Sunday night. The fundamental question as NATO moves forward to lead the coalition is whether or not its involvement will result in an increase of casualties.

Russia’s top general, Nikolay Makarov, said NATO might even go so far as to resort to the use of ground troops if it aims to overthrow Gaddafi in the end, because the coalition’s “aerial operation seems to have yielded no results.”

Meanwhile, coalition forces have supplied NATO with an additional 25 warships and submarines, as well as 50 fighter jets to help enforce a naval blockade and prevent weapons and mercenaries from entering Libya.

The operation, dubbed “Unified Protector”, was launched on Wednesday and involves the UK, US, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Greece.

“The NATO ships will be located in international waters, without entering the territorial waters of Libya. Although the alliance cannot cut off all the roads to this country, it can block the most direct and obvious one – the delivery of weapons to the country by sea,” ITAR Tass news agency cited the statement.

Fabrizio Tassinari from the Danish Institute for International Studies says the operation in Libya is proving to be another key test for the EU and NATO, and there is no sign of how it will conclude.

“Definitely there is no clear understanding of what the endgame of this mission is supposed to be,” he says. “The idea of ground troops which has been voiced by some of the coalition forces is not something that was mentioned in the UN Resolution [1973]. So clearly that would be a step beyond what some of the parties, especially from the Arab world would like to see.”

“Also, because if the idea of ground troops becomes actual, the objective would become regime change rather than protecting the civilian population. In a way you can argue – if ground troops are not considered, the only other option by enforcing the no-fly zone is really to try and give the opposition a fair chance to overthrow Gaddafi by their own means. So they are in a whole different ball game as to looking at various options of supporting the opposition. But clearly ‘ground troops’ is not one of them, and I think the Libyan opposition or whoever is speaking for them at the moment is has been quite clear about that. They do not want Western ground troops on the ground,” Tassinari concluded.

Thousands of refugees flee the country every day

Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation in the region has not improved much so far.

Tens of thousands of people are continuing to flee the country each day, looking for safety and better living conditions.

According to the UN, over 300,000 people have already left the country.

The main flow of refugees is occurring on Libya’s western border with Tunisia, however many people have also escaped to Egypt.

People want to stay in bordering countries to see what happens next, waiting for things to settle down.

Families fleeing from Benghazi say the humanitarian situation in the city is critical and claim they decided to leave not because their homes had been destroyed, but simply because they did not feel safe anymore.

Security has been strengthened in many Egyptian cities on the border with Libya, with soldiers and tanks patrolling the streets and providing law and order. It remains unclear whether the army’s presence is related to the military operation in Libya or the political unrest in Egypt itself.

Also, while several weeks ago the Libyan-Egyptian border was being enforced only by the Egyptian side, now it is being patrolled by both countries; there are representatives of the so-called National Police on the Libyan side.

Thus, it may seem that the opposition is gaining some control over the country and slowly implementing some discipline.

However, judging by the number of refugees, the situation within the country has not improved much and the goal of the military operation, which claimed making the lives of the civilians safer as its objective, has not yet been fulfilled.


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Depleted uranium: a strange way to protect Libyan civilians

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by David Wilson

Global Research, March 27, 2011

“[uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way… I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people.” Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd), Lawrence Livermore Lab, California, USA

In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads.

DU is the waste product from the process of enriching uranium ore. It is used in nuclear weapons and reactors. Because it is a very heavy substance, 1.7 times denser than lead, it is highly valued by the military for its ability to punch through armored vehicles and buildings. When a weapon made with a DU tip strikes a solid object like the side of a tank, it goes straight through it, then erupts in a burning cloud of vapor. The vapor settles as dust, which is not only poisonous, but also radioactive.

An impacting DU missile burns at 10,000 degrees C. When it strikes a target, 30% fragments into shrapnel. The remaining 70% vaporises into three highly-toxic oxides, including uranium oxide. This black dust remains suspended in the air and, according to wind and weather, can travel over great distances. If you think Iraq and Libya are far away, remember that radiation from Chernobyl reached Wales.

Particles less than 5 microns in diameter are easily inhaled and may remain in the lungs or other organs for years. Internalized DU can cause kidney damage, cancers of the lung and bone, skin disorders, neurocognitive disorders, chromosome damage, immune deficiency syndromes and rare kidney and bowel diseases. Pregnant women exposed to DU may give birth to infants with genetic defects. Once the dust has vaporised, don’t expect the problem to go away soon. As an alpha particle emitter, DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years.

In the ‘shock and awe’ attack on Iraq, more than 1,500 bombs and missiles were dropped on Baghdad alone. Seymour Hersh has claimed that the US Third Marine Aircraft Wing alone dropped more than “five hundred thousand tons of ordnance”. All of it DU-tipped.

Al Jazeera reported that invading US forces fired two hundred tons of radioactive material into buildings, homes, streets and gardens of Baghdad. A reporter from the Christian Science Monitor took a Geiger counter to parts of the city that had been subjected to heavy shelling by US troops. He found radiation levels 1,000 to 1,900 times higher than normal in residential areas. With its population of 26 million, the US dropped a one-ton bomb for every 52 Iraqi citizens or 40 pounds of explosives per person.

William Hague has said that we are in Libya ” to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas”.You don’t have to look far for who and what are being ‘protected’.

In that first 24 hours the ‘Allies’ ‘expended’ £100 million on DU-tipped ordnance. The European Union’s arms control report said member states issued licences in 2009 for the sale of £293.2 million worth of weapons and weapons systems to Libya. Britain issued arms firms licences for the sale of £21.7 million worth of weaponry to Libya and were also paid by Colonel Gadaffi to send the SAS to train his 32nd Brigade.

For the next 4.5 billion years, I’ll bet that William Hague will not be holidaying in North Africa.

Global Research Articles by David Wilson


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Fukushima Reactors Catastrophe: Radiation Exposure, Lies and Cover-up

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by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Global Research, March 26, 2011

Should the public discover the true health cost[s] of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death.” Dr. Rosalie Bertell. “No Immediate Danger,” xiii.

I write this article not just as a long-time environmental writer and author, but also as a survivor of the horrific 2003 1-million-acre Southern California FIRESTORM that took many lives (both human and millions of animals) during the three-and-a-half-weeks of out-of-control blazes and 400-foot-high walls of flames throughout San Diego and Orange counties. This nightmare blanketed a vast area from over the border into Tijuana up to just south of Los Angeles. Many “back county” areas and national and state parks were also destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of us could not evacuate because planes were grounded and the flames crossed over many freeways. Death and destruction continued for many years after. Many of my friends have died since then, due to fire-related illnesses, as the entire area was blanketed with a spew of toxins. As with the tragedy of September 11th, when Christy Todd Whitman said New York’s air was okay, our local “public” officials refused to monitor the air. Finally, unable to breathe, even with a high-tech respirator, I called the county with warnings. San Diego air “quality” samples were posted for only three days and then conveniently disappeared. Toxins were off the scale.

We had just 15 minutes to evacuate, when the helicopter flew overhead at 7 a.m. My entire neighborhood of 2,000 was destroyed, as well as 90 percent of all the wildlife! It was deliberately torched, and people and animals died. When we were finally allowed “home,” all that was left was burn, ash, skeletons of trees, and hot soil. I know what it means, day-to-day, to just barely survive a countywide catastrophe. I know what deep trauma is all about. I know how everyone in charge lies and deceives those of us in extremis. I know that when a place in the US is declared a “Federal Disaster” area, this quite literally means: “tough, you are on your own. There will be no help.” My heart aches for the people in Japan who are directly in harm’s way, while their government continues to make nuclear corporate profits the priority over the safety of millions of Japanese. It is criminal; and it happens all over.

During and for years after the FIRESTORM, public officials lied and deceived us. Insurance companies refused to honor thousands of policies, and many of us had to take them to court…but even the “justice” system is rigged. From the mayor and fire officials to the governor and a so-called “Blue Ribbon Commission,” the 14 arson fires and their causes were all covered-up. No one was held accountable. No one told us the truth. Further, we barely had any real help in clean-up or recovery –even if we had insurance. Knee-deep in warm ash, I shoveled it myself over seven-and-a-half months, with only 5 days of help. Thousands of us had to do it ourselves…even to getting our own Relief Center set up –again, because officials gave us the run-around.

A week-and-a-half into the Fukushima nuclear disaster, this is what is happening:

1. There are 4 reactors in various stages of collapse, releasing untold amount of dangerous radiation. Two more reactors may also be at risk.

2. The public generally has not been told that, in addition, there are 40 years of spent fuel rods on this already contaminated site. See:

3. Other fuel rods are fully exposed (meaning, unknown amounts of release of radiation) because they are no longer covered with the necessary 45-feet of water.

4. Last week the US refused to post online whatever radiation levels they were monitoring as radiation hits the West Coast and comes East. Then there were several reports that their monitors [all of them?] went off line, or crashed. It is doubtful that any official will report the truth. See:

The lies, criminality, and cover-up continue. This is how a totally broken system “works.” See:


Here is some additional excellent information about reactors and the extreme dangers of nuclear power:

1. Keith Harmon Snow’s “Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan. Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and cover-up”:

2. A report from the New York Academy of Science has been published on “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”:

3. List of US nuclear plants:

Realistically, the Japanese catastrophe could last months or years, given the half-life of many radioactive particles. We don’t know, because no official or agency is reporting the truth, while we all are in danger of radiation exposure. How much? For how long? What kind (cesium, iodine, plutonium, strontium, uranium, all radioactive and each with different half life)? I think this catastrophe will turn out to be far worse than Chernobyl because again profits taken precedence over safety. See:


I URGE EVERYONE who has access to a good Geiger counter or other monitoring technology to monitor radiation levels –most especially on the West Coast; and all other US states, as it comes East on the Jet Stream. Some radiation has already been reported in Washington state. One website is already monitoring the situation in real time in Santa Monica (near Los Angeles), CA:

But we need much more collecting and reporting of radiation data. This is extremely urgent! Remember, for the past 12-15 years, our weather and air have been altered and deliberately manipulated. All along the Pacific Coast, from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, we need real-time radiation figures. This goes for Canada, too. We can post these results on this website and others, so we can have an accurate collective picture of the on-going radiation dangers we may be facing throughout North America. This is a highly dangerous, yet invisible and real threat to our safety and wellbeing –most especially for children who are most vulnerable! [I also remind readers that the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico, and its nearby southern states, continues to be poisoned daily in an unmitigated crisis!]

From the very beginning, nuclear energy has been totally unsafe. Even early on in the 1950s, when there were nuclear tests in Nevada, citizens were never warned about the extreme toxicity and dangers to which they were exposed. For our entire lives, the nuclear industry has done decades-long media campaigns to give us misinformation and lies. It’s all about greed, but never about our safety or well-being. The US government has indemnified these companies, just as they have done with the pharmaceutical companies and their dangerous drugs. We are all expendable, except as uninformed consumers to buy their toxic products, and then for the next generation to repeat this insanity. With each new generation that is less well educated (dumbed-down, and often on prescription drugs from an early age), there is less information, no accountability, but millions more people who now are far more ill from an environment rife with thousands of poisons that surround our every move.

Some of the Nuclear Dangers include:

1. The reactors have design flaws, as does Fukushima’s Mark 1, built by GE. There are many of these same-designed reactors here in the US. On March 16, the NY Times reported some of these flaws. But, it is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg:

2. For radioactive nuclear waste, there is no safe or secure storage anywhere on this planet. There are 1,623 hazardous Superfund sites all over the US (such as Hanford Nuclear Reservation, built in 1942, near Richland, WA, and the now highly polluted Columbia River) leaking radioactive poisons on a daily basis for decades. There is another working nuclear facility, San Onofre, located between San Diego and Los Angeles along the beach right on the Pacific Ocean. This facility was built on the San Andreas fault, an active earthquake zone. The nuclear contamination is enormous and, every day, this puts us all at risk. Dr. Rosalie Bertell, one of the world’s leading authorities who has written extensively about the spectacular flaws and true costs of nuclear energy, notes: “The problem of secure storage of nuclear waste…remains dangerous for millennia.” [See also her quote at the beginning of this article.]

3. The half-life of many radioactive elements is thousands of years. There is no safe level of exposure! It’s all Orwellian media hype and corporate lies. The plutonium fuel used at Fukushima Unit 3 reactor uses MOX [mixed oxide], a plutonium-uranium fuel mixture. A single milligram of MOX is 2-million times more deadly that enriched uranium. NOTE: Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years; and Uranium-235 has a half-life of 700-million years.

4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bomb survivors are still being monitored. Birth defects, cancers, and miscarriages are high, just as these continue to be so at Chernobyl. This April 25, it will be 25 years since Chernobyl’s nuclear catastrophe. Sterility figures (for human and all other life) continue to increase. Nothing is healed. Nothing is fixed for millions of people. The children are most vulnerable, and suffer enormously.

5. The horrific on-going crisis in Iraq [an ancient culture was illegally invaded and destroyed!] is also greatly exacerbated due to US bombings of Depleted (Radioactive) Uranium, poisoning the entire population. Now, illness and birth defects are common throughout the entire Iraqi population. It is all for control of their oil. Afghanis were also illegally bombed with DU. Is Libya next with yet another illegal invasion and DU bombings? None of the real and tragic stories are ever reported by the mainstream corporate-controlled media. This is in violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions. This is heinous! However, it all is irrelevant how much harm is perpetrated on innocent civilian populations when criminals are in charge. War is big business, while the rest of our economy is in a state of deliberately orchestrated collapse.

Connecting the Dots of Harm

The new report (#53) from GEAB [Global Europe Assessment Bulletin] published on March 17 from Brussels also is important news not generally reported. GEAB has been quite accurate in their evaluations, as the US economy (everything but military expenditures) continues to be intentionally destroyed:

Last week world-renowned author Dr. Helen Caldicott, co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, gave a lecture in Montreal on the dangers of the nuclear age. Dr. Caldicott has spent almost 40 years educating the public about the serious medical dangers surrounding this topic and the now very urgently needed changes in human behavior to stop the extensive environmental devastation. Although the lecture has not been posted online, here is a recent interview (March 12):

Finally, there are other enormous concerns regarding our safety and well-being, because there is absolutely NO PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE in place. That is the elite insider’s plan: grave harm! We MUST address these vital issues on a grassroots level, because those in charge are the ones causing us such extreme injury. We will need the help of independent scientists and health-care providers.  It is a given that we no longer have any real air “quality.” What we are breathing with every single breath is a hazardous, now plasma-state, spew.(1) This impacts our immune system at the celluar DNA level. How will the thousands of tons of aerosolized poisons in Chemtrails, sprayed around the world, interact with radioactive materials (especially those with a long half life)? What might be the detrimental synergistic interaction(s) among the nano-Morgellons-fibers (that Clifford Carnicom has been researching microscopically for a decade(2), found in human, animals, and environmental samples), the nano-particles of fiber-coated aluminum, and now-unknown quantities of various radioactive particles?

How might all of this also interact with possibly thousands of tons of deadly Corexit 9500 dispersant sprayed (on land and over water for many months) and the unconscionable release of “Synthia,” a genetically modified synthetic genome bacteria now replicating exponentially throughout the Gulf of Mexico.(3) Tragically, the Gulf is now a biological and chemical war zone. However, it is all happening on an invisible level. This hazardous Gulf spew is in addition to what is heading our way from Japan to North America and thence to Europe and Asia.  We must wake up. There is much we can do! Will YOU help?


1. Clifford Carnicom discusses the plasma state and other vital environmental issues in a recent web interview:

2. “The Biggest Crime of All Time.” March 1, 2011:

3. “Synthia”:;

“Permanent Biological Contamination of the Gulf”:

and Michael Edwards. “It’s not wise to fool other Nature.” This is part 1 of 4:

Essential reading:

Dr. Rosalie Bertell. “No Immediate Danger” and “ Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War.”

Theo Colburn et al. “Our Stolen Future.”

Pierpaolo Mittica et al. “Chernobyl. The Hidden Legacy.” London: Trolley, Ltd., 2007. There is a section in this book written by Dr. Bertell.

Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.” She is an Associate of the Carnicom Institute.

Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Ilya Sandra Perlingieri


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Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?

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The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.


by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

Global Research, March 25, 2011

Peter Dale Scott’s Libyan Notebook
[Editor’s Note: Author’s selected quotations and analysis]


The world is facing a very unpredictable and potentially dangerous situation in North Africa and the Middle East. What began as a memorable, promising, relatively nonviolent achievement of New Politics – the Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt – has morphed very swiftly into a recrudescence of old habits: America, already mired in two decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and sporadic air attacks in Yemen and Somalia, now, bombing yet another Third World Country, in this case Libya.

USS Barry launches a Tomahawk missile in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn in the Mediterranean Sea, March 19, 2011. US government handout

The initially stated aim of this bombing was to diminish Libyan civilian casualties. But many, senior figures in Washington, including President Obama, have indicated that the US is gearing up for a quite different war for regime change, one that may well be protracted and could also easily expand beyond Libya.1 If it does expand, the hope for a nonviolent transition to civilian government in Tunisia and Egypt and other Middle East nations experiencing political unrest, may be lost to a hard-edged militarization of government, especially in Egypt. All of us, not just Egyptians, have a major stake in seeing that that does not happen.

The present article does not attempt to propose solutions or a course of action for the United States and its allies, or for the people of the Middle East. It attempts rather to examine the nature of the forces that have emerged in Libya over the last four decades that are presently being played out.

To this end I have begun to compile what I call my Libyan Notebook, a collection of relevant facts that underlie the present crisis. This Notebook will be judgmental, in that I am biased towards collecting facts that the US media tend to ignore, facts that are the product in many instances of investigative reporting that cuts to the heart of power relations, deep structures, and economic interests in the region including the US, Israel, and the Arab States as these have played out over the last two decades and more. But I hope that it will be usefully objective and open-ended, permitting others to draw diverse conclusions from the same set of facts.2

I wish to begin with two ill-understood topics: I. Who Are the Libyan Opposition, and II. Where Are the Libyan Rebel Arms Coming From?

I. Who Are the Libyan Opposition

1) Historically:

“If Muammar Al Gaddafi behaved paranoid, it was for good reason. It wasn’t long after he reached the age of 27 and led a small group of junior military officers in a bloodless coup d’état against Libyan King Idris on September 1, 1969, that threats to his power and life emerged – from monarchists, Israeli Mossad, Palestinian disaffections, Saudi security, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO), British intelligence, United States antagonism and, in 1995, the most serious of all, Al Qaeda-like Libyan Islamic fighting group, known as Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya. The Colonel reacted brutally, by either expelling or killing those he feared were against him.”3

Gaddafi and Nasser in a 1969 Photo.Getty image

2) National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)

“With the aim of overthrowing Libyan strongman Muammar Khadafy, Israel and the U.S. trained anti-Libyan rebels in a number of West and Central African countries. The Paris-based African Confidential newsletter reported on January 5th, 1989, that the US and Israel had set up a series of bases in Chad and other neighboring countries to train 2000 Libyan rebels captured by the Chad army. The group, called The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, was based in Chad.”4

“US official records indicate that funding for the Chad-based secret war against Libya also came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Iraq. The Saudis, for instance, donated $7m to an opposition group, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (also backed by French intelligence and the CIA). But a plan to assassinate Gadafi and take over the government on 8 May 1984 was crushed. In the following year, the US asked Egypt to invade Libya and overthrow Gadafi but President Mubarak refused. By the end of 1985, the Washington Post had exposed the plan after congressional leaders opposing it wrote in protest to President Reagan.”5

“The FNSL [National Front for the Salvation of Libya] was part of the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition held in London in 2005, and British resources are being used to support the FNSL and other ‘opposition’ in Libya…. The FNSL held its national congress in the USA in July 2007. Reports of ‘atrocities’ and civilian deaths are being channeled into the western press from operations in Washington DC, and the opposition FNSL is reportedly organizing resistance and military attacks from both inside and outside Libya.”6

3) National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO),

“The main group leading the insurrection is the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition which includes the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL). The NFSL, which is leading the violence, is a U.S.-sponsored armed militia of mostly Libyan expatriates and tribes opposed to al-Qaddafi.”7

4) Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, LIFG)

“The LIFG was founded in 1995 by a group of mujahideen veterans who had fought against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Upon their return to Libya they grew angry about what they viewed as the corruption and impiety of the Libyan regime and formed the LIFG to create a state that would show what they believed to be the true character of the Libyan people.

