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Victoria tribunal says will not treat Indian origin woman’s sacking as a racism issue

Posted by Admin on January 21, 2012

By ANI | ANI – Thu, Jan 19, 2012

Melbourne, Jan.18 (ANI): A tribunal here has said that claims by a woman that she was sacked because of her Indian heritage, will not be treated as a racism issue.

Renu Misra claimed that she was offended when a colleague told her that she had “Michael Jackson” hair.

According to the Herald Sun, Misra, an English citizen of Indian descent, told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal she was humiliated by the remark about her curly black hair, and claimed she was subject to other racist remarks at work.

But her colleague Jean-Noel Jarnet, from data technology company ESRI Australia, said he meant the hair comment as a compliment because he was a big fan of Jackson, documents show.

VCAT found that the comments did not constitute race discrimination “in this context”. Whether it was a compliment “may be a matter of opinion”.

The tribunal heard of other allegations of racial discrimination but dismissed her complaint late last year.

Misra’s business development manager role with ESRI was terminated on December 9, 2009, after eight months.he claimed Jarnet had influenced the decision.

VCAT found no evidence that she was fired based on racial discrimination or that Jarnet had a role in her sacking. (ANI)


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