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Solid Spiritual Experience

Posted by Admin on December 1, 2011

by Owen Waters

Why is it that some people have great spiritual experiences while others have none? There is a secret to this and the secret is now out!

In my sessions with the archangel who serves as The Lord Protector of The Shift, he has explained that it simply takes an awareness of how to reach soul consciousness.

It’s not even hard: Soul consciousness is just one step above the level of regular spiritual awakening. If you’re reading this, you already passed the stage of spiritual awakening long ago. If you’re not having fabulous spiritual experiences, the one thing missing is a reliable method of stepping into soul consciousness.

Once you learn how to take that step, you will never look back. With a solid soul connection, everything changes. Suddenly, the material world takes on a less compelling tone while the spiritual world comes squarely into focus.

This is what we are here on earth to do – to find the way back into the higher realms of consciousness. The material world is like a hall of mirrors created for your entertainment and education. Everywhere you look, you see yet another illusion, yet another distortion of the true picture and, yet, the moment you turn away from the mirrors and look up, the truth is there to be seen.

Starting Thursday! On Thursday, December 1st we will be starting the 9-week course on The Nine Pillars of Power. This how-to material from the spiritual hierarchy provides a way for people to make solid soul connections in this critical days of spiritual transformation.

These universal archetypes, The Nine Pillars of Power, exist at the level of soul consciousness and your connecting with them will center you in soul consciousness.

This course material will be released in nine lessons starting on December 1st, with a new lesson being released each Thursday. This will be a hands-on course, delivered in convenient text format and available to people in all countries, with exercises for contacting each of the archetypal resources in turn.

You will also have direct email access to me as the transcriber of this course of lessons should questions arise during the practice of these spiritually transformational exercises.

Make spiritual growth your number one priority and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity for spiritual transformation!

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