The most significant LIFG attack was a 1996 attempt to assassinate Gadhafi; LIFG members led by Wadi al-Shateh threw a bomb underneath his motorcade. The group also stages guerilla-style attacks against government security forces from its mountain bases. Although most LIFG members are strictly dedicated to toppling Gadhafi, intelligence reportedly indicates that some have joined forces with al-Qaida to wage jihad against Libyan and Western interests worldwide. ….
As recently as February 2004, then-Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that “one of the most immediate threats [to U.S. security] is from smaller international Sunni extremist groups that have benefited from al-Qaida links. They include … the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”8

“In recent days Libyan officials have distributed security documents giving the details of Sufiyan al-Koumi, said to be a driver for Osama bin Laden, and of another militant allegedly involved in an “Islamic emirate” in Derna, in now-liberated eastern Libya. Koumi, the documents show, was freed in September 2010 as part of a “reform and repent” initiative organised by Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son….

The LIFG, established in Afghanistan in the 1990s, has assassinated dozens of Libyan soldiers and policemen. In 2009, to mark Gaddafi’s 40 years in power, it apologised for trying to kill him and agreed to lay down its arms. MI6 [British Intelligence] has been accused in the past of supporting it. Six LIFG leaders, still in prison, disavowed their old ways and explained why fighting Gaddafi no longer constituted “legitimate” jihad. Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, another freed LIFG member, denied the official claims. “Gaddafi is trying to divide the people,” he told al-Jazeera. “He claims that there is an Islamist emirate in Derna and that I am its emir. He is taking advantage of the fact that I am a former political prisoner.”

Derna is famous as the home of a large number of suicide bombers in Iraq. It is also deeply hostile to Gaddafi. “Residents of eastern Libya in general, and Derna in particular, view the Gaddadfa (Gaddafi’s tribe) as uneducated, uncouth interlopers from an inconsequential part of the country who have ‘stolen’ the right to rule in Libya,” US diplomats were told in 2008, in a cable since released by WikiLeaks.

The last 110 members of the LIFG were freed on 16 February, the day after the Libyan uprising began. One of those released, Abdulwahab Mohammed Kayed, is the brother of Abu Yahya Al Libi, one of al Qaida’s top propagandists. Koumi fled Libya and is said to have ended up in Afghanistan working for Bin Laden. Captured in Pakistan, he was handed over to the US and sent to Guantánamo Bay in 2002. In 2009 he was sent back to Libya.9 US counter-terrorist experts have expressed concern that al-Qaida could take advantage of a political vacuum if Gaddafi is overthrown. But most analysts say that, although the Islamists’ ideology has strong resonance in eastern Libya, there is no sign that the protests are going to be hijacked by them.10

Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Members released

“Fierce clashes between [Qadhafi’s] security forces and Islamist guerrillas erupted in Benghazi in September 1995, leaving dozens killed on both sides. After weeks of intense fighting, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) formally declared its existence in a communiqué calling Qadhafi’s government “an apostate regime that has blasphemed against the faith of God Almighty” and declaring its overthrow to be “the foremost duty after faith in God.” [3] This and future LIFG communiqués were issued by Libyan Afghans who had been granted political asylum in Britain…. The involvement of the British government in the LIFG campaign against Qadhafi remains the subject of immense controversy. LIFG’s next big operation, a failed attempt to assassinate Qadhafi in February 1996 that killed several of his bodyguards, was later said to have been financed by British intelligence to the tune of $160,000, according to ex-MI5 officer David Shayler. [4] While Shayler’s allegations have not been independently confirmed, it is clear that Britain allowed LIFG to develop a base of logistical support and fundraising on its soil. At any rate, financing by bin Laden appears to have been much more important. According to one report, LIFG received up to $50,000 from the Saudi terrorist mastermind for each of its militants killed on the battlefield.” [2005]11

“Americans, Britons and the French are finding themselves as comrades in arms with the rebel Islamic Fighting Group, the most radical element in the Al Qaeda network [to bring down Gaddhafi]. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted the risks of the unholy alliance in a congressional hearing, saying that the Libyan opposition is probably more anti-American than Muammar Gaddhafi. A decade ago, this very same delusion of a Western-Islamist partnership in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya ended abruptly in the 9/11 attacks.”12

“In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited ‘around 25’ men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are ‘today are on the front lines in Adjabiya.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters ‘are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,’ but added that the ‘members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader’.

His revelations came even as Idriss Deby Itno, Chad’s president, said al-Qaeda had managed to pillage military arsenals in the Libyan rebel zone and acquired arms, ‘including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries’.

Mr al-Hasidi admitted he had earlier fought against ‘the foreign invasion’ in Afghanistan, before being ‘captured in 2002 in Peshwar, in Pakistan’. He was later handed over to the US, and then held in Libya before being released in 2008.

US and British government sources said Mr al-Hasidi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, which killed dozens of Libyan troops in guerrilla attacks around Derna and Benghazi in 1995 and 1996.” (“Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links,” Daily Telegraph [London], March 25, 2011)

5) Transitional National Council

“A RIVAL transitional government to the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi looks set to win US and other international support as momentum builds to oust the longtime dictator.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed yesterday that the Obama administration was reaching out to opponents of Colonel Gaddafi. She said the US was willing to offer ‘any kind of assistance’ to remove him from power.

Protest leaders who have taken control in Libya’s eastern cities claim to have established a transitional “national council” that amounts to rival rule. They have called on the country’s army to join them as they prepare for an attack on the capital, Tripoli, where the Libyan leader retains control.

Confident the Libyan leader’s 42-year rule was coming to an end, Mrs Clinton said yesterday: ‘We are just at the beginning of what will follow Gaddafi.'”13

6) Facebook

“He [Omar El- Hariri, Chief of Armed Forces for the Transitional National Council] remained under close surveillance by the security forces until Feb. 17, when the revolution started. It was not initiated by prominent figures of the older generation, he said, but began spontaneously when Tunisia and Egypt inspired the youth. ‘Children of Facebook!’ he declared, in English, with a broad smile.”14

7) Oil

“Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a new national oil company to replace the corporation controlled by leader Muammar Qaddafi whose assets were frozen by the United Nations Security Council.
The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing the decision made at a March 19 meeting to establish the ‘Libyan Oil Company as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country, based temporarily in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim director general” of the company.
The Council also said it “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”15

Peter Dale Scott’s Libyan Notebook

II. Where Are the Libyan Rebel Arms Coming From?

Robert Fisk, “Libya in turmoil: America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels;
Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi,” Independent, March 7, 2011:

“Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of a prolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents, the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi. The Saudi Kingdom, already facing a “day of rage” from its 10 per cent Shia Muslim community on Friday, with a ban on all demonstrations, has so far failed to respond to Washington’s highly classified request, although King Abdullah personally loathes the Libyan leader, who tried to assassinate him just over a year ago.

Washington’s request is in line with other US military co-operation with the Saudis. The royal family in Jeddah, which was deeply involved in the Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, gave immediate support to American efforts to arm guerrillas fighting the Soviet army in Afghanistan in 1980 ….

But the Saudis remain the only US Arab ally strategically placed and capable of furnishing weapons to the guerrillas of Libya. Their assistance would allow Washington to disclaim any military involvement in the supply chain – even though the arms would be American and paid for by the Saudis.

The Saudis have been told that opponents of Gaddafi need anti-tank rockets and mortars as a first priority to hold off attacks by Gaddafi’s armour, and ground-to-air missiles to shoot down his fighter-bombers.

Supplies could reach Benghazi within 48 hours but they would need to be delivered to air bases in Libya or to Benghazi airport. If the guerrillas can then go on to the offensive and assault Gaddafi’s strongholds in western Libya, the political pressure on America and Nato – not least from Republican members of Congress – to establish a no-fly zone would be reduced.

US military planners have already made it clear that a zone of this kind would necessitate US air attacks on Libya’s functioning, if seriously depleted, anti-aircraft missile bases, thus bringing Washington directly into the war on the side of Gaddafi’s opponents.

For several days now, US Awacs surveillance aircraft have been flying around Libya, making constant contact with Malta air traffic control and requesting details of Libyan flight patterns, including journeys made in the past 48 hours by Gaddafi’s private jet which flew to Jordan and back to Libya just before the weekend.

Officially, Nato will only describe the presence of American Awacs planes as part of its post-9/11 Operation Active Endeavour, which has broad reach to undertake aerial counter-terrorism measures in the Middle East region.

US Awacs monitor Libya

The data from the Awacs is streamed to all Nato countries under the mission’s existing mandate. Now that Gaddafi has been reinstated as a super-terrorist in the West’s lexicon, however, the Nato mission can easily be used to search for targets of opportunity in Libya if active military operations are undertaken.

Al Jazeera English television channel last night broadcast recordings made by American aircraft to Maltese air traffic control, requesting information about Libyan flights, especially that of Gaddafi’s jet.

An American Awacs aircraft, tail number LX-N90442 could be heard contacting the Malta control tower on Saturday for information about a Libyan Dassault-Falcon 900 jet 5A-DCN on its way from Amman to Mitiga, Gaddafi’s own VIP airport.

Nato Awacs 07 is heard to say: “Do you have information on an aircraft with the Squawk 2017 position about 85 miles east of our [sic]?”

Malta air traffic control replies: “Seven, that sounds to be Falcon 900- at flight level 340, with a destination Mitiga, according to flight plan.”

But Saudi Arabia is already facing dangers from a co-ordinated day of protest by its own Shia Muslim citizens who, emboldened by the Shia uprising in the neighbouring island of Bahrain, have called for street protests against the ruling family of al-Saud on Friday.

After pouring troops and security police into the province of Qatif last week, the Saudis announced a nationwide ban on all public demonstrations.

Shia organisers claim that up to 20,000 protesters plan to demonstrate with women in the front rows to prevent the Saudi army from opening fire.

If the Saudi government accedes to America’s request to send guns and missiles to Libyan rebels, however, it would be almost impossible for President Barack Obama to condemn the kingdom for any violence against the Shias of the north-east provinces.

Thus has the Arab awakening, the demand for democracy in North Africa, the Shia revolt and the rising against Gaddafi become entangled in the space of just a few hours with US military priorities in the region. “16

“Libya rebels coordinating with West on air assault,” Los Angeles Times, March 24, 2011

“Reports from the region suggest that the Saudis and Egyptians have been providing arms. Though U.S. officials could not confirm that, they say it is plausible.”17

“Egypt Said to Arm Libya Rebels,” Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2011:

“CAIRO-Egypt’s military has begun shipping arms over the border to Libyan rebels with Washington’s knowledge, U.S. and Libyan rebel officials said.

The shipments-mostly small arms such as assault rifles and ammunition-appear to be the first confirmed case of an outside government arming the rebel fighters. Those fighters have been losing ground for days in the face of a steady westward advance by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The Egyptian shipments are the strongest indication to date that some Arab countries are heeding Western calls to take a lead in efforts to intervene on behalf of pro-democracy rebels in their fight against Mr. Gadhafi in Libya. Washington and other Western countries have long voiced frustration with Arab states’ unwillingness to help resolve crises in their own region, even as they criticized Western powers for attempting to do so.

The shipments also follow an unusually robust diplomatic response from Arab states. There have been rare public calls for foreign military intervention in an Arab country, including a vote by the 23-member Arab League last week urging the U.N. to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.

The vote provided critical political cover to Western powers wary of intervening militarily without a broad regional and international mandate. On Thursday evening, the U.N. Security Council voted on a resolution endorsing a no-fly zone in Libya and authorizing military action in support of the rebels.

Within the council, Lebanon took a lead role drafting and circulating the draft of the resolution, which calls for “all necessary measures” to enforce a ban on flights over Libya. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have taken the lead in offering to participate in enforcing a no-fly zone, according to U.N. diplomats.

Libyan rebel officials in Benghazi, meanwhile, have praised Qatar from the first days of the uprising, calling the small Gulf state their staunchest ally. Qatar has consistently pressed behind the scenes for tough and urgent international action behind the scenes, these officials said.

Qatari flags fly prominently in rebel-held Benghazi. After pro-Gadhafi forces retook the town of Ras Lanuf last week, Libyan state TV broadcast images of food-aid packages bearing the Qatari flag.

Anti-Gadhafi fighters in Benghazi

The White House has been reluctant to back calls from leaders in Congress for arming Libya’s rebels directly, arguing that the U.S. must first fully assess who the fighters are and what policies they will pursue if they succeeded in toppling Col. Gadhafi. U.S. officials believe the opposition includes some Islamist elements. They fear that Islamist groups hostile to the U.S. could try to hijack the opposition and take any arms that are provided.

The Egyptian weapons transfers began ‘a few days ago’ and are ongoing, according to a senior U.S. official. ‘There’s no formal U.S. policy or acknowledgement that this is going on,’ said the senior official. But ‘this is something we have knowledge of.’

Calls to Egypt’s foreign ministry and the spokesman for the prime minister seeking comment went unanswered. There is no means of reaching Egypt’s military for comment. An Egyptian official in Washington said he had no knowledge of weapon shipments.

The U.S. official also noted that the shipments appeared to come “too little, too late” to tip the military balance in favor of the rebels, who have faced an onslaught from Libyan forces backed by tanks, artillery and aircraft.

“We know the Egyptian military council is helping us, but they can’t be so visible,” said Hani Souflakis, a Libyan businessman in Cairo who has been acting as a rebel liaison with the Egyptian government since the uprising began.

“Weapons are getting through,” said Mr. Souflakis, who says he has regular contacts with Egyptian officials in Cairo and the rebel leadership in Libya. “Americans have given the green light to the Egyptians to help. The Americans don’t want to be involved in a direct level, but the Egyptians wouldn’t do it if they didn’t get the green light.”

Western officials and rebel leaders in Libya said the U.S. has wanted to avoid being seen as taking a leadership role in any military action against Mr. Gadhafi after its invasions of Iraq and Afganistan fueled anger and mistrust with Washington throughout the region.

But the U.S. stated clearly it wants Mr. Gadhafi out of power and has signaled it would support those offering help to the rebels militarily or otherwise.

A spokesman for the rebel government in Benghazi said arms shipments have begun arriving to the rebels but declined to specify where they came from.

“Our military committee is purchasing arms and arming our people. The weapons are coming, but the nature of the weapons, the amount, where it’s coming from, that has been classified,” said the spokesman, Mustafa al-Gherryani.

The U.S. official said Egypt wanted to keep the shipments covert. In public, Egypt has sought to maintain a neutral stance toward the rebel uprising in Libya. Egypt abstained during the Arab League’s vote calling for the U.N. to impose a no-fly zone on Mr. Gadhafi, according to people familiar with the internal Arab League deliberations.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian laborers are believed to still be in Libya.

On the other hand, the Egyptian military’s covert support for the rebels suggests that it has calculated that Mr. Gadhafi is unlikely to remain in power, at least in the eastern half of the country, and therefore Egypt is eager to begin to build good relations with the rebels.

Rebel forces in the past 24 hours appeared to make some progress fending off pro-Gadhafi forces’ assaults and have rolled out new weapons for the first time since the uprising began last month. Among them are rebel tanks that have taken up positions on the front lines in recent days. Rebels also launched fighter-jet attacks on government positions on Wednesday for the first time so far.

The tanks and fighter jets are believed to have been among the weapons seized by rebels from defected units of the Libyan army in the eastern half of the country, but they have received spare parts or trained mechanics from outside the country to help them deploy them, some rebel officials have speculated.
-Sam Dagher and Adam Entous contributed to this article.18

Benjamin Gottlieb, “Egypt Arms Libyan Rebels As Gaddafi’s Conquest Continues,” NeonTommy Annenberg Digital News, March 17, 2011:

Arms shipments from Egypt’s military have begun flowing across the border into Libya with U.S. knowledge, Libyan rebels and U.S. officials said Thursday.

Made up mostly of small arms, such as assault rifles and ammunition, the shipments are the first confirmed reports of an outside government supporting rebel fighters with weapons. Rebels have been loosing ground for days against pro-Gaddafi forces aiming to end the conflict before foreign intervention plans are finalized.

Although the U.N. approved a “no-fly zone” over Libya late Thursday, rebel forces fear that any planned foreign intervention would be too little to late.

No-Fly Zone

The shipment of arms indicated an unusually bold response by an Arab nation intervening in a conflict outside its borders. There have also been rare public decrees for the West to intervene in the conflict – the Arab League voted 23-0 last week encouraging the U.N. to impose the “no-fly zone” over Libya.

In spite of reports of arms flowing across the Egyptian boarder, Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Menha Bakhoum told Reuters that Egypt would not be involved in any military intervention in neighboring Libya.

“Egypt will not be among those Arab states. We will not be involved in any military intervention. No intervention period,” Bakhoum said.

Bakhoum was responding to comments by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said Thursday that discussions were on the table regarding Arab involvement in U.S. and European intervention in the conflict.

Clinton has said repeatedly that the U.S. desires involvement from a neighboring Arab nation in any planned intervention.

A Libyan rebel government spokesman in Benghazi, Mustafa al-Gherryani, said rebels have begun receiving arms shipments from neighboring nations, however he declined to reveal their origin.

“Our military committee is purchasing arms and arming our people. The weapons are coming, but the nature of the weapons, the amount, where it’s coming from, that has been classified,” he said.19

Yoichi Shimatsu, “Mideast Revolutions and 9-11 Intrigues Created in Qatar,” New America Media, March 1, 2011

“It may puzzle and perhaps dismay young protesters in Benghazi, Cairo and Tunisia that their democratic hopes are being manipulated by an ultra-conservative Arab elite which has underhandedly backed a surge of militant Islamist radicals across North Africa. Credible U.S. intelligence reports have cited evidence pointing to Qatar’s long-running support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and jihadist fighters returning from Afghanistan.

The links to Qatar uncovered by anti-terrorism investigators in the wake of 9-11 need to be reexamined now that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an on-and-off affiliate of Al Qaeda, has seized armories across half of the North African country. Libya’s well-stocked arsenals contain high-power explosives, rocket launchers and chemical weapons. LIFG is on the State Department’s terrorist list.

Most worrying, according to a U.S. intelligence official cited by CNN, is the probable loss of chemical weapons. The Federation of American Scientists reports that, as of 2008, only 40 percent of Libya’s mustard gas was destroyed in the second round of decommissioning. Chemical canisters along the Egyptian border were yet to be retrieved and are now presumably in the hands of armed militants.

After initially letting slip that the earliest Libyan protests were organized by the LIFG, Al Jazeera quickly changed its line to present a heavily filtered account portraying the events as ‘peaceful protests’. To explain away the gunshot deaths of Libyan soldiers during the uprising, the Qatar-based network presented a bizarre scenario of 150 dead soldiers in Libya having been executed by their officers for ‘refusing to fight’. The mysterious officers then miraculously vacated their base disappearing into thin air while surrounded by angry protesters! Off the record, one American intelligence analyst called these media claims an ‘absurdity’ and suggested instead the obvious: that the soldiers were gunned down in an armed assault by war-hardened returned militants from Iraq and Afghanistan….
According to a Congressional Research Service report of January 2008, ‘Some observers have raised questions about possible support for Al Qaeda by some Qatari citizens, including members of Qatar’s large ruling family. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, Qatar’s Interior Minister provided a safe haven to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed during the mid-1990s, and press reports indicate other terrorists may have received financial support or safe haven in Qatar after September 11, 2001.’

The national security chief, Interior Minister Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, is further mentioned as paying for a 1995 trip by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ‘to join the Bosnia jihad.’ The report recalls how after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, FBI officials “narrowly missed an opportunity to capture” the suspect in Qatar. ‘Former U.S. officials have since stated their belief that a high-ranking member of the Qatari government alerted him to the impending raid, allowing him to flee the country.'”20

Peter Dale Scott
, a former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is the author of
Drugs Oil and WarThe Road to 9/11The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of WarHis most recent book is American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection and the Road to AfghanistanPeter Dale Scott is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

His most recent book is American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection and the Road to Afghanistan.
His website, which contains a wealth of his writings, is here.


1 “Defense Secretary Gates, who recently warned against any further protracted US ground war, said on March 23 that the end of military action in Libya is unknown and could last longer than a few weeks. ‘I think there are any number of possible outcomes here and no one is in a position to predict them,’ Gates told reporters in Egypt” (C-Span, March 24, 2011).

2 Interested readers may wish to consult my first exploration, “Googling ‘Revolution’ in North Africa.”

3 Dan Lieberman, “Muammar Al Gaddafi Meets His Own Rebels,”, March 9, 2011.

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9 Qadhafi was concerned about Al Qaeda terrorism in Libya, and in 1996 Libya became the first government to place Osama bin Laden on Interpol’s Wanted List (Rohan Gunaratna, Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror [New York: Columbia UP, 2002], 142). Thereafter American and Libyan intelligence collaborated closely for some years against Al Qaeda. Beginning when?

10 Ian Black, “Libya rebels rejects Gaddafi’s al-Qaida spin,” Guardian, March 1, 2011.

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12 Yoichi Shimatsu, “Attack on Libya: Why Odyssey Dawn Is Doomed,” New America Media, March 20, 2011.

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19 Benjamin Gottlieb, “Egypt Arms Libyan Rebels As Gaddafi’s Conquest Continues,” NeonTommy Annenberg Digital News, March 17, 2011.

20 Yoichi Shimatsu, “Mideast Revolutions and 9-11 Intrigues Created in Qatar,” New America Media, March 1, 2011. The al-Thani family’s protection of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is confirmed by former CIA officer Robert Baer (Los Angeles Times, March 23, 2003). Cf. Robert Baer, Sleeping with the Devil (New York: Crown, 2003); Peter Lance, Triple Cross (New York: Regan/HarperCollins, 2006), 234-37.

Peter Dale Scott is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Peter Dale Scott


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Japan: A Final, Desperate Attempt to Stop Disclosure?

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

Written by David Wilcock

Saturday, 26 March 2011 13:11

On Monday, March 21st, the Supreme Court gave the Federal Reserve two weeks to reveal where all the money has gone since November 2008. Was the Japan disaster an attack — to threaten the world into submission and hopefully stop the audit?





I have been deeply and permanently affected by the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. We cannot look backward. We must keep moving forward, with the bravery and vigilance necessary to seek the truth — and use it.

In October 2003, I did a three-and-a-half-week tour of Japan to promote a limited printing run of my first book The Shift of the Ages in Japanese. I saw many beautiful places in a very short period of time. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

One of my stops was in Sendai — an incredibly magical and enchanted place. I visited sylvan Shinto shrines there, and I could feel the presence of these ancient epochs of history.

The people had allegedly been in contact with benevolent ‘Gods’ who came from Anemono Toribune, or “Flying Boats from the Universe.” Quiet, magnificent temples were built at the exact spots where contact had apparently occurred.

No one speaks — but I was allowed to play my Native American flute. Deep. Haunting. Melodious. Honorable. Whispers of ancient promises long forgotten, but never abandoned. Those who had gathered around me were moved to tears.

It was extremely difficult for me to see images of Sendai and other Japanese cities having been so utterly destroyed. There is probably nothing left of those beautiful places where I once stood and offered my song to the ancestors of Japan.

My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible catastrophe.

All my defenses came down. I had to let myself cry.



I could not bring myself to watch most of the videos of mass destruction that were being released.

The media saturates us with images of disasters when these things happen. After 9/11, I watched the planes hitting the towers, and the towers falling down, so many times that I eventually became numb.

In this case I hardly watched anything. And I kept the sound down when I did.


Right as this horrific disaster was unfolding, all my final-final deadlines for my book with Penguin had come due.

Everything I had worked for, after all these years, had reached its critical moment — and my “child” now desperately needed my full and undivided attention.

Despite how overwhelmed I was feeling, and the hundreds of letters requesting I write something about this disaster immediately, I stayed in there and I finished the job.

If I had avoided my responsibility, critical flaws would have appeared in the final version. Flaws I had the power to prevent. Flaws I would have to live with for the rest of my life — forever questioning whether I had done the right thing.

It was a very tough call — but I decided that the greater good would be served by completing my epic work when it needed me most.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to go back and appreciate the finished product with a fresh perspective — as experiencer rather than creator — but I very much look forward to it, as I have no regrets.



Looking back now, I do feel that The Source Field Investigations vastly outmatches any other video, article, lecture or book I’ve ever done — in terms of the scope, depth and power of the verifiable scientific material I put together.

It presents many new and unprecedented keys to unlock the mysteries of ancient science. We can create the Golden Age so many prophecies foretold… as we move through this period of great difficulty into the wonders that lie beyond.

I’m not asking you to believe that a Golden Age will happen after 2012.

I spread out the blueprints and show you exactly how we are going to get there.

The Ancients left us all the puzzle pieces we need.


First we have to find these pieces — which I have been locating and collecting for more than 30 years now. Then we have to sort through them, put the very best of them together, and explore what we’ve got.

If we do this thoroughly enough, we can fix all the mistakes and wrong turns we have made in science — for the last 400 years.

These mistakes have held us back from understanding extraterrestrial humans and their greatest secrets — free energy, gravity shielding, instantaneous healing, stargate ‘portal’ technology — both natural and artificial — and time travel.

Nothing is outside our grasp once we understand how the Universe really works. The Golden Age that awaits us is beyond the capacity of most people’s ability to even imagine.

We do have some significant difficulty to work through before we get there — but I believe we’re moving through some of the worst of it right now.

That’s why I took the time to write this article for you to read, think about and consider — rather than a small, insignificant update or teaser.



Japan was a reality. Not special effects. Not CG. Not a movie. Real people. Real suffering.

I can’t change the fact that it happened. All I can do is look within myself. If I like what I see, that’s great. If not, I can change it.

As I raced to finish the book, I also spent time in deep meditation and really crystallized my focus on who I am, why I am here and what all of this really means — both for myself and for humanity.


Right after the Japan disaster, rapper 50 Cent was widely chastised for writing a series of insensitive ‘tweets’ about what had happened. Many people feel the need to make jokes in order to process such an overwhelming tragedy.

50 Cent was also the only celebrity, thus far, to verbalize something that has obviously been on everyone’s mind since then — whether they like it or not:

“Man they made a movie about all this 2012 now you think that was a lucky guess?”


What do the 2012 prophecies really foretell? Was Japan just a brief glimmer of something that will soon be much worse?

Is there any Divine power in the Universe that is looking out for us? Or, were all these ancient prophecies merely intended to give us plenty of advance notice of when we were all going to die?

I believe there is great significance to the 2012 prophecies — and it goes far beyond the limited, myopic “doom and gloom” perspective that is so rampant on the Internet as well as in mainstream media.

In fact, the science I present in The Source Field Investigations, as well as my upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE,  emphatically proves that the worst thing we can do for the Earth — and for our own future — is to indulge in fear and paranoia.

A new disaster like this only further emphasizes the importance of using the knowledge we have — and seeking our own answers rather than relying on blind faith.

However, before we discuss the potential significance of this event, and its implications, many people are obviously very concerned about the potential of radiation poisoning — and / or additional catastrophes that may take place.


On a physical level, no one can be sure of anything. That’s what is so scary right now.

Do we really know if they will be able to cool down all the reactors? Unfortunately not. However, I do believe there has been a great deal of irresponsible fear-mongering on the Internet, as always.

On a metaphysical level, I published a prophecy on this website that something as big and as scary as the BP oil spill was about to happen — imminently but that we would indeed get through it.

Like the BP oil spill, I said that this event would scare the crap out of everybody, and lead to all sorts of paranoia and fear.

Like the BP oil spill, I also said this event would ultimately not be anywhere near as globally destructive as people feared it would be — certainly not an “Extinction-Level Event.”



Two weeks later, this prophecy came true.

I have eighteen years of experience writing my dreams down every morning and analyzing them. I have had hundreds, if not thousands of stunningly accurate prophecies come through as a result of this practice.

My point in telling you this is not to brag about psychic ability. Those who wish to snicker and laugh do so out of fear and sorrow, which they may not even be fully conscious of — and hardly anything, short of a jarring event of this scope and magnitude, will convince them to change their opinions.

The prophecy clearly said these events will not destroy the planet. Instead, they may be one of the final trigger-points we need to generate a mass, worldwide spiritual awakening — and a final defeat of the negative forces that have been strangling us.

In this case, I only published a handful of dreams from a much larger mosaic of data that has been coming in since at least 1996 — giving me a wide variety of clues about the events that are happening right now.

When I write you these articles, I am drawing off of that entire mosaic — not just the few isolated pieces I happened to publish before certain parts of the overall vision came true.

That mosaic of data also includes the testimony of a variety of real-world ‘insiders’ who have established trust and credibility with me — and have consistently passed along useful information that later proved verifiable and correct.



I published the prophecy on February 23, 2011 — just two weeks before the quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. About 45,000 people read it on my site before the event actually happened — and you may have been one of them.

In order to avoid sensationalizing my prophecy, I called the article “Bouncing Back from Hack Attack” — a playful combination of my recovery from a month-long, hacking respiratory virus as well as two very nasty and very powerful cyber-attacks to our website.

The coughing was from fatigue — due to how hard I was working to finish my book.

The cyber-attacks involved thousands of different computers, each with unique IP addresses, overloading our server with massive numbers of ‘hits’ per second — for days and days on end.

Their goal is to make the site load so slowly that no one can get in. Ultimately it groans and crashes.

Apparently after the server has been partially destroyed — we literally lost two hard drives due to overheating in the first case — normal security protocols may not work the same way anymore. They then have a chance to gain access and rewrite the website, using the server components that survived.

This is why we found files attempting to transform Divine Cosmos into a trap for unwary travelers to buy watches, handbags and gold at allegedly very cheap prices — only to get redirected to a foreign, unsecured site that attempts to steal their credit card.

We have taken drastic, time-consuming and expensive measures to build a far more bullet-proof system as a result, and have had to accept certain sacrifices in the process — such as a much faster cutoff time once I’ve logged in.


After I wrote the prophecy and the quake actually happened, a third massive attack hit our server during our Dallas Convergence — in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

Once again, this knocked us out of service — and it took us nearly a week to rebuild the website. Even if I had the time to write about Japan, I could not. One wrong move in the rebuilding process could quickly collapse us all over again — so it was very difficult work.

Each one of these attacks started while we were doing a conference — where we had the least available time to address it. And, in each case, dire-sounding messages like “Account Suspended” appeared on our site, and nothing else — sometimes for days at a time — triggering conspiracy theories and gossip on the Internet.

These attacks appeared to be the work of foreign credit-card thieves — but now that so many of the things I’ve been telling you about are coming true, almost faster than I can write them up, I’m not so sure that’s all there is to it.

Given the precise timing of the attacks, whoever is conducting them is clearly paying specific attention to us — which seems to be more trouble than spam-oriented hackers would normally go to.

It would make sense to disguise a high-level ‘insider’ attack as if it were merely foreign con artists trying to make a buck. Thankfully, we were not financially damaged by the down-time and have now built a much stronger, faster system.


Here’s what I posted on February 23, 2011 — having no idea whether any of this would come true or not. All I knew was that the dreams were so strong that I would be a fool not to say something — given the accuracy I have experienced so many times before.

In this case I have extracted the most pertinent parts of the written prophecy — using three periods at the beginning or end of a sentence to mark the cuts — and bolded certain sentences for emphasis.

Prophecy of Imminent Disaster — Feb. 23, 2011

I must confess that I have had some very, very intense prophetic dreams lately… and another one this morning.

Typically I don’t write about these dreams until after I see what they are leading up to — but in this case, I have had such a cluster of them in a short time that I do think something may be fairly imminent.

The last time around, this all seemed to be leading up to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting — and [that] event [happened] very soon after one of the dreams. In this case I believe they are forecasting economic and geo-political events that may be fairly imminent…

[In the third of these dreams,] the scope of damage [I saw] was vast. It had all the hallmarks of the Gulf disaster, only this time it was on land.

I knew this disaster would not be able to be contained for a while, but that ultimately it would be brought under control and everything would be restored…

This morning’s dream is predicting something that could shake things up, for a while, as much as the Gulf oil volcano once did.

It’s very unusual for me to pass data like this along in advance, but in another case I had a massive dream that Michael Jackson died in my arms of a heart attack — and a short time later, he did die of a heart attack…

Although Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting was part of the story, these dreams appear to be speaking about something bigger that we haven’t actually seen yet…


…The message, as always, is to prepare but not to panic. One consistent element of these dreams is that things look bad but there are miraculous ways to get through it that are not visible while it is happening — at least not to most.

I had the same data during the BP oil spill while everyone was shouting “doom and gloom” on the Internet. I expect that whatever is about to happen will also make people think and say the same things.

Ultimately, this is all part of what we have to go through to pave the way for a better, brighter future.

The negative will not go down without a very hard fight. It does seem that events are reaching a “critical mass” and the next phase is going to hurt, but will be necessary for us all to go through.



The public is very rapidly becoming aware, on a worldwide level, that highly negative forces exist on Earth — and are manipulating governments, militaries and corporations behind the scenes.

Fear provides a very effective shield against taking this truth in. When you get close to it, if you’re not ready for it you feel deeply tired and depressed — barely able to keep your eyes open — but then as soon as you do something else, you’re fine.

You may also find yourself attacking, shaming and humiliating those who would offer you the information. It’s much easier to villify a convenient, local target rather than contemplate a vast, seemingly unstoppable evil.

However, as we move through great tragedy and grief in our lives, we become emotionally sober enough to see the world for what it really is. That may be the single most important reason for why any of this has to happen in the first place.

The malevolent attitude and behavior of Hitler and Mussolini did not disappear after World War II. It now appears to be quite common within certain circles — although it became far more carefully concealed after the mid-20th century.

These power groups also came in contact with undeniable proof that we are not alone in the Universe — at least since the 1940s. Many credible witnesses and insiders have verified that the Roswell crash was real — and live ETs were recovered.

I do feel that anyone who still refuses to believe that intelligently-piloted, super-advanced spacecraft are operating in our skies is suffering from an anxiety disorder — and should therefore be treated with compassion.


In my opinion, the most useful and far-reaching ‘response’ to this cover-up happened from 1981 to 1984 — where a dialogue between Dr. Don Elkins and an allegedly extraterrestrial intelligence calling itself ‘Ra’ took place over the course of 106 sessions.

My new book, The Source Field Investigations, validates hundreds of specific, scientific points in this “Law of One” series — and dramatically expands upon and enhances what we started with in many cases.

Thankfully, after all this work, it’s going to be out there for everyone to read as of August 18th — and can be pre-ordered right now.



The science stands up so well on its own that I don’t even mention the Law of One series until the Acknowledgements section at the very end — but Law of One students will have a much easier time with the material if they read this book first.


The Law of One series also offers a richly detailed cosmological view — where One Infinite Creator divided itself from “intelligent infinity” into “intelligent energy,” which in turn has formed the building blocks of the Universe as we know it.

If true, this would mean that everything is alive. Everything is sacred. Everything has purpose.

Our lives on Earth are apparently being guided through a complex series of spiritual lessons, through multiple physical incarnations, to eventually reach the end of a 25,000-year cycle.

In 1981, Ra said this cycle would end in “approximately 30 years” — and later confirmed the year 2011 as being “an appropriate probable / possible time” for when we would reach the “quantum leap,” as they called it.

They also said there would be no additional Earth Changes and related physical catastrophes once the cycle was over.

The Mayan Calendar was never mentioned. Nor was the year 2012. Nor was the Age of Aquarius. In 1981, hardly anyone even knew about the Mayan Calendar end-date — but the timelines still matched up.

2012 may still be a more accurate figure, as Ra said the 30-year window they gave was only “approximate.”


At the end of this cycle — which is directly tethered to measurable movements of the Earth, Sun and Galaxy, as I have now proven — we have the opportunity to “Graduate,” and evolve into a higher form of what it means to be human.

All the greatest tricks you’ve seen anyone do in movies will soon become commonplace — for those who are ready to step into it.

We are told that the Earth is actually a vast school for spiritual learning — maintained by very high-level ETs whose job is to insure that you will find whatever you seek — whether positive or negative.

Ra’s message, which included the physical gift of the Great Pyramid, was apparently co-opted by negative extraterrestrial humans.

These ‘Gods’ manipulated the Egyptian priesthood, many thousands of years ago, into creating a hierarchical, occult and self-serving system that amounts to a highly sophisticated form of black magic.

This was not Ra’s original intent at all. At the very beginning of the Law of One series, Ra apologizes for having inadvertently and naively created the “negative elite” — or what most people would now call the New World Order or Illuminati.

Due to the free will principle, or “first distortion of the Law of One,” as it is called, these negative forces have to be allowed to cause suffering, pain and even mass death here on Earth — within certain limits.


However, the part that so few people understand is that the negative elite are actually kept on a tight leash. They can only do what they are allowed to do — as a direct mirror of the negativity that we are creating as a people on this planet.

Now they are out of time. The cycle is about to end. They think they know what is going to happen, and that they can control the outcome, but this has always and forever been a great misperception on their part.

This is another area where the new research I’ve done is really a game-changer. Though they have preserved the knowledge of this cycle and believe it will lead to a worldwide cataclysm, they have been strongly misled.


The oldest prophecies that speak of this cycle change are from the Zoroastrian tradition. Zarathustra, whose name was Westernized as “Zoroaster”, copied over ancient records from the primordial Aryan civilization.

In The Source Field Investigations, I cite compelling evidence that the hub of this civilization was originally located in Siberia before the last great Ice Age.

This Ice Age, where the land was suddenly overrun by glaciers in a very short period of time and sea level rose by as much as 300 feet, appears to have been the result of a pole shift — where tropical areas suddenly became polar regions.

Atlantis, originally an “island continent” surrounded by water, became Antarctica — and all the water that washed over it was quick-frozen into ice.

Some of the insiders I have spoken with have told me that most of the remains of Atlantis were crushed under this massive weight of ice — but there are certain pockets where you can still find some very neat stuff.


In the Law of One series, the Atlantean cataclysm is directly blamed on the use of nuclear weapons — not on a natural Earth cycle that was built into the design of the Universe to wipe us out.

It appears that the world’s elite are unaware of this, and believe that the Earth intends to kill us off at the end of a cycle as a natural part of what happens.

They see this as proof that their negative, every-man-for-himself, Deist philosophy is in fact the way the Universe works.

They are eagerly awaiting what they think is going to be a massive catastrophe that destroys almost all life on Earth — unless you’ve hidden out in an underground or off-world base.

The movie ‘2012’ lays out their plans for how they think this is going to happen. Watch the end-credits all the way through and you will see that the movie was based on “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock, which was about Atlantis.

They absolutely believe that whatever happened to Atlantis is a natural cycle, and it will happen again in or around 2012 — perhaps closer to 2017, based on what some insiders have told me. Others disagree with this and think it is indeed 2012.


Plato’s original account of Atlantis formed the basis of everything else that followed. It has given irreversible credibility to any discussion of “the A word,” particularly in light of all the physical evidence of massive stone structures that were left behind.

Plato’s report clearly indicates that the Atlanteans were at war with a rival civilization. The Cayce Readings said this civilization later migrated to India, but in ancient times they were called “Rama”.

Other scholars such as David Hatcher Childress — who has appeared in many episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, including several that I was in — found independent validation of Cayce’s account:

The so-called “Rama Empire” of Northern India and Pakistan developed at least fifteen thousand years ago on the Indian sub-continent and was a nation of many large, sophisticated cities, many of which are still to be found in the deserts of Pakistan, northern, and western India.

Rama existed, apparently, parallel to the Atlantean civilization in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, and was ruled by “enlightened Priest-Kings” who governed the cities, The seven greatest capital cities of Rama were known in classical Hindu texts as “The Seven Rishi Cities.”

According to ancient Indian texts, the people had flying machines which were called “Vimanas.” The ancient Indian epic describes a Vimana as a double-deck, circular aircraft with portholes and a dome, much as we would imagine a flying saucer.

It flew with the “speed of the wind” and gave forth a “melodious sound.” There were at least four different types of Vimanas; some saucer shaped, others like long cylinders (“cigar shaped airships”).

The ancient Indian texts on Vimanas are so numerous, it would take volumes to relate what they had to say.

The ancient Indians, who manufactured these ships themselves, wrote entire flight manuals on the control of the various types of Vimanas, many of which are still in existence, and some have even been translated into English.


In Plato’s account, the people of Egypt and Greece united against the Atlanteans, who were trying to colonize their land — and fended them off. Shortly after this defeat, Atlantis sank — but the Egyptians did not know why.

I want you to read the whole story for yourself — as it was originally written in the Timaeus.

I have bolded certain passages for emphasis. One of them negates many common, faltering attempts to identify Atlantis as a small island — as it was “larger than Libya and Asia put together”:

Many great and wonderful deeds are recorded of your state in our histories. But one of them exceeds all the rest in greatness and valour.

For these histories tell of a mighty power which unprovoked made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia, and to which your city put an end.

This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles.

The island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands, and from these you might pass to the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean…

Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent.

Furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.

This vast power, gathered into one, endeavoured to subdue at a blow our country and yours and the whole of the region within the straits.

And then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes.

And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders — and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars.

But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.

For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island.


Plato got in serious trouble for ‘leaking’ this secret account of Atlantis from the Egyptian priesthood. Ever since he wrote it, scholars have been hunting for proof of Atlantis and have tried to understand exactly what happened, and where it was.

The Cayce Readings and the Law of One series, when combined, give us new insights that dovetail nicely with provable evidence we can dig up through research.

According to the Law of One series, Atlantis sank because of a nuclear attack — not a natural Earth cycle. The Cayce Readings imply a similar story… and given the reliability of the Law of One series in so many other areas, I’m inclined to think it is correct.


When we put all the pieces together, this is what appears to have happened.

Soon after Egypt and Greece fended off the Atlantean invasion, the Ramans dropped nukes on Atlantis in an attempt to defeat them and force them to surrender — similar to how America ended World War II by nuking Japan.

There are several obvious references to the use of nuclear weapons in the Hindu Vedic scriptures — which are easily found with a quick Google search.

Instead of winning the war, the Ramans threw the Earth into an unimaginable catastrophe — and ruined it for everyone.

No one could have imagined that nuclear weapons would be powerful enough to shift the Earth’s equilibrium in space, causing tropical regions to become polar — and vice versa.



The survivors of the Rama empire became known as the ‘Aryans.’

These original ‘Aryans’ were not Caucasian at all. As ice swept over the former paradise of Siberia, they migrated southwards in two groups — one to India and one to Iran.

The latest, greatest scholarship on the Aryan civilization pinpoints Siberia as their main center of origin — and the Zoroastrian scriptures clearly say they had to evacuate and move south due to the sudden crush of ice and terrible winter weather.

It appears that ‘Gods’ continued interacting with the Indians — which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Zarathustra, however, adhered more closely to the original ancient Raman records. This therefore appears to be the closest we can get to what the original, ancient, positive ETs actually told us about the end of the 25,000-year cycle.

The original teachings were almost certainly given before the Ramans nuked Atlantis. I highly doubt the positive ETs had anything to do with this horrific attack — and would have stopped it if they had caught it fast enough.

Now, the ETs are being vastly more careful, and precisely monitor any and all nuclear sites on Earth — as I have written about in detail several times before. Many disasters have been stopped.

According to scholars, the Zoroastrian prophecies influenced every other Western culture and its view of what will happen in “end times” — including Judaism and Christianity.

Without exception, every Jew, every Christian and every Muslim owes their vision of an End of the Age to the Zoroastrian inheritance — not to mention any and all of the secret mystery schools. Unfortunately, like the “telephone game,” the story has been significantly changed over time.


In The Source Field Investigations, I cite breathtaking new research into the original Zoroastrian scriptures by Boyce and Grenet, which conclusively proves that the original prophecies did not say the world would be wiped out by this cycle change.

Using new data that only became available in very recent times, Boyce and Grenet identified that this “doom and gloom” element was originally added in by the early Hebrews.

Boyce and Grenet feel this probably was the result of their imprisonment and enslavement by the Egyptians — and how that horrible suffering in turn affected their view of future events.

It is also easy to see how anyone in possession of the secret story of Atlantis could assume that the cataclysm was caused by this same cycle — and not through the use of massive weapons that couldn’t have even been imagined in those times.

This same mistake persists through until the present day — as seen by the creators of the movie 2012 optioning the rights to Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods,” which was about the fall of Atlantis.


The actual Zoroastrian prophecies are quite amazing. They do indicate the possibility that the flow of time itself, as we now know it, goes through some sort of radical change. Something profound happens at the most basic level of matter, energy and consciousness.

This seems impossible to most people and undoubtedly triggers sarcastic laughter — but this will also change once people study the “Magnificent” scientific evidence I present in the new book — as Graham Hancock called it.

This massive ‘download’ of information comes out in a gorgeous hardcover book on August 18th, and is already available for pre-orders — at a much lower price than retail!



My publisher tells me that if a mere two days’ worth of the people who visit our site pre-order this book before August 18th, we will automatically debut on the New York Times best-seller list.

Why does this matter? It has nothing to do with ego or generating lots of money. (In fact, we make a lot less on Amazon pre-orders anyway… since you will get it for ten dollars less than the retail price.)

No… this is about making our voice heard, and getting this information out to the mainstream. It’s about credibility.

This book takes you far beyond any Disclosure involving a formal announcement that ETs exist. It is an awe-inspiring summary of all the science that has been suppressed by the negative elite — for at least the last century.

You can lock it in now at this super-low price anyone can afford, forget about it, and know that it will deliciously arrive in the mail… at the earliest possible second that it becomes available.

Thank you so much for helping us out! Everything I’ve ever said in any of my lectures or videos is in here, with extensive documented references — plus much more that no one has ever seen or heard.


There is no doubt that the Zoroastrian texts predict a major energetic event. However, it is also clearly spelled out that it does not wipe out the Earth in cataclysms.

Furthermore, these scriptures clearly indicate that the negative will be defeated — not in one sudden, stunning blow, but gradually weakening more and more until they finally just give out.

I believe that prophecy is about to come true — and may even have been fulfilled, to a large degree, before the book comes out.  This is one of the most exciting articles I’ve ever written, because everything I’ve been telling you to expect for so long is finally happening.

Japan was a terrible disaster and we can’t change that. However, if you think this is just going to go on and on, I believe you have missed the point.


The negative elite are on their last legs — and at this point, there are remarkable news events that prove everything I’ve been saying is correct.

This means it is very likely that we are about to see the perpetrators go into hiding — and whenever this happens, it will be quite a massive change in society and government as we know it.

They believe it will create anarchy and chaos. I personally do not. Nonetheless it is good to have some stored food and water on hand so you can be prepared for the worst, just in case.

The insiders say to be ready for six months. I highly doubt there will be disruptions of anywhere near that length. However, if you end up in an area where there are short-term problems, obviously it’s good to have some basic supplies at home.


I don’t like dropping dates, but April 8th is going to be a very, very interesting day. This has gotten a bit long, so I will save the bulk of this argument for an update that will emerge by or before this date.

Three different massive events all coalesce on this one focal-point — just a week before taxes are due in the US:

SUPREME COURT RULES AGAINST THE FED: The Supreme Court has given the Federal Reserve a two-week deadline to reveal where the money went — as of Monday, March 21st. This decision is one of the most significant events in American history. That brings us to April 4th — four days before the 8th.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats and Republicans in Congress cannot agree on a budget. The US government will therefore shut down as of April 8th — and there is no indication anyone will stop it. That means no paychecks, no services, et cetera — for an indeterminate time.

NEW BRETTON WOODS: On this very same day, the first meeting to completely overhaul the world’s financial system will take place. Other countries will now have much more of a say. This is the literal fulfillment of everything Fulford and I have been saying for so long.

This will create a massive wave of prosperity and directly pave the way for the release of clean, ‘free’ energy technology.


The final ‘endgame’ plan of the insiders, as I understand it, is to hit the US with a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line during the same approximate time that the government goes into shutdown.

Then, they hope, all the welfare recipients and government employees stop getting their money due to the shutdown. Society quickly disintegrates as all the services stop happening. Meanwhile, the perpetrators flee, or have already fled the country.

I’m frankly amazed the conspiracy media hasn’t put all this together yet, but they will soon enough. We’ll get to that in Part Two. Suffice it to say I do not believe these events will unfold as they are planning.



I think it is very important to understand that the majority of the people in these negative groups are only cooperating because they have been forced to. I know some of them myself and am aware of the horrors they have been subjected to.

Did we blame every German for the actions of Hitler and his cohorts in World War II, and hold each of them equally accountable?

Recent dreams have again indicated that many people will not share this view, and will react with fear and violence — at least at first.

I do not judge or condemn you if you’ve been involved in this. You have a safe place here and will not be hated or criticized.

Your leaders have lied to you by making you think that if there is a God, you would be rejected.

I am personally aware of what you have been through. I am sorry about what happened to you. And I want you to know there is a way out of this that doesn’t involve you being tortured like an animal.


There is abundant evidence that the “negative elite” have been trying to collapse the Earth into worldwide anarchy, chaos and pandemonium throughout the entire 20th century, and on into today — but somehow it just never works out that way.

They still don’t understand that they get their marching orders directly from the people. They are only allowed to create negativity to a degree that is sufficient to balance what We, The People create within our own lives.

The Law of One series tells us our lives on Earth are part of a vast illusion. It is so carefully maintained that even these great worldly powers — with time-traveling technology they got from ETs and other neat toys — are completely unaware of the fact that their plans can never succeed.


If you could see things from Ra’s perspective, you would understand that ultimately there is no drama. There is no crisis. There is no conflict. There are no paradoxes.

There is only ‘catalyst’, as they call it — experiences that we will be offered to the exact degree of precision necessary to open our hearts and awaken our minds.

We live in a spiritual reality. Everything we think, see and do is being scrupulously monitored and studied by a greater aspect of our own selves.

Your “Higher Self” already exists now — in what you would think of as the future. It is millions of years more advanced than the level you appear to be at now.

Nonetheless, since it exists in a reality where time is not confined to a linear progression, it works to guide you through your life.

Dreams are one important way for your Higher Self to get a message through. At other times, the world itself follows the language and logic of the dream plane.

Disclosure — the concept of extraterrestrial humans being formally introduced to us — would definitely represent an irreversible tipping-point in our planet’s history, where many apparent dreams suddenly become vividly real.

For two years now, Fulford has been saying that once the Federal Reserve is defeated and a new financial system is announced, we will get Disclosure of free energy technologies that can radically change the planet.

He has also been saying, for two years, that Japan was being threatened with earthquake weapons that would trigger a nuclear disaster — because Japan cut off the flow of money to the Rockefeller faction that has been in place since Rockefeller money was loaned to them, at an exploitive rate, to rebuild their country after World War II.

Now do you see why I’m so excited about what is about to happen?


The story goes much, much farther than this — but right for now, I just want to get this preliminary summary out there. The rest will follow as soon as I get the chance.

You can be with me on April 8th in San Francisco — and get live updates as they come in about what, if anything, happens. We also have a major event coming up in London — so if you are in Europe, this is your big chance!

The Access Your Higher Self video gives you a nearly four-hour course in how to remember, analyze and understand your dreams, and develop your deepest psychic abilities — using the same protocols I developed myself. Many people have jumped in and feel it is well worth the price!

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Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2011

Written by David Wilcock

Saturday, 15 January 2011 09:53

Birds and fish are dying in masses as the Old World Order uses HAARP to defend its remaining assets. The tragic mass shooting distracted the public from this stunning issue — but Disclosure will not be stopped. [Updated 1/18/11]


The mass, worldwide bird and fish deaths are obviously not due to fireworks or cold weather. Nor can they be blamed on a thinning ozone layer or toxic gases.

I believe the birds are casualties in a worldwide war for Disclosure that has now reached critical mass — complete with frantic political assassinations in a last-ditch attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Brazil, Russia, India and China have all apparently been contacted by positive ETs who are finally intervening to stop these negative forces on Earth — by physically destroying their classified, back-engineered military equipment.

My insiders have told me the damage to the classified military infrastructure has been vast and unrelenting. This arsenal would otherwise have been used to fake an alien invasion — in the hopes of creating a worldwide dictatorship.

HAARP is being used to ‘shield’ the areas that are being zapped — but in the process it is causing obvious, mass deaths of birds and fish worldwide. The war has now reached critical mass — where it is starting to become obvious.

These same positive ETs have told the Indian government they intend to openly reveal themselves to humanity in December of next year. We are finally close enough to this event that ‘Management’ is now allowing the ETs to do some housecleaning.

The written clues I will share in this piece are a mind-blowing new advancement in the case. I have waited an entire year for the right moment to unveil this new information.

I will lay out all the evidence so you can make up your own mind — and link to an awesome two-hour radio show where I discussed all of this last Sunday.


I also want to tell you about a stunning experience in my personal life that involved UFOs directly contacting a close friend of my family — at an incredibly significant moment on New Year’s Eve, just one hour before 5000 birds fell from the sky in Arkansas.

Honestly, in terms of a direct, physical manifestation of ETs at a precisely-calibrated moment for maximum impact, this sighting is one of the single most fantastic developments in my journey as a UFO investigator.

The sighting happened at the exact moment that I watched a video of myself on the season finale of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel — telling the world how the ETs may be preparing us for open contact.


My brother was contacted in February 2002 by a blue orb that turned into a massive Stargate-type vortex on his ceiling — and gave him a telepathic message about Ascension.

The voice was as clear and clean in his mind as if someone were speaking to him directly — and it went on for several minutes. Here is what Michael said in his own words about it:

The message said that ascension is an incremental process that happens in stages. Seeing this energy for myself eradicated many of my doubts about unexplainable spiritual dimensions and energies, and solidified the foundation for the belief in a power greater than myself.

Up until this point, this type of divine energy had only seemed to exist in my imagination and in subtle synchronicities and psychic occurrences — not an orb of light HOVERING OVER ME!!!

It became clear that this message was a very personal one; this was the first step in my ascension. It seems that ascension is something completely unique to each individual. The discovery of divinity and the movement toward that energy is a completely individualized experience. This was a part of what I was told.

These ascension experiences will be very moving and pertinent to the one who is experiencing them and will probably vary greatly from person to person.

The idea of an ascension in stages was a totally new concept for me. I had always pictured David’s ascension model as something that would happen in one fell swoop, a “spontaneous evolution” as he says — but this new understanding showed me that the experiences could be individualized, and occur over a period of time.


The trigger for Michael’s contact occurred when I was meditating in a field and saw what may have been a UFO. I said, internally, “Now all I need is to see an orb of light that gives me an intelligent message.” Michael’s vision was in that same time window.

This New Year’s Eve event seems to be a direct follow-up to that original incident. This phenomenal new sighting, involving five different UFOs, happened to a close friend of Michael’s.

This also occurred within one hour of the mass death of 5000 birds — which really raised public awareness that “something is going on.”

I haven’t told the History Channel producers about this yet, but it is a remarkable development. I have no idea where it is going or when, at this point, but something very big is going to happen. That much is clear.



The UFOs appeared before our friend at about 11:50 pm, on New Year’s Eve in Upstate New York — Eastern time. The fallen birds were first noticed just before midnight in Central time — almost exactly an hour later.

And no, the ETs did not hurt the birds. I believe the UFOs manifested as a sign of hope that this madness is almost over.

The birds’ bodies displayed blunt trauma. They were crushed on the inside to a much greater degree than would occur from them falling out of the sky.

This requires a weapons-level force in the atmosphere and / or the ocean. This CNN article spelled it out (emphasis added):

Bird Deaths Caused by Massive Trauma
(CNN) — The thousands of birds that fell from the sky just before midnight New Year’s Eve in Arkansas likely died from massive trauma, according to a preliminary report released Monday.
The birds, most of which were dead when they were found, were red-winged blackbirds and starlings. They were found within a one-mile area of Beebe, about 40 miles northeast of Little Rock, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said.
Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the commission, said the birds showed evidence of trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding. All major organs were normal.
He cited a preliminary report conducted by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission.
“Further tests will be done to rule out other causes, but the birds suffered from acute physical trauma leading to internal hemorrhage and death. There was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease,” the report said, according to the game and fish commission.
As of Saturday, between 4,000 and 5,000 birds had been found dead, said Stephens.
Karen Rowe, an ornithologist for the game and fish commission, said the incident is not that unusual and is often caused by a lightning strike or high-altitude hail.

This incident was later blamed on ‘fireworks’ — and that became the mainstream media ‘spin’.
Fireworks are much more likely to be fired off on Independence Day than New Year’s Eve. There is no evidence of blasts sufficient to kill five thousand birds over a small town near Little Rock, Arkansas.
If there was such evidence, the media would have been all over it.
Nor does this ridiculous government lie explain why the birds are now dying off all over the world.
Other ridiculous debunking stories as this has become a worldwide phenomenon include the idea that birds all over the world are now suddenly ‘overeating’.
Little Rock Air Force Base is in the same 40-mile vicinity as the mass bird death — and many insiders have said the Air Force is more involved in the UFO cover-up than any other military branch.
The ETs may very well have been attacking military assets stored at this base — which triggered the use of the HAARP shield.


Let’s back up a bit and look at the bigger overall picture.

Things were already looking rough for the Old World Order last year with Wikileaks, which you will notice was quickly buried into oblivion once it was clear that real damage was being done. And it’s not over.

Another major sign of trouble on the horizon is the shocking new revelation, on CNN, that fully five thousand, two hundred people in the Department of Defense purchased child pornography on the Internet:



Benjamin Fulford has extensively discussed a campaign by “good guys” in the Pentagon to cleanse the system of many toxic elements to pave the way for Disclosure — part of which will reveal that we already have usable Stargate technology.

This has been independently verified by my own sources in enough detail to convince me it is absolutely real.

We are now seeing the blatant, public revealing of this campaign to purge the negativity in the Pentagon — and it aired on CNN as of January 6th, 2011.

Until this internal cleansing is complete, we cannot safely have Disclosure. Too many people would be killed and it might not ever even happen.

This assassination dilemma is all being spelled out in NBC’s groundbreaking series “The Event,” as we have discussed in earlier articles.


If you are thinking the “good guys” might be among the 5200, I thought the same thing. What if this is a blanket campaign to smear and discredit anyone who tries to make Disclosure happen?

I soon realized that idea simply doesn’t make sense. It’s the equivalent of trying to cure a headache by amputation. 5200 employees is an absolutely staggering number. How many Pentagon employees are even left after that?

We are talking about a massive, unprecedented purge. Do you really think this story is going to just disappear? I highly doubt it.

Believe me, the insiders do not EVER want damning information like this to get out into the open. You can’t get much more sociopathic and sick as a person than to be a pedophile.

Victims of these crimes carry permanent scars most of us could never even imagine — leaving them heavily traumatized and often collapsing into suicidal rages and hours of violent screaming and crying that threatens to tear the walls off of the house.

We’re not talking five, ten, one hundred or even one thousand perpetrators. To raise that number of criminals to 5200 people is to create the most fatal indictment of any government or military system in the history of human life on Earth.

This is a huge story — and the loyal opposition will do anything to stop it from going public. I commend CNN for their bravery and courage in reporting this information.

CNN aired the story on Thursday, January 6th. The mass shooting happened two days later.


The mass bird and fish deaths are also a sign of true, absolute desperation. Technology like HAARP is now being used on a widespread level because the insiders literally feel they have no other choice.

Again — their goal is to avoid detection at all costs. They have never used this technology so blatantly before because they never needed to.

This technology can be used to energize the atmosphere and create a protective shield over a given area. Such a shield can effectively block energetic attacks that use a non-electromagnetic beam technology the Russians call ‘torsion fields’.

The problem with creating shields like this is that any living thing that swims or flies through it will not make it out alive — and their bodies will show mysterious blunt trauma.



In case you somehow missed this story, it is vast in scope — truly a worldwide phenomenon. Here is one decent summary of the bird deaths written by Mary Rose:

The mass animal death epidemic began in Beebe, Arkansas when about 5,000 birds fell from the sky on the New Year’s Eve. Right on the next day, 100,000 fish reportedly died along Arkansas River and another 2 million dead fish were found in Maryland.
Then, another 500 dead birds continued falling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana… Southeastern Sweden, Kentucky, Canada all reported the same phenomenon. Besides dead birds, 2 million fish died in the Chesapeake Bay and approximately 40,000 crabs were found dead in Kent in Britain.
The massive numbers of dead animals remain a mystery. At first, officials blamed fireworks on New Year’s Eve and extremely cold weather as the main reasons for the occurrence. However, fireworks were flying around only on one night, which doesn’t fully explain what is happening…

Here are some additional links on the scope and severity of this sudden new problem to help get you up to speed:
Huge List of Animal Deaths – Mostly US and Europe
Mainstream Media Covers Massive Worldwide Bird and Fish Deaths
Bird Deaths Officially Explained as Caused by “Overeating”
More Bird Deaths – This Time in California
Dead Blackbirds in Alabama
Global Phenomenon Shows No Sign of Abating
Map of Reported Bird and Fish Die-Offs Worldwide


The Daily Mail came right out and named HAARP as a likely explanation for these mysterious events:

Those who are wary of the U.S. government have preferred to point the finger of blame at its High Frequency Active Auroral Research ­Programme, or HAARP, which ­conducts research into the defence implications of ­harnessing the upper atmosphere’s ionosphere.
Some suspicious minds — reportedly including the Venezuelan ­president Hugo Chavez — believe the project’s research instruments are death rays that can excite ­electrons in the ionosphere and so ­create earthquakes, storms and power failures.
The UN Environment Programme yesterday played down Apocalyptic explanations, but said more research was needed into mass animal deaths.
‘Science is struggling to explain these things,’ said a spokesman. ‘These are examples of the surprises that nature can still bring. More research is needed.’
Greg Butcher, director of bird conservation at the National Audubon Society, the U.S. equivalent of the RSPB, said he was enjoying the speculation so much he ‘feels guilty’ debunking it — claiming that, in fact, fireworks are the most likely answer.



Again, these HAARP shields appear to be a faltering, desperate attempt to block ongoing energetic strikes that are systematically destroying any and all classified military assets of the Old World Order.

These strikes began with the widespread, dramatic powering down of public-domain military and civilian assets in September, October and November of last year — as part of what I called “China’s October Surprise.”

I highly recommend reading and / or hearing all four previous installments of this series to get the full context:

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART ONE: Disclosure and “The Event”

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART TWO: Earth’s Quarantine Has Lifted





Last summer, in one single day of coordinated effort, China delivered packages to the private palaces of every world leader of every country. They were ordered to open the containers on October 13th, 2010.

The leaders were told the packages would destroy everything within a six-mile radius if they were tampered with prior to this date, and / or if they were not opened soon after this date.

On that fateful day, the leaders were shocked to find working free-energy prototypes inside these packages, as well as detailed plans on how to build them — along with many other amazing documents.

Every leader of every country in the world is now in possession of these materials. Someone will ‘break ranks’ soon enough. The negative factions were ordered to stand down and completely surrender. They did not.

They rushed over to China and begged them to reconsider over several days of tense, hand-wringing negotiations. China refused. The war started immediately thereafter.


Nine days after the packages were first opened, a brand-new British nuclear submarine, the HMS Astute, lost all power and crashed into the rocks on its maiden voyage — as a dead mass of steel.

The very next day, the US lost fully 50 different ICBMs in a single, cascading failure — the largest ever recorded in American history.

Eight days later, on October 31st, 2010, a French nuclear aircraft carrier completely lost all electrical systems while enroute to the Persian Gulf — to beef up the US military presence there.

Three days later, the largest nuclear power plant in America had massive electrical failures and powered down for nearly a month.

The next day, Quantas Airlines had a massive electrical failure in an Airbus 380 flying over Indonesia, forcing them to ground all their Airbus 380 jets.

Then, the very next day, Quantas had electrical failures in a Boeing 747-400 — forcing them to ground all of those planes as well.

Quantas is the official Australian airline — and Australia is a very key player in this geopolitical battle.


Three days after the stunning defeat of Australia’s airline fleet, on November 8th, we had four different significant events:

1. Quantas was forced to announce even more engine problems — which now plagued their entire fleet.

2. Two American nuclear power plants shut down within a single hour of each other.

3. Carnival’s premiere cruise ship, the Splendor, lost all propulsion and communications systems and became dead at sea.

4. Time Warner lost all their cable channels in Cleveland, Ohio for 90 minutes — during the exact time George W. Bush was on NBC, followed by the next episode of the Disclosure drama “The Event”.


The very next day after all these things happened, November 9th, a huge missile was launched off the coast of Los Angeles — another highly embarrassing moment for the crumbling Old World Order.

A rocketry expert confirmed it was a solid-propellant missile on CBS News. This missile launch occurred three years to the day after the Chinese surprised US forces with a nuclear sub.

Then, only one day later, on November 10th, a strange “line of fire” was seen in the sky off the coast of New York City.

As a sign of the positive intentions of whomever did this, not one death was associated with any of these events.

The missile and ‘line of fire’ was basically the peak of publicly-visible events. There were some oil refinery failures in Texas, Kansas and Louisiana after this, but not a whole lot else.

The systematic destruction of classified military assets continued after this — even as the more obvious, public displays stopped happening.

In the ‘normal world’, nothing blatant or visible was going on to suggest this war was still in progress — but all of that changed when the birds and fish started dying in mass numbers, beginning on New Year’s Eve.

This sudden, worldwide use of HAARP defense shields appears to have been in direct response to a new, deeper escalation in the ETs’ campaign against these classified military assets.



Many people have written in to voice their concerns about China wielding this power. I do understand that.

It is very important to understand that China may have fronted this effort, but they did not act alone. They are part of a greater worldwide coalition, which also heavily involves Brazil, Russia and India — working in an alliance with ETs.

You will see new evidence that makes this case, very compellingly, in just a minute. I have waited an entire year for the right moment to bring this out.

No one believed the ETs were even allowed to do something like this. It went against THE RULES — a set of seemingly unbreakable natural laws which included a Quarantine of the earth against any ET intervention.

You can choose not to believe me if you want to — but after I was told about China’s ultimatum to the world elites, either to Disclose or suffer the consequences, all these crazy things started happening.

The only defense the elites can possibly try to use is a HAARP shield. They are frantic and desperate. That’s why we’re seeing all these deaths happening around the world. The mainstream media has had enough and is starting to tell the truth.


If the ETs working with Brazil, Russia, India and China were not actively destroying the Old World Order’s secret military infrastructure, we would probably experience a devastating, fake alien invasion some time soon.

In fact, the “Alien 9/11” may have already happened by now if it were not for these countermeasures. The ETs were likely able to see when this was going to happen, using time-viewing technology, and they took actions to prevent it.

This fake invasion would have been the final ‘trump card’ the insiders would have played to cling fiercely to their remaining shreds of power — and get the entire world to unify against an ‘Alien Menace’.


The insiders have been telegraphing their plans for many years with ‘alien invasion’ movies.

Don’t think for a minute they were wasting money. They planned on really doing this when they needed it most — and that time would be right now, based on all the evidence we’ve been discussing.

It is therefore no a surprise that the alien invasion TV show ‘V’ has suddenly been dusted off for a second season, after a long hiatus — as if no time had elapsed.

The human-looking, seemingly benevolent ETs are now going to reveal their true, hideous nature:

ABC Dusts Off ‘V’ for Second Season – Makes Insectlike Reptilian Aliens
Even evil Visitors deserve a makeover.
The green wasp-waisted creature, pictured here in a rendering by the production design team, is a Visitor in ABC’s alien-invasion series V underneath its human-looking skin. It’s a far cry from what the extraterrestrials looked like in the ’80s cult classic.
The depiction, seen exclusively in USA TODAY, “is really cool,” says Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the queen of the visually deceptive Visitors.
“What I like about it is it doesn’t look like any particularly recognizable species. It’s like a conglomeration of all these different lizard types. It even looks prehistoric. There’s something like a T. rex about it, with a lizard mixed with a Komodo dragon.”
Bits of the Visitors’ physical appearance will be revealed over the 10-episode second season, which begins tonight (9 ET/PT), with the full creature appearing in the season finale.
Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum first needed to develop the back story of the Visitors before coming up with a visual look. One helps explain the other.


No one on the inside expected there to be any tangible opposition to their Alien 9/11.

This widespread destruction of their assets is the endgame maneuver in a plan that stretches back for over half a century, as I’ve been reporting in the previous articles of our “China’s October Surprise” series.

There is absolute shock and horror within the insider ranks now, based on everyone I am in contact with who is at the necessary “need to know” level. Every ‘toy’ they own is being destroyed. It is bad for them and terrific for everyone else.

Once they are sufficiently defeated, we will have a Disclosure event that will stun the world — and will almost certainly become the most significant event in recorded human history.

Multiple plans are in place to reveal the truth — but it won’t work until “Murder Incorporated” is finally brought under control.


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. A massive number of weird equipment failures happened in October and November last year. Birds are now dropping dead all over the world from blunt trauma. Something is going on here.

These energetic technologies are no longer a ‘fringe’ discussion. The story has gone totally mainstream.

The insiders do not ever want to be detected. That is the worst thing that can happen. Believe me, they know they are creating a massive spectacle by having dead birds dropping out of the sky all over the world and fish washing ashore in mass numbers.

Fireworks? Please. Why don’t you just say it’s “swamp gas” so we can all have a good laugh about this?

The reason why this is happening is because they feel they have no other choice. I doubt these bird and fish-killing countermeasures are even working, but it’s all they’ve got.

They’re going for broke. They know the public is going to find out the truth. Full Disclosure. Everything.

They wouldn’t dare use this destructive shield technology unless it were truly Checkmate — and they had no other moves left to make.


What can you do when you’re backed into a corner? Delay. Distract. Divert. Create a humanitarian catastrophe that will dominate the headlines.

Right on cue, we had a massive tragedy — a political assassination attempt against one of Obama’s close friends and allies in Congress.

This diverted everyone’s attention from what otherwise could have been a story that reached ‘critical mass’ in mainstream awareness — the use of HAARP and the 5200 Defense Department personnel who were caught downloading child pornography.

Giffords was announced dead by NPR and other news outlets, who then had to post an embarrassing retraction:

NPR and other news organizations reported earlier Saturday that Giffords had died.

NPR member station KJZZ in Phoenix reported the recently re-elected Democratic congresswoman and six others had been killed by the gunman, based on a source in the Pima County Sheriff’s office.


This tragic, disgusting and despicable act may have bought the Powers that Were a little time, but at this point it’s like trying to use a Dixie cup to bail out the Titanic.

They have only delayed the inevitable. Once this story runs out of ‘juice’ they will try to create another one of equal or greater intensity to keep the momentum going.

They do have tools that can create natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis, but these energetic signatures are visible well in advance of the event — and can be counteracted.

As I’ve said before, we’re in for a rough ride here, and this is all part of it — but the results of all this will ultimately be very positive.

I highly doubt Gabrielle Giffords was expected or intended to survive, which may explain the initial announcement of her death — and that’s part of what makes this such an amazing story.


I’ve been documenting and analyzing my dreams on a daily basis since September 1992, and have had thousands of undeniably accurate prophecies of future events over the last 18 years.

I had a series of dreams beginning in late December that told me a significant disaster was going to impact global consciousness. At the time I did not know exactly what it was.

The last dream was the day before the shooting — and very clearly seemed relevant.


In the first dream, I was riding on the back of an airplane with my mother and brother. It was similar to riding on the back of a giant bird, and was quite a marvelous experience.

Suddenly our plane plunged out of the sky. We experienced a sickening fall into the ocean. It was so fast that I barely had any time to react — except to put on a lifejacket and pray that I wasn’t going to die.

We landed in the water. Smoothly. I was not harmed. In fact, I didn’t feel any impact and wasn’t even wet.

The plane sank. It had been a part of our family, but now it was gone. We didn’t have time to think about that — we just had to keep on going.

My mother and brother then had boogie boards that fired up like jet-skis. They were motorized, and you could ride them without any trouble. I apparently had one too — and as I floated there in the water I was trying to figure out how to get mine started.


The image of riding on the back of a plane, like a bird, and then having it plunge out of the sky may have been describing the bird deaths, which had not yet started by this point.

Water in dreams is emotion. The more water, the more emotion is involved — so this was clearly predicting a massive emotional event. My dreams often predict coming world events due to my experience and public position.

The dream did have a ‘happy ending’ — as we were not harmed by our landing. Things changed, but we just kept right on going.

Gabrielle Giffords’ husband is an astronaut — and until the Space Shuttle came along, astronauts had to land by making splash-downs in the ocean.

He and his wife were obviously brutally traumatized — but they did make a safe landing.


I also had two ridiculously intense dreams where volcanoes went off. In both cases, they looked tremendously destructive, and almost certainly not survivable. The second volcano dream showed up the day before the shooting.

In the first dream, I was staying at a conference facility on a beautiful small island surrounded by water. It appeared to be Hawaii. The only visible thing in our majestic view of the ocean was a pyramid-shaped volcano.

There was a charity event that was getting ready to happen for disabled children. However, it was poorly organized. There were not enough seats and hardly anyone was showing up. No one seemed to care.

Let’s not forget that Obama was born in Hawaii and there has been a great deal of fake controversy over his birth certificate. The volcano looked a lot like the classic ‘Illuminati’ pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.


Suddenly, everything shook. I rushed over to a big picture window and was horrified to see the volcano erupting to an incredible extreme.

It literally looked like a massive flamethrower. Rivers of lava were blasting out so fast, at such high pressure they were almost shooting straight up.

They shot so high in the atmosphere, and were surrounded by such withering black smoke, that it was unlike anything I could have even imagined. No other dream I’ve ever had in my life featured such an intense spectacle as this.

This did not look like anything you would normally associate with a volcano — it seemed to be much, much bigger and much worse.


Before I even had a chance to breathe, tongues of lava raced across the surface of the ocean — right towards where I was standing. All I had time to do was to say, inside my head, “Well, this is it — I’m about to die.”

Then, at the last possible second, the river of fire split in half, and diverted around the island. We were spared!

It wasn’t over. Massive chunks of airborne lava smashed down into the ocean around the volcano. As they hit the ocean’s surface, they triggered a massive tsunami. 

Oh $#!@.

The wave was now coming. Fast and furious. There was hardly any time to run.

The wave hit the picture window and smashed it into thousands of tiny pieces. Just like it had been hit with gunshots.

Water (a surge of emotion) rushed into the hotel (the public’s home consciousness), but I could still move quickly. There was now about a foot of water on the ground. It was going to rise fairly quickly, I felt.

I ran into another room and there were a series of life preservers there. I grabbed a yellow one and put it on — and there were others.


I immediately saw a highly advanced motorized yacht to my right — ready for escape.

There, standing by the yacht and waving to me, was a person who I had a major professional falling-out with in real life.

In the dream, this same person brought me to the island in the first place — some time ago. An obviously wealthy, elite man owned the boat and was about to zoom off as its captain.

Immediately, whatever differences we may have had between us were gone. I was offered a rescue off the island and I took it. The boat was actually quite luxurious and was stocked with delicious food and drink.

There certainly was tragedy, but we made it. We survived. It was not the end. Just a change.

Again I zoomed through the “ocean of emotion” quickly and easily after a major disaster. In the airplane dream it was a motorized boogie board. In this dream it was a motorboat.


This dream may very well have been about President Obama and the threat of his own assassination. This shooting made it very personal and in-your-face. I believe this is why my dream had obvious Hawaii references.

However, the dream also suggests that Obama may now be allying with former enemies in the Pentagon against a common enemy.

The highly advanced nature of the yacht may well indicate the ET-back-engineered technology the Pentagon is planning to disclose to humanity once the Big Moment finally arrives.

This scenario, reinforced by my dream, is consistent with other insider data I’ve been sharing with you.


This dream was also interesting in that before the volcano erupted, no one seemed to care about the disabled children. Now, in the wake of the mass shooting tragedy, there has been a huge backlash against violent rhetoric in the media. It may well create a permanent change.

As one real-world example, after the shootings, the CEO of Fox News ordered everyone on his staff to “tone it down.”

Three days later, Glenn Beck had a remarkable change in tone that would have been nothing short of a miracle had he not obviously been ordered to do so:

This is probably the best speech he has ever given, and with all sincerity, thank you Mr. President, for becoming the president of the United States of America last night.

If you want to see and read Obama’s speech for yourself, you can go here:


Arianna Huffington expressed how important it is that this tragedy be used as a vehicle to permanently change how politics and media run — by public demand:

While we don’t know all the facts yet and the story is still unfolding, we know enough to know that we need more than a little soul searching.

The fact that the gunman is clearly mentally unbalanced does not absolve us of the responsibility to consider the atmosphere in which the shootings occurred. “Shootings of political figures are by definition ‘political,'” writes James Fallows. “That’s how the target came to public notice; it is why we say ‘assassination’ rather than plain murder.”

And the atmosphere in which this horrible tragedy was born, nurtured, and carried to its wretched fruition is toxic.

Of course, there are always going to be unbalanced people, just as there are always going to be viruses in our environment — but what most determines whether those viruses make us sick is the strength of our immune system. When it is stressed and compromised, infections can easily take hold.

And there is no doubt that our collective immune system is worn down, making us more susceptible to the kind of infection that turned that Arizona parking lot into a killing field.

While there has never been a golden age in our democracy’s history, there have been many times in which our national immune system was much stronger.

“The press is our immune system,” Jon Stewart said during his now-more-prescient-than-ever Rally to Restore Sanity. That’s true, but I’d take it a step further: we are all the immune system of our democracy.

And this calamity should serve as a wake-up call that we need to bring more urgency to strengthening it.

It’s very easy, as we’ve seen over the last few years, to ignore the toxicity — partly because we’re swimming in it. But it’s time to recognize the obvious: our society is in danger of coming apart at the seams — from our overheated political rhetoric and crumbling infrastructure to our rising poverty and shrinking middle class.

This is not a call for passionate debate to come to a halt. But there is a huge difference between passionately disagreeing with your opponents and crudely demonizing them, between considering them as adversaries to be engaged and treating them as enemies to be targeted.



This event may also be Sarah Palin’s Waterloo — by the direct design of her handlers.

All the chest-thumping threats of violence, including putting Gabrielle Giffords’ district in the crosshairs of a rifle on September 24, 2010, has come back and bitten her savagely.

Palin’s lack of personal culpability or genuine remorse in her public statement may have effectively sealed her political fate, according to at least one Congressman.

Even worse, she used a highly anti-Semitic term in her speech — “Blood Libel” — which refers to Jewish people being accused of sacrificing babies and drinking their blood. Here are her exact words:

If you don’t like a person’s vision for the country, you’re free to debate that vision. If you don’t like their ideas, you’re free to propose better ideas.

But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

There are those who claim political rhetoric is to blame for the despicable act of this deranged, apparently apolitical criminal. And they claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently. But when was it less heated? Back in those “calm days” when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?


Everyone quickly realized what Palin had said. The term itself is highly unique and it is very unlikely that she knew what it meant:

Palin — after remaining essentially silent for three days — amped up the rhetoric in a pointed counterattack, accusing “journalists and pundits” of manufacturing a “blood libel” against her by suggesting that she somehow is to blame for the toxic political atmosphere in Arizona.

There are few more freighted phrases in the history of hate than “blood libel,” which is the ancient and false accusation that Jews secretly murder Christian children as part of their religious rituals. This anti-Semitic attack has resulted in countless pogroms and massacres through the ages.

Saint Sarah, it seems, is now comparing herself to one of those martyrs.

Notably absent was any second-guessing of a single word or action of her own over the last two years.


Remember — Palin’s violent website, as well as this speech, was very likely manufactured by others. Therefore, I consider this to be a deliberate “controlled demolition” of Palin’s political career. The shootings occurred less than four months after her website featured Gabrielle Giffords’ district in the bullseye.

Most likely, the reason her political career was torpedoed is that she is too much of a free thinker and ‘maverick’, and cannot be trusted to follow orders.

Her handlers appear to have deliberately sacrificed her to try to draw negative attention away from themselves for inciting violence on such a mass scale through all this rhetoric — through networks like Fox.

This also helps create a power vacuum so another contender, who is more controllable and capable of actually winning an election, can secure the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. 

The difference between Palin and Obama’s speeches couldn’t have been more blatant, as this New York Times editorial revealed.



Rather than screaming in weeks of trauma, the public has a marvelous story of triumph to cling to. Gabrielle Giffords is alive. She is now thinking and responding — opening her eyes and moving her body with intelligent responses to commands.

She may still end up with a physical or mental disability, as the children in my volcano dream — though I am praying that will not be the case and she has a full recovery.

Either way, this event will profoundly increase public awareness and sympathy for those who have such challenges in their own lives.

Furthermore, the healing between factions at the end of the dream also suggests the political divisions will quickly evaporate in the wake of this event. People are realizing that we are all human beings and we all need to pull together and support each other.

Those who continue to insist that violence can solve our problems will be isolated, quarantined and expelled from the body of the public like a virus. This is all part of the Great Shift we are going through.



The second volcano dream came in the day before the shooting. It was Friday, at 3:30 AM.

By this point I knew something big was about to happen. I did not post anything here as I was frantically working to finish the final round of edits on my book. In hindsight I wish I had — but I was just too busy.

In this dream, a mountain erupted right near my house. The mountain was sitting next to the same ocean where our plane had fallen in my first big disaster dream.

In this case the volcano did not spew lava. It belched out a thick gray goo that haphazardly slimed many different areas. It was followed by a sickening burst of blood-red liquid. After this, everything stopped.

It was literally as if the Earth itself had just vomited and bled.

My house was completely covered by this material. It was higher than the height of my roof. How could I ever make it back in there?

The driveway had a river of gray and blood-colored goo running down. There was no way to even try to access the property. It seemed like quite a disaster. I lost everything.


Strangely, upon closer inspection the grayish goo looked exactly like cooked oatmeal. The reddish goo running over the top of it looked identical to raspberry jelly.

I didn’t actually try to taste it, but the whole thing did appear to be an eruption of nourishing ‘comfort food’, in the greater sense. It was enough to feed thousands, if not millions of people.

Firemen and police were standing by. Officials like this are usually a symbol of ETs in dreams. They told me that this would all clear away naturally when the rains came. Everything would be fine — and I would again be able to get back into the house.

They told me the clean-up would take until the following Sunday — which is the day I am posting this article. After this time I would be able to access the house again.

The very next day we had the mass shooting. I finally put the pieces together. I was under such strict deadlines with my final edits that I had to wait until I could create a decent window to write this up.

All three of these dreams seemed to have been prophetic of what just happened. I was actually glad it wasn’t any worse.

Each of them featured a disaster that pulled people together, looked impossible to survive, but ended up being OK. Thematic elements of volcanoes and oceans linked all three of them together as a whole.



Now as we head into Part Two, I will share the stunning new information I’ve been quietly holding onto for the last year. We will also explore the political assassination of John Wheeler III.

Click on the link below to continue.



My heart goes out to the victims of this tragic mass shooting, their families, and everyone who has been affected by this.

The tragic mass shooting appears to have been a poorly planned ‘rush’ job to create a massive tragedy that would dominate the headlines for weeks by using a mind-controlled ‘lone nut’ assassin.

As I said in the first section, this appears to have been intended to distract the public from the massive, worldwide use of HAARP shields, which are causing birds and fish to die in mass numbers.

The HAARP shields appear to be defending against a positive ET campaign to eliminate the threat of a lethal and utterly fake alien invasion — by destroying a massive arsenal of classified military assets worldwide.

All of this is prelude to an open Disclosure of the reality of extraterrestrial human life — and a welcoming of Earth and its people into a truly Galactic family, which apparently has been planned to occur in December 2012.

There definitely could be a great deal of stunning new Disclosure developments prior to that time as well — if not an official announcement of some kind before the big Galactic Family Reunion.

In this section I will share stunning new Disclosure evidence that has been ‘leaking’ from the Indian government for years.

I will also reveal the UFO contact event that happened to a close family friend on New Year’s Eve — which made this whole story far more personal for me.


This tragic shooting occurred only two days after CNN announced that 5200 Defense Department employees had been caught downloading child pornography — and I showed you the video clip in the previous section.

In this case, the murderer left behind a wealth of obvious clues that he had been tampered with — including videos on his YouTube channel that obsessed on mind control. Drudge Report linked to an article on Prison Planet that made the case in the immediate aftermath of the event, altering millions of people to the truth of what is really going on here.

Even people who would never normally believe it is possible to create a mind-controlled assassin are rethinking their views in the wake of this tragedy. And don’t forget that this was the second suspicious political death in a short time.


On December 31st, 2010, the body of ex-Pentagon official John ‘Jack’ Wheeler III was found in a landfill. The body had been through great trauma — more than should have happened if it had just been transported in a garbage truck.

The official explanations of what might have happened were pathetic and ridiculous — take a look:

William Fleisher, an ex-cop who co-founded Philadelphia’s murder-solving Vidocq Society, said that the discovery of eyewitnesses and surveillance video of a disoriented Wheeler before he died suggests that the 66-year-old man had suffered a head or brain injury.

And that apparent disorientation, Fleisher speculated, could have caused Wheeler to voluntarily crawl into a trash Dumpster – either seeking shelter, as happens sometimes among the homeless, or perhaps looking for his reportedly lost papers.

“He may have crawled into the Dumpster looking for his briefcase, or simply to get warm,” said Fleisher, who runs a Center City investigations firm, Keystone Intelligence Network.

Remember that the Air Force is far and away the most important military branch when it comes to the UFO cover-up — and I showed you some of the badges that prove it in Part Two of China’s October Surprise.
Pay attention to what is being denied in this next excerpt. Therein may lie the deeper truth.
Not surprisingly, Wheeler’s defense work — the Vietnam veteran was an assistant to the secretary of the Air Force in the late 2000s, specializing in cyber-warfare, and was a consultant for the Defense Department-advising Mitre Corp. — has already sparked Internet conspiracy theorizing,
including a completely unsupported allegation that Wheeler had classified insight information about the mysterious death of birds in Arkansas.

But, Fleisher emphasized, the new evidence about Wheeler’s disorientation suggests that he may not have been murdered at all. He noted that violent movement of the Dumpsters could have caused injuries to Wheeler or his corpse, which might appear consistent with murder.



Given all the evidence we’ve been tracking for so long, I think it is very likely that Wheeler had turned on his former employers — the power brokers behind the military-industrial complex — and was getting ready to make an open Disclosure.

This exact type of story is being openly portrayed in NBC’s hit television series “The Event”. In one episode, the Vice President was hit by a car bomb and almost killed as he was about to tell the President who was behind the UFO cover-up.

Wheeler may very well have had direct knowledge of the use of HAARP-based shield technology that could be destroying the birds and fish around the world.

Giffords may have been targeted because her husband, a NASA astronaut, was preparing to come forward as well.


Again, “The Event,” a television show on NBC, depicts Obama as struggling for Disclosure — but meeting up with fierce opposition from shadowy insider power groups.

The first episode of “The Event” begins with Obama’s character suffering an assassination attempt right as he’s about to make the big Disclosure announcement to the world. The entire premise of the show is astonishingly similar to the REAL Disclosure I told you was being planned for 2009 — but was thwarted by no less than five different insider groups.

In a brief statement from the day of the shooting, Obama revealed that Gabrielle Giffords was a friend of his:

Gabby Giffords was a friend of mine. She is not only an extraordinary public servant, but she is also somebody who is warm and caring. She is well liked by her colleagues and well liked by her constituents. Her husband, Mark Kelly, is a Navy captain and one of America’s valiant astronauts.


This makes it all the more likely that Obama was being threatened by this shooting — “Don’t do it or you will suffer the same fate she did. Like Kennedy, we will gun you down in broad daylight.”

All of this is a further manifestation of what I have been calling China’s October Surprise, and the fallout that has resulted.

The Old World Order is truly on its last legs. There is still palpable danger, but the momentum for change is now overwhelming — and inevitable.



There is now even more proof that Obama is being seriously threatened — and in context it is obviously about Disclosure, which has always been the big issue going on behind the scenes.

It has not been a happy week at the White House. Within 48 hours of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — a friend of President Obama — being shot in the head by a would-be assassin, the wife of one of Obama’s aides was found dead inside a burning car at her home in Washington DC.

Ashley Turton, 37, the mother of three young children, was an energy company lobbyist. Her husband Dan Turton, 43, is the White House deputy director of legislative affairs, effectively the liaison between Obama’s administration and the House of Representatives.

As such, he had gone into work at the White House on Saturday to help manage in the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Representative Giffords in Tucson.

The Turtons were described by the Washington Post as “a power couple… though not the cocktail-party kind of power couple”. They had met “in the line of duty” when she came to Washington to work on the staff of North Carolina Democratic congressman Mike McIntyre and her husband-to-be was working for the Montana Democrat Dick Gephardt.

Why her BMW X5 burst into flames remains a mystery.

It was just before 5.0 am on Monday when neighbours in the Capitol Hill area of the city spotted the flames and called firefighters. Ashley Turton was on her way to work for an early start.

A car bomb? Seriously? That’s right out of “The Event” — and it shows us how truly desperate these people have become.

This is crass, blatant, undeniably threatening behavior. I do not believe the truth will be stopped despite these three political assassinations and / or attempts within such a short time of each other.


If you haven’t read the previous articles in our China’s October Surprise series and heard the radio shows, I highly recommend them. Everything can be found in recent David’s Blog entries on this site,

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART ONE: Disclosure and “The Event”

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART TWO: Earth’s Quarantine Has Lifted




I also went into a lot of detail about this in the Disclosure audio stream with Richard Hoagland and Project Camelot.


To briefly summarize what we know, it appears that in 1947, a high-powered radar technology was used to attack and destroy two extraterrestrial craft that were operating in our airspace.

At least one of the occupants survived after crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico — and they were held in captivity and very badly treated by the US government.

The friends and families of these victims then contacted China and other countries, and created a long-term plan to defeat the Old World Order. At that time, these shadowy forces seemed to enjoy limitless power and almost complete secrecy.

As these ETs apparently have working time-travel technology, they could observe a particular moment in time, say in the year 2010 — and then modify those events by what they do in the past — say in 1947.

According to the Law of One series and other sources, these “probability vortexes” are not fixed, nor can you predict exactly when they will happen — but there are definitely windows that can be studied, in which certain events are likely to occur.

India is a major player in this drama as well — though their contacts did not begin until the 1970s, as I will now reveal.



The India Daily website has a section called ‘Technology’ that is loaded with incredible Disclosure information — just one article after another after another. I am frankly stunned that I am still the only one in UFOlogy who has ever even mentioned this. 

Brazil, Russia, India and China — the BRIC alliance — have all been contacted independently and are working together with ET assistance. India appears to have leaked more of the specific details than any of the others on the India Daily website.

Don’t fall prey to the obvious propaganda, from paid agents posing as normal people, who will inevitably try to convince you that India Daily is a “CIA front website” or other such nonsense.

My highest-ranking insiders have told me they are well aware of what is going on with India Daily, and the elites are very, very pissed off about it. That almost certainly means it’s a good thing for everyone else.

The technical physics details being disclosed in these articles are absolutely stunning, because they fit perfectly with what I have independently discovered after 30 years of research.

In fact, I have just finished work on a whole section at the end of my new book The Source Field Investigations where I make these fantastic connections. It becomes the euphoric conclusion to 500 manuscript pages of stunning new breakthroughs.

I have waited an entire year to share this information, because it simply wasn’t the right time before now. Here, I’m just going to give you a taste of what you will find in scores of different articles. I have bolded certain sections for emphasis.


An orderly visit of Extraterrestrial Federation in 2012 representing 88 star constellations – the world is getting ready for the most spectacular event.
India Daily, May 12, 2005. URL:
The world is getting ready for something spectacular in 2012. According to researchers, the Federation of the Universe representing all the 88 star constellations will officially visit earth in 2012 and reveal themselves. It will bring an end to all UFO cover-ups in various countries.
In many countries all over the world the rumors are floating around that many Governments are being contacted at this time slowly to announce their presence and coming official visit.
According to some, the human civilization has finally reached a level when the earth can officially become part of the Federation of the Universe.
They want an order and no panic among people. A slow but steady process is on to slowly make people of the world ready to see the representatives of the Federation of the Universe. The world can finally become an official member of the Federation.
The Federation represents all the 88 constellations of stars…
The map of the Universe and the charted positions of galaxies will be presented to the earth.
In 2012 the world will come to understand finally the actual evolution process, the process of bending time and space, the fact that gravity is a wave and not a force and the fact that the whole Universe is run through electromagnetic flux generated through natural process or artificial means.
The earth will also be exposed to possible dangers to our planet that we do not even perceive. Emergency evacuation plans will be created in case of an unseen and unperceived calamity like what happened to Mars millions of years back.
There is a genuine attempt being made to protect our civilization. The earth will be made ready to understand who we are, where is our origin and where is our future.
Even things like what happens to us after death and so on will also become clear in 2012. The world is getting ready for the facts slowly but steadily.



Will India reveal the existence of the UFO bases in the moon?

India Daily, Oct. 25, 2008. URL:
The spacecraft was launched on October 22. India is on its way to the moon. But there is a major debate in process within the Indian Government and the Indian Space Research Organization. The debate is on telling the truth to the world about the existence of the UFO bases in the moon.

The Indian spacecraft carrying 11 payloads (scientific instruments) weighs about 1,380 kg at the time of its launch.
The spacecraft is shaped like a cuboid with a solar panel projecting from one of its sides. The state-of-the-art sub-systems of the spacecraft facilitate safe and efficient functioning of its 11 payloads…
“To make Chandrayaan-1 escape from orbiting the earth and travel towards the moon, its Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM) is used. The liquid propellants needed for LAM, as well as the thrusters, are stored onboard the spacecraft.
The craft’s dual gimbaled antenna is transmitting scientific data gathered by its 11 payloads to earth.
India may surprise the world. The surprise may come any time. The country must reveal the existence of the underground infrastructure of UFO bases.



The secret UFO files inside Indian Space Research Organization – when will India reveal the existence of UFOs or become the member of the US Security Council?

India Daily, May 26, 2008. URL:
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) employs approximately 20,000 people, with a budget of around Rs.36 Billion or US$866 million. The current Chairman of the ISRO is G. Madhavan Nair. He is also in charge of a very secret mission of keeping ISRO UFO files secret — coordinated by the secretly driven UN efforts.
The prime objective of the ISRO is to develop space technology and its application to various national tasks. ISRO has established two major space systems: INSAT for communication, television broadcasting and meteorological services, and Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) system for resources monitoring and management.
ISRO has developed two satellite launch vehicles, PSLV and GSLV, to place INSAT and IRS satellites in the required orbits.
But there is growing anxiety among the UN officials that India may not keep the secrets closed in its basement forever. ISRO is nearing the completion of the development of the first mission to the Moon, named Chandrayaan-1. The launch is now expected in the first week of July 2008. It will be India’s first step towards exploration of deep space…
If the mission goes as planned, ISRO would be the sixth space agency in the world, after the Soviet Union, NASA, Japan, European Space Agency and China, to have sent an unmanned mission to the Moon.
In recent days some young engineers working at ISRO revealed the existence of a ‘closed area’ in ISRO premises. Apparently India is the new entrant to the world of reverse engineered space technlogies from UFOs that started with Area 51 in the US.
The young engineers in a cyber café in Bangalore revealed that some areas within ISRO are forbidden from entry.
One of them who works inside this closed area said India is just starting to receive reverse engineered technologies from extraterrestrial UFOs controlled by UN security council efforts. In exchange, India must keep quiet about what it has learnt about UFOs through its space missions.
But Indian political system is different from the rest of the world. Its democracy has evolved from the chaotic independence from the Bristish. As a result the political wind is most unpredictable.
The recent election wins by the opposition party BJP opens the door for India to reveal the truth about UFOs and surprse the whole world with information that will change the world forever.
Some are predicting that India’s BJP party will win the next parliament election and create the surprise that will rock the world again. In its first term, in 1990s, BJP shocked the world with revealing India’s nuclear capabilities.
Against all odds and threatening from the US and other countries, the BJP led Indian Government went ahead with the tests of multiple nuclear bombs.
This time it will reveal how the world was kept in secret about the UFOs for the last one hundred years through a well organized internation forum of secrecy.
But there is one catch. India will forfeit its chance to become the sixth member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) if it goes ahead with telling the truth about UFOs.
BJP most likely will reveal the truth — and then fight for India’s spot in the UNSC.


More UFOs in Indian sky – what is happening on the Indian side of Himalayas? Are they planning to land? Close Encounters? Are they building a base?
India Daily, October 09, 2004. URL:
More Indian Military personnel and local natives are coming forward in the Himalayas Tarai area (Indian side), and are reporting extremely unusual activities with many UFO sightings all around the day. Some Helicopter pilots are complaining about sophisticated jamming.
A young boy in Nepal drew a picture of what seems to be a Extraterrestrial Flying Object. He saw it with many friends while playing in the ground. The boys report that these vehicles have no sound, can take off vertically and can float without the effect of gravity. These vehicles can also disappear all of a sudden.
Some Indian Air Force pilots are secretly reporting seeing strange flying objects near the Himalayas around the Chinese border. A Tibetan monk recently in India said that these activities have been going on since the 1998 Indian Nuke test — and the number is growing every day.
According some scientists from the Indian Geological Survey, UFOs and strange beings are visiting a specific 100 square kilometer area regularly for the last eighteen months.
North of Himachal Pradesh is experiencing very specific sightings. Among the local people there is a rumor that “they” will land somewhere there in the next seven years. [2004 + 7= 2011.]
Some UFO researchers say that beings from K-9 constellation will land on the earth and expose themselves finally in 2012.
Is this then the final preparation for a landing that even the Mayans predicted thousands of years back?
One thing for sure, someone has told the Indian Government and the military to stay tight-lipped. The military personnel are talking privately, and keep saying that for national security reasons nothing more can be said.
But at least one of them has come out and said it is definitely UFOs.
There is every indication that some landing base is being built under the hard rocks of the Himalayas. The area chosen is tough terrain — and is in the no man’s land buffering between India and China.
Another interesting thing is also happening. Around this area, extremely increased Indian and Chinese army activities are being seen. It is so active that in any other times, one could have said that India and China were going to war at that spot.

Do India and China know something that they are not talking about?
Recently an artificial lake was created in China — very close to the Indian border. The lake threatened a massive flood on the Indian side. India and China both refused to inspect the area properly. Then all of a sudden, local Chine-Indian people report that the lake is no longer there.
Whatever residue of the lake is there, it is no longer a threat to Indian villages. What really happened? What caused an artificial lake of that size — and who took care of fixing it?
Chinese officials are perplexed at this happening. But India was never worried. Neither was China worried about the flood. Why?
People in that area are reporting that large and small UFOs are being seen all the time. The Chinese and Indian military is telling people that these are spy vehicles.
Why should spy vehicles appear all of a sudden? Why should Indian local people start seeing UFOs near the Himalayas all the time?
Why are these vehicles disappearing so fast?
Some in the Indian Space Research Organization secretly are saying that these UFOs are definitely planning and building a solid landing site with the help of the Indian and Chinese Governments. Time will say what the real story is!


More evidence of Extra Terrestrial contacts with Indian Government and Military.
India Daily, December 19, 2004. URL:
According to Subhra Jain, a freelance reporter in New Delhi, she bumped into a very senior Indian Military official in a nightclub in New Delhi. While talking, what she came to know will make the rest of the world sit up all night.
According to her [official military source], Extra Terrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of the world for thousands of years. In recent days, most of the superpowers have been formally contacted. India is no exception.
‘They always contact through the ground radar stations of the military’, she says. The Indian Himalayas and the Ladakh (China-India) border is where they first made their recent contact.
They want to let India know the laws and regulation of the multidimensional Universe.
India is planning an un-manned moon and later an unmanned Mars expedition. India’s premier Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been told “dos and don’ts”.
Almost in the same week, a Flight Commodore who just retired from the Indian Air Force was requested in Bangalore, India, to provide a little talk on any topic to his youngest son’s classmates in the school environment.
Guess what he picked as the topic? Yes, you got it right – it was the underground landing base for UFO crafts in Ladakh.
He first started by saying new technology is evolving and new achievements are being made in Aerospace. The students stared questioning him on different aspects of these new technologies, and where this technology came from!
Then the students started challenging him as if he was really joking. At that moment he started providing vivid descriptions of the landing base.

Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two others — the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range.

Ladakh lies at altitudes ranging from about 9,000 feet (2750m) at Kargil to 25,170 feet (7,672m) at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram.
Thus, summer temperatures rarely exceed about 27 degrees Celsius in the shade, while in winter they may plummet to minus 20 degrees Celsius — even in Leh.
Surprisingly, though, the thin air makes the heat of the sun even more intense than at lower altitudes. It is said that only in Ladakh can a man sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade suffer from sunstroke and frostbite at the same time!

In Leh, Ladakh, according to Tsering Spalzang, a senior official, all paranormal activities are happening with the knowledge of the Indian Army. There are zones that Indian Army and Air Force block for security reasons.

The Ladakh valley is heavily secured by the Indian Government. It is a sensitive area, and no one is allowed in these sensitive areas – neither from the Indian side nor from the Chinese side.
The terrain is such that it is impossible to find hidden underground structures under massive mountains – you are looking at the core of the Himalayas.

The Petroleum Ministry of India, when recently asked about recent high oil prices, said that India is developing alternative energy sources with advanced technologies.

When asked about what kind of alternative technologies, the spokesperson hurriedly brought the press conference to a quick end by saying that is really classified information.

The Indian Government has decided to spend an enormous amount of money to develop the Kashmir and Ladakh road infrastructure. They even plan to use the Foreign Exchange Reserves for this — which has grown enormously due to direct foreign investment from America, Europe and Japan.

According to rumors in New Delhi, UFOs made formal contact with the Indian Government. The Government was initially baffled, without knowing how to react. Later, things became quiet — and it seems all understand now that these Extra Terrestrials are friendly.


Evidence of Inter Space Agency secret protocols guided by extraterrestrial guidelines of the Universe.
India Daily, January 23, 2005. URL:
A secret common protocol exists that is honored by all the international space agencies. This became evident recently as China started implanting the manned lunar travel mission.
Chinese engineers and aerospace scientists are reporting secretly that they just cannot do what they like. Invisible laws make their life harder.
When asked, they are told that all the Space Agencies do that [i.e. they must follow ‘The Rules’,] and China cannot be an exception either.
Chinese aviation and space exploration achievements are remarkable, but till this date China, it seems, never had to abide by these universal laws.
But today, China and India’s Space Agencies, as they cross the boundary of actual Space, are told to follow protocols that are harder to follow, more expensive to implement but nevertheless are a must for future space travel.

Many researchers say the extra-terrestrials in contact with the six Space-travel capable nations (US, Russia, France, Britain, China and India) set these invisible protocols and guidelines that must be “followed” by the Agencies.

If you track the use of nuclear powered traction in Space, you will understand what we are talking about.
Recently, China and India are going through a lot of redesign of thrust mechanisms to accommodate the same. The Russian Aviation and Space Agency (RASA) and NASA both have communicated among themselves in terms of these protocols.

You may guess why Americans went to the Moon in 1969 and never again made a trip to land humans there? The Russians gave up the idea altogether?

Europeans never attach a lot of importance to sending humans anywhere. And the Indians and Chinese are dancing right now.
But most likely their enthusiasm will dampen once they are told by the same entities what they can do on the moon. Once they understand that, they will also decide there is no use in wasting money on the moon.

Unmanned vehicles and probes are very common and are allowed, but humans are not — because human beings cannot be really sterilized, in the sense of being made germless. That is the biggest concern of the Universe.

Many question if America went to the Moon at all. What difference does it make – since after the moon mission, America focused on exploring the entry, exit and reentry of the atmosphere with the Shuttle technologies, and exploration of the nearby space restricted to a small area in outer space.

It is possible that unless these Space Agencies achieve pollution-free technologies, and the humans sent are void of all germs, actual space travel will never be allowed.

India announces no manned lunar mission – like in Russia and America, did Extraterrestrial UFOs tell India not to go to the moon with humans on board?
India Daily, Feb. 19, 2005. URL:
According to the head of the Indian Space Program, G. Madhavan Nair, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India has no plan to send human beings to the moon.
This is in direct contradiction to what ISRO and Government of India officials have been saying so far.
Up till this time, media reports were very clear that for the sake of India’s pride and prestige, a lunar mission was a must, and India was looking forward to an accelerated schedule to land human beings on the moon.
The sudden reverse turn in India’s plan and action is interesting. According to many international space research think tanks, Americans and Russians were told by the Extraterrestrial world body of the Universe that they should not send any human beings to the moon.
Many even go to the extent of suggesting that Apollo 11 never landed on the moon. Some have suggested that Apollo 11 did land on the moon, only to find UFOs and other advanced civilizations using the moon as a space station.
This ISRO announcement provides some light on the fact that there were several reports in the media that UFOs and Extraterrestrial civilizations were contacting the Indian Government. Several UFO sightings still continue in the Himalayas region. There are also reports of underground UFO bases in Indo-Chinese border areas.
India now plans an unmanned lunar mission. According to Mr. Nair, the priorities have changed.
Since the Apollo missions, no country in the world has ventured to the moon — or anywhere above the immediate atmosphere of the earth — with human beings.
Some point out the hazards of radiation. Recently, President Bush has announced an American manned lunar mission in twenty years. Why should it take twenty years to go there if we human beings have already achieved the same thing, thirty-five years back in time?
India will launch a two-year Lunar probe, but has no plan to land a man or woman on the moon in the near future.
It is also looking for research institutes wanting to piggyback their scientific equipment on the Indian satellite — according to the head of the Indian Space Programme, G. Madhavan Nair.
Nair, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Space Commission, is in Brussels to attend two international space conferences and discuss India’s participation in the European Union’s satellite radio navigation programme, Galileo.

A new finding in India: Extraterrestrial UFOs have the capabilities to disable all nuke missiles in the world including that of India’s, Pakistan’s and China’s.
India Daily, Feb. 20, 2005. URL:
Indian scientists are slowly understanding that the Extraterrestrials have the very unique power of jamming the operational characteristics of any device made by human beings. If they wish, they can disable any equipment instantaneously.
That may be one of the reasons why the UFOs are never really caught on the non-manipulated authentic cameras that can really prove their existence.
They can easily jam the operations of any nuke missiles in the world, including those of India, Pakistan and China.

They may have informed the same to all nuke powers of the world. That may be one of the reasons the major powers understand that owning nukes does not give them any special strategic advantage.
In recent days, when Pakistan-India border tensions escalated, both India and Pakistan had difficulty in understanding why their nuke loaded missiles were disabled. Americans and Russians have experienced the same phenomenon several times in the last sixty years.
The Chinese have experienced the effect and have in the past suspected Americans and others were causing the problem. They have moved their nuke operational theater way below the earth’s surface, but the jamming effects have not gone away.
According to Indian scientists, if the extra-terrestrials ever get to know that a country is trying to use nuke missiles that will impact over the whole world to a catastrophic extent, they will immediately disable the nukes.
[WILCOCK: This is precisely what seems to have led to China’s October Surprise and the campaign now underway. They intervened to forestall a catastrophic world event — a fake alien invasion — that would have involved the use of nukes.]
Reports from the UK say that the extraterrestrials know every nuke installation very well  — and their exact locations in the world.
The main reason why these unmanned, robotized UFOs visit in so many numbers on the earth is to locate all the nukes that human beings are making — including the ones made and carried by the terrorists, like suitcase radiological bombs.
According to sources, all the Governments with nuke capabilities know that their delivery systems can be disabled by these extra-terrestrials — and that is a major concern for them.



We are visited and controlled by UFOs from the M15 Globular Star Cluster – the densest Black Hole driven “Core Cluster” – the capital of the Universe.

India Daily, Mar. 6, 2005. URL:
Some Astrophysicists are running back to the drawing table in recent days. They are busy looking at a Star Cluster called M15, observed years back by the Hubble Telescope.
This mosaic of the globular cluster M15 (the fifteenth object in the Messier catalog of star clusters and nebulae) contains over 30,000 stars.
The Hubble Space Telescope probed the core of M15, the most tightly packed cluster of stars in our galaxy, to look for evidence of either a massive black hole or another remarkable phenomenon: a “core collapse” driven by the intense gravitational pull of so many stars in such a small volume of space.
Rumors are rampant in India and China that the respective Governments have been contacted — and the origin of the UFOs and intelligent life forms are from this M15 Star Cluster.
This Star Cluster is the densest part of the Universe. The same people are also talking about the fact that this so-called M15 Core Cluster is the Capital of the Universe. This is where the Federation of the Universe is.
[WILCOCK: Here it appears they are using the word “Universe” when “Galaxy” would be more appropriate.]
Other intelligent life forms are scattered all over the Universe. But they act as colonies with different life forms. New colonies are created all the time by transporting different forms of intelligent life forms from one solar system to another.
According to some Astrophysicists, this M15 Star Cluster is also the source of the largest density of Black Holes, and gateways to many other Universes. This is also the source of a huge concentration of dark matter.
The UFO sightings in the earth are either from this Federation of the Universe or from the “Local Administrators” from the nearby Star Clusters. Every Star Cluster is a local Government managing the nearby civilizations.
No Government confirms the recent rumors — but none of the Governments have decided to deny such rumors either.

Innumerable UFO sightings in India and China – future world powers are watched and contacted.
India Daily, May 4, 2005. URL:
The number of UFO sightings in India and China have been on a steady rise since 1998. It was more in China, but since India’s nuke test [in 1998] and space exploration efforts, the sightings have gone up heavily.
Close encounters are rare, though many claim such things. Some stories are outright hoaxes. But increasing numbers of sightings are real.
Governments are quietly observing, contacting and using the UFO presence. Experts in China and India say the Extraterrestrials are very advanced, and are least interested in harming humans.
Strangely, human abduction stories are absent in China and India, unlike other countries.
Military installations are closely watched, and most sightings are near some of these sensitive installations.
In China and India, some top Government officials are absolutely tight-lipped, as these represent matters of national security — and other lower-level officials are totally ignorant.
They do not make any distinction between Ghost stories and UFO sighting reports.
The educated middleclass of both countries understand that UFO technology is the ultimate technology – far more advanced than we can ever think of in the next hundreds of years.
There are still skeptics. The mainstream media have little clue on how to report it. They cannot be blamed since they lack education, knowledge and conviction.
Reporting about UFO and explaining complex technology takes a lot of guts. The bashing comes from established media, politicians and conventional science students, as well as religious scholars who cannot believe their “world of truth” is just not true!
Research scientists in both the countries, like in the Western nations and Russia, are very busy with UFO technologies.
The classified research is in full swing and it is now established that most of the advanced military technologies have been reverse-engineered from Extraterrestrial UFOs.

It is a rat race between countries to develop these technologies and make their military ready. Unfortunately, that is how superpowers are defined on this earth.

2012 – official revealing visit from M15 Globular Star Cluster.
India Daily, Jul. 29, 2005. URL:
This Star Cluster is the densest part of the Universe. The M15 Star Cluster is also the source of largest density of Black Holes and gateways to many other Universes. This is also the source of a huge concentration of dark matter…
UFO researchers now believe that the aliens from this star cluster who visit us regularly will finally in 2012 expose themselves to us.
They are preparing for the totally astounding event for a long time…
Many Governments will now in the next several years prepare their citizens to live with the event that will change our lives forever.
International Space Agencies getting ready for accepting the inevitable – UFOs and Extraterrestrial civilizations exist.
India Daily, Apr. 12, 2006. URL:
Many probes to different planets and moons will be sent and blasted first to establish water, then microbes, then life and finally intelligent life in other galaxies.
International Space Agencies are getting ready for accepting the inevitable — UFOs and Extraterrestrial civilizations exist.
The declaration is expected in 2012 December. The general consensus is to make the world slowly ready for it.
Many people believe that the extraterrestrial civilizations are working with the world’s leading space agencies and Governments to slowly reveal themselves to the common people.
The recent declaration by NASA that a probe will be sent to the moon and blast a crater in the Moon’s North Pole to expose water is interesting.
India and China also plan similar missions to send unmanned probes to expose possibilities of life in other parts of the solar system.

In 1998 near the nuclear testing site when Indian Air Force encountered hovering extraterrestrial UFOs.

India Daily, Apr. 29, 2006. URL:

It was on the 11th to the 13th of May in 1998 when India conducted the nuclear tests.
On 11 May 1998, India conducted three nuclear explosions at its Pokhran nuclear test-site. On 13 May 1998, India conducted tests of two sub-kiloton nuclear devices at Pokhran.
In the first week of May, villagers kept far away from the test area — and reported strange lights at night. India’s Air Force encountered the hovering, inquisitive UFOs at the same time. A special protection force was used to chase these UFOs, but the UFOs disappeared in no time.
The UFOs, according to sources, were triangle-shaped; some were oval and some were other shapes. They could float with no sound. They could accelerate at the speed of light. They could disappear into higher dimensions instantaneously.
Indian Air Force pilots understood the advanced capabilities of these UFOs. The Migs and Su-27s decided not to fire or even chase these silent spectators of what would be biggest news of the year.
The extraterrestrial contacts with India started in the early 1970s, after the first nuclear test by India.
December 21, 2012 — the world will change forever as major Governments are forced to confess the existence of advanced extraterrestrial UFOs.
India Daily, Dec. 29, 2006. URL:
The Mayan prediction of a cataclysmic end to the world as we know it is near. Secret preparations are being made in many countries for the Governments to come out clean with what they have been hiding for decades – the existence of unexplained, advanced extraterrestrial UFOs.
Brazil, India and China are taking the lead in this matter. They want to make sure the emerging new world understands that we have to coexist with our advanced extraterrestrial neighbors.
Negotiations are in place for future manned travel to the Moon, Mars and so on. There was a reason why Russia and America stopped their lunar missions. There was reason why no one dared to travel to Mars on a manned mission.
There are reasons why the pictures from the Apollo missions to the Moon look fictitious. The Apollo mission was real, but it was an eye-opener to the space agencies. The extraterrestrials were already on the Moon to greet us.
In December 21, 2012 something will change. The world will secretly use the help of the extraterrestrials to avert massive disaster for our civilization.
The major Governments may not be able to keep the facts the under the rug anymore. Catastrophic events in 2007-12 will manifest if the Mayan prophecy comes true.


Galactic alignment and formal extraterrestrial visitation – the history tells us they will expose their existence in December 2012 or after.

India Daily, Jan. 4, 2007. URL:

This is not the first time Galactic alignment will take place. It has happened many times before.
Galactic alignment changes the world. The civilizations get reincarnation. The earth gets rejuvenated.
It is a function of the gravity wave. The gravity wave in higher dimensions is programmed to create this galactic alignment for the earth to have reincarnation.
The major galactic alignment has happened before. Some believe the Dinosaurs disappeared millions of years back during a major galactic alignment. The Vedic literature talks about galactic alignment. Atlantis was lost during a Galactic alignment.
Interestingly, ancient literature also hints at a formal extraterrestrial visitation during and after the Galactic alignment. About one hundred years before the Galactic alignment, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations start visiting the earth.
Interestingly, modern USO sightings were first recorded in 1911 in Germany. The extraterrestrials create the environment for their formal visitation. This may be no different.
We might see in 2012 or after that time the extraterrestrial civilization – the type IV advanced aliens responsible for the big bang.
The science, history, philosophy and all aspects of human life may change that day as we watch with astonishment.

India Daily Technology Team. Major space agencies of the world cooperating to reveal the truth about UFOs in 2012 – why in 2012?

India Daily, Feb. 6, 2007. URL:
They know something interesting is going to happen in December 2012. They know the extraterrestrials will reveal themselves. They know very well the cover-ups all around the world will end.
There are leaks in India from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) that all the major Space Agencies of the world are working together to reveal something that will change the way we live and believe in things soon.
What can it be other than telling the truth about extraterrestrials?
Many believe in six years, the extraterrestrials will reveal themselves. They will come and take the center stage of the civilization they created billions of years back.
The time has come, and most of the major Governments know that well. They do not want any chaos.
That is main reason for the cover-up in every country — including India, China, Brazil, Russia, Europe and America.
The mainstream media has started talking about UFOs all of a sudden. That is the first indication that something is happening behind the scenes.
Why, all of a sudden, have the History Channel, The Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel started broadcasting UFO news, cover-up stories and more? Even the Fox channel has joined the bandwagon.
The governments will now, in the next six years, prepare the groundwork to reveal the facts. They will do that so that chaos and panic is minimum. They will finally get the permission to have manned missions to the moon again — and beyond.


What you just read is only a small portion of the articles and information ‘leaking’ on India Daily in the Technology section. Most of the articles in this section are Disclosure-related, in fact.

India and China appear to have been contacted directly. Bases are being built in the Himalayas. And now the ETs have apparently made good on their promise to directly intervene in the threat of any attack against the planet on a widespread level.

Everything I told you about THE RULES and the ‘Quarantine’ in earlier sections is perfectly described in what you’ve just read — hence we are not allowed to leave the Earth’s orbit with manned missions.

The ETs make THE RULES, and THE RULES have changed. UFOs have been carefully tracking the exact locations of anything that could harm life on Earth, and all the evidence suggests that they are now actively destroying all of it.

We may well get Disclosure before December 21, 2012 — but the India Daily papers make it absolutely clear that a formal, open announcement of the ET presence will occur at this time.

The references to a ‘reincarnation’ of the Earth are even more mysterious — but in my upcoming book, and in many other articles on this site, it makes a lot more sense. There are many other sources to draw from for context — some ancient, some modern.

I also find it fascinating that the first Project Camelot witness, Mr. X, also said he saw documents from the US secret government revealing that the ETs said they would introduce themselves in 2012 — and there was nothing the insiders could do about it.



Things are getting more and more interesting. For two unbroken hours last Sunday, I fielded a wide variety of questions on the Open Your Mind Ireland radio show.

You can download the MP3s and listen for yourself at the following link. My portion does not start until 40 minutes into the show, due to a time zone mix-up that made me miss the beginning:

This show has already gotten rave reviews and it should be well worth your time. We covered a lot more subjects than I usually ever get to in one show, and it was a wild ride.

I hope you enjoy it! Now on to the conclusion of our discussion in Part Three…




On New Year’s Eve 2010, I was working feverishly to finish the final round of edits and rewrites for my epic masterwork, The Source Field Investigations.

I was tired and wanted to go to sleep by about 11:30 — but then I was prompted to do some additional Internet surfing.

I then came across a post from — where they featured a clip of my final appearance on ‘Ancient Aliens’ for Season Two — in the episode entitled “Alien Contacts”.

This is only the end of a great episode, and I highly recommend you see the whole thing. Click here to watch it on if you live in the US.

Though I do not support piracy in any way, you obviously can do a Google Video search on “Ancient Aliens Alien Contacts” and see what comes up:

I was featured in seven out of ten episodes for Season Two, and was given the honor of delivering the big finale for the season — which may have been the final message of the entire show if it does not get renewed. Here it is:



I had already watched this episode on my mother’s DVR system shortly after it came out, so this was more of a review.


It was an amazing story. One of the producers called me, gave me these coordinates, and asked me if there was anything important about this location.

I asked them where they got this from — but I was told I needed to answer the question first. It was important.

I actually started laughing, thinking they were playing some kind of a game with me. I wondered if there were intelligence guys in the background who fed them this, and wanted to see how ‘smart’ I was.

As soon as I opened the email and looked, I knew it was the mythical land of Hy Brazil.

The first time I heard about this island was when Graham Hancock mentioned it in our epic “Setting History Free” interview together, which you can watch on my YouTube channel,

I knew Hy Brazil had been drawn on ancient maps — and we now know the maps were correct. Prior to the last Ice Age, there was land above water in that exact spot, with the exact shape it was given on the ancient maps.

When I found out this message had been delivered in 1980, in binary code, to the mind of a military man at Rendelsham Forest, I was stunned.


The other parts of the binary-code message were: EXPLORATION HUMANITY CONTI FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE.

The producers assume there should be an ‘of’ between “Exploration” and “Humanity” and that “Conti” should be “Continuous.” The soldier may not have remembered all the code he was originally given, in a sort of hypnotic trance.

My point on the show was that these ETs appear to be giving us a message — saying they wish to return and walk among us openly — “for planetary advance.”

The ETs, not us, may be the ‘humanity’ they are speaking of in their message — on a journey of ‘exploration’. “Conti” could also mean ‘Continuum’, as in humanity is now exploring the time-space continuum:


It could also mean that humanity is a ‘continuum’ throughout the Galaxy — and they are now exploring the world of their relatives here on Earth.

Clearly there is a bold, direct reference to an ‘Ascension’-type event here — the “Planetary Advance.”

If they can indeed explore the “time continuum,” then they should still be able to prove it to this very day. Little did I know how dramatically the ETs were about to prove their point.


Literally, as I watched myself delivering this important message on Ancient Aliens, my friend was standing in amazement as five slow-moving red UFOs drifted over the ground — just a few miles away from where I was staying.
They did not all travel at the same speed. They were about 40-50 feet away from where our friend was standing, about 25 feet above the ground. They were orbs of bright red light that did not appear to be much larger than the size of a basketball.
One of them zipped away at an impossible speed before they all just winked out of existence.
As soon as the above video clip ended, the phone was ringing — and our friend, who I had just met with days before, breathlessly described this sighting that had literally just happened.
I remember thinking it was ‘rude’ that someone had called us that late — before I knew what was going on.
This friend later returned to the same spot and found a teenage kid who was also there, hoping to see more. He had seen about twenty of them — and the phenomenon had already been going on before our friend started witnessing it.
There was no skeptical explanation for this that would fit. It was highly bizarre. They made no noise. There was also an amazing feeling in the area as they drifted along.

To make the story sound even more crazy and implausible, a few days later my mother and I passed this same friend, in the car, at the exact spot where the UFOs had appeared.
None of us had any idea that this might happen. At least not consciously.
My mother did not want to get stuck behind a school bus, and turned down a road that was more out of the way for where we were going. This is the only reason why we ended up bumping into each other.
This also happened to be the road where the sighting had taken place. My mother intended to show me the exact location where the five red orbs had hovered, roughly 25 to 30 feet above a farmer’s field.
I was stunned to look into the eyes of this same friend, passing us in a car, when we got there. It was very sobering. It has taken me a while to be able to talk about this because of how it makes me feel as a person.
The first massive bird die-off, which has got the entire world thinking about HAARP and asking questions, occurred within one hour of when this stunning synchronicity originally occurred on New Year’s Eve.


This all happened while I was finishing my book and we were post-producing our epic Access Your Higher Self video series at the same time. 

This is a game-changer for us. We’ve never done anything like this before. And I believe it will have a very significant impact as people see it, realize how amazing it is, and spread the word.

By practicing these techniques, which I have finally disclosed after a fifteen-year embargo, you can significantly increase the speed with which ‘Ascension’-type events begin happening in your life — and the intensity.

In 2002, my brother had a blue orb visit him, expand into what looked like a Stargate on his ceiling, and give him an intelligent message while he was meditating:

“The Ascension your brother is writing about will not happen all at once. It is a personal process of awakening — with sudden moments of profound change along the way. The effects are stunning, inspiring and deeply transformational. You are now enjoying the first of these experiences.”

Michael had this experience as a direct result of following a deep meditation practice and reading inspirational literature similar to what we have here on this site. The voice was clear and audible in his mind; he had no difficulty in hearing it.


I was given very strong guidance to stop hiding the techniques I developed on how to make this contact yourself. This actually created resistance for me, for a good bit of time, but I got so many ‘pings’ on this that I went ahead and did it.

When I first did the video as a streaming conference, we only had about four frames per second and my voice was not in sync with the movements of my mouth. It is still watchable if you just focus on the eyes, and / or predominantly just listen to it.

Now we have a marvelous, gorgeous four-part product, almost four hours in total, that was shot by Jayme Roy of HDLA Incorporated — the cameraman for Ancient Aliens, Michael Moore and many others.


I’m stunned by the level of quality we’ve achieved — with the music, the motion graphics, the artwork, the transitional video clips, everything. And you still get access to the original, for a total of nearly eight hours of content, at 77 US dollars, or about 59 Euros.

There are notable differences between the two presentations — and I addressed criticisms from the original and worked them into the final version.

These techniques really work if you practice them. Some people told me I should charge several hundred dollars for anyone to see this video, but I have no interest in doing that — even though many people would buy it.

We haven’t changed the writeup on the site just yet — but believe me, the final version is now there! You can watch this again and again, absorb everything I’m teaching you, and begin getting immediate results.

An accurate, reliable connection to your Higher Self is beyond any and all physical value. I do feel there is no more important thing you can do. It utterly changed my life and the surprises just keep on coming.

Without this guidance I would have never been able to achieve all the things I’ve achieved — nor would I have the insights I am sharing with you. I also find it extremely valuable for anticipating unexpected events in my own life, and in the world.

Click here to find out more about Access Your Higher Self — the final version is ready for immediate download today!


I also have some great conferences coming up — and I really hope you can make it to one of them.

First of all, I am very happy to be a keynote speaker at next February’s TruthCon in Atlanta, Georgia.

This event will take place in an incredible 1100-seat venue, and features a Who’s Who list of people making waves in Disclosure — Dr. Steven Greer, high-level UFO insider Bob Dean, Eric John Phelps, Stanton Friedman, Michael Tellinger and others.

I am delighted that the organizers of this event made me the Friday night keynote speaker and gave me all day Sunday to do my own post-conference event.

The Friday talk will be an amazing compilation of my most cutting-edge 2012 information — updated to the bleeding edge of what is hot and current. It will be spectacular.

The Sunday talk will expand and further enhance the experience of the Access Your Higher Self content — and feature live interaction with the audience where I will analyze and interpret your dreams.

[We’ve had a sudden new rush of people emailing us their dreams and wanting a free analysis. We get such incredible volumes of email that this is simply not possible. I do apologize. My next video series will be precision-targeted just on dream analysis, with many more examples, so you can really learn the language — but Access Your Higher Self is a great overview.]


Dr. Greer is the big headliner at the Atlanta TruthCon on Saturday, and he never ceases to amaze. I am very glad we have been able to talk, because I have great respect for the man — and he possesses a vast array of incredible insider knowledge.

Then you’ve got Bob Dean, one of the highest-ranking insiders ever to go public. He has only recently started to share what he really knows — which includes the stargate systems used to instantly transport people from one underground base to another.

Dean is the only person to have gone public who knows this much, and is actually available to meet in person at an event like this. Even if it was just Greer, Dean and me, this would be well worth the price of admission.

Then you’ve got Eric John Phelps, a classic pioneer in the truth movement. You’ve got Stanton Friedman — one of the true legends of UFOlogy who rarely speaks at any events. You’ve got Michael Tellinger — with stunning information on the South African Stonehenge. And the list goes on!

I can’t wait for the panel discussions we’re going to have. We will be making history!

I know about 15 different insiders. Greer knows nearly 600 — who are ready to come forward and testify before Congress if subpoenaed. There should be some very, very interesting off-record conversations if we can make the time.

You can attend my Sunday event by itself for less money, or pay a package price to see the whole weekend. The price is really very modest. All these details are now available on the Atlanta TruthCon website, which has an attractive new design.

Nasty rumors were started on the Internet that I was not attending this conference. They were lies. The organizer also experienced a devastating event that almost destroyed this conference — but we are not giving up. The show must go on, and it will.


The very next weekend — February 11-14 — I will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo — the biggest, best party on Earth when it comes to metaphysics, spirituality and healing.

The lineup of speakers includes George Noory, Dr. Steven Greer, Dannion Brinkley, Gary Zukav, William Henry, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Len Horowitz, Eric Pearl, Giorgio Tsoukalos and Jason Martell from Ancient Aliens, Bashar, Bob Frissell, Sean David Morton, Tricia McCannon, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Michelle Phillips, Janet Atwood and many more.

There is nothing else like it on Earth. My Saturday keynote is going to be a hum-dinger, where I will be debuting all-new material I’ve put together while working on my new book. The title is 2012 Pineal Stargate Activation:

You may already be equipped with a fully- functional “third eye” in the geometric center of your brain – the pineal gland.

Ancient cultures all over the world – the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans, Hindus, Celts, Greeks and Romans – all used sacred stones and mythological legends to secretly encode this symbolic message. They gave disciplines for awakening the pineal gland, and foretold of a time where the Gods would return.

Humanity as a whole is now re-awakening this “seat of the soul”, which may lead to a full-body transformation into the next level of human evolution.

Join David Wilcock in a riveting investigation into ancient mysteries, Earth energy vortexes, time travel and ‘megalithic’ stone architecture that may well have you floating out of the room in metaphysical ecstasy!

This is a follow-up to my classic 2012 Enigma video — but I’ve massively increased the scope and power of that investigation in the course of research I put together while working on my new book.

This new section was specifically requested by the publisher, and I didn’t even do it until December — but it is absolutely fantastic. I have a very robust case now to establish the biological nature of the pineal gland and the worldwide ancient symbolism describing what it will do for us — particularly in 2012.



My post-conference event takes place that Monday, February 14th (yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, so bring a loved one!) where I will delve much deeper into the pineal-gland awakening techniques — as I will also be doing at the TruthCon in Atlanta.

Here’s the link to the order information, and the writeup of what we will be discussing — which will be similar to Access Your Higher Self in some ways, but very valuable nonetheless — particularly for the in-person, live experience of group energy:

There is no greater secret than the ancient tradition of pineal-gland activation — hidden in myth, architecture, secret societies and arcane rituals for many thousands of years.

David Wilcock has sorted through all the puzzle pieces and designed an elegant, straightforward scholar program that can begin getting you world-class results in mere weeks, if diligently practiced.

David will draw on his 18 years of daily dream recall and analysis to teach you the language of the non-physical realms and remove the confusion surrounding these vital messages from Spirit.

You will have a chance to get your dream professionally analyzed and interpreted by David, and learn through multiple examples how to tackle even the toughest, most encrypted symbolic puzzles.

You will also learn proven, straightforward techniques that can begin ‘downloading’ verbal and visual messages directly into your conscious mind — and experience a live group meditation where this might begin happening to you in real time!

I do feel that combining the Access Your Higher Self video with a live event like this — the TruthCon, the Conscious Life Expo or one of our all-weekend extravaganzas — is the best way to get the most benefit out of these teachings.



One week later, (yes, this is going to be a rockin’ month for me!) on the weekend of February 18th to the 21st, I will be speaking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the Miami International Airport. 

This event features live music, beautiful guided meditations that can create direct Higher Self access, sixteen hours of richly illustrated Power Point lectures where I present a life-changing overview of my best material, hour-long electives from Marta Waterman and Larry Seyer, genuinely valuable products, and Tai Chi classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I will be discussing Coral Castle in my talk — and the audience will be invited to organize their own trip to Coral Castle, which is close to where our hotel is. We are not legally allowed to make such a trip part of our official package, as we are not licensed travel agents.


If you can’t make the Miami conference, others are on the way — including Dallas on March 11-13, San Francisco on April 8-10, Seattle on May 13-15 and Denver on June 10-12.

We will soon be announcing Boston and London for later in the year. I will probably be having a huge conference to launch the new book as of July or August in New York City, but we’re still working out the details.

We also have two sacred tours this year — our week-long Canadian Rockies trip in June, and a stunning, extended tour of Italy in late September, where we plan on visiting the Italian Pyramids, the huge pinecone in the Vatican and much, much more.

You can contact Kevin Fitzgerald at 805-587-7734 or for more information on either of these events. I’ve been working with him for many years now. I trust him and I appreciate his far-reaching spiritual insights.


I am thrilled to be almost finished with the final round of edits for my book. I ended up adding five new chapters at the beginning of material I was originally holding back for a second book — and also found a wealth of new stuff on the pineal gland.

I now realize this is the last book I will be able to publish in this form before 2012 — so I’ve pulled out all the stops.

I am honestly astonished at how good it is, and it is truly a psychedelic experience to have created something this masterful and amazing. I do feel it will be seen as my finest work, and it could have a major impact on our planet and its history.

The last two years have been very, very difficult, and this project has been the main source of my challenge. I have literally poured everything worthwhile that I’ve ever found in 30 years of research into one single text.

The documentation is so extensive, so unrelenting and so amazing that I am honestly going to be fascinated to study how any skeptic could possibly hold up against such an arsenal of undeniable, provable scientific facts. This could really shake things up.

It WILL be avaialble in Ebook form as well as in hardcover, and I highly recommend having both as there are a massive number of links to explore online for more information.

I really do feel this book will be of key importance in the Disclosure process. I try to “tone it down” and not go crazy in describing what I’ve really done here, because until people start reading it, there’s no point in trying to express the full scope of it in my own words.


An equal or possibly even greater Disclosure value is found in our CONVERGENCE film. Jim had some disappointing but necessary delays in the screenwriting process, but we are on track for a finished draft next month.

Our next step will be to attach a major director and top actors to the project. We have several excellent options for financing and I do not expect we will have any trouble. CONVERGENCE could easily be a legendary cinematic event if we play our cards right.

Once the film is financed, I will finally be able to pay myself for all these years of work — and that will be a useful and necessary relief. This has been almost entirely a volunteer, self-funded project thus far.

It has been a marvelous experience to have all these projects running in parallel. I have complained about how wiped out I’ve been these last few months, basically the last year, but things are really brightening up now that I’m almost finished with the book.

There is so much to look forward to in our future. I do not know what is going to happen, or how soon, but based on the pace of current events, I decided to release all of this article in one big chunk — because everything could change again in another week.

We’re less than one year away from the beginning of 2012. We’ve made it! Congratulations are in order! It’s going to be the biggest I-told-ya-so party in human history — and you are invited!

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