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Enlightenment Now – Lesson 1

Posted by Admin on February 6, 2012

by Owen Waters

Welcome to the 7-part course, Enlightenment Now!

Enlightenment is a goal of all people, whether they realize it or not! If it’s not a conscious goal, then it’s an unconscious goal because enlightenment is something we are designed to achieve along the way to the ultimate stage of fulfillment.

The meaning of the word enlightenment is, literally, to add light to something. By adding light to your understanding of the nature of reality, you can gain an uncanny ability to master the challenges of life.

Once a person realizes that there is a spiritual dimension to reality, life’s mysteries are more easily explained. The workings of the universe are, in essence, simplicity itself. In fact, when you come to understand how this reality was created, it all boils down to one big, “Aha!”

Once you know the basic spiritual principles, life becomes remarkably easy because then it all makes sense! These basic principles add to your existing knowledge and your existing faith in the spiritual dimension of life.

As a dedicated spiritual researcher, I have come to realize that a new version of the science of metaphysics is needed as the bridge that will bring spirituality and science together. Let’s face it, the division between science and spirituality has gone on far too long. Today, people are becoming more enlightened and they expect spiritual teachings to explain the mysteries of the cosmos, just as they expect science to explain a lot more than just nuts-and-bolts materialism!

The meaning of the word metaphysics is the study of the nature of that which is beyond the physical. It is a science that deals with the mundane as well as with higher consciousness. Spirituality focuses on higher consciousness, but often relies on faith alone, without the support of the knowledge provided by metaphysics.

My focus has always been on the spiritual aspects of metaphysics so, in 2005, I decided to put the two words together and began using the term, spiritual metaphysics. This gives definition to a field of study that brings the light of understanding to spirituality and goes beyond basic metaphysics.

An all-inclusive definition of Spiritual Metaphysics has to include the ultimate consciousness which is behind all of Creation:

Spiritual Metaphysics defines the nature of reality based upon the all-pervasive consciousness which is behind Creation and all of its manifestations.

In this 7-week course, we will look closely at the all-pervasive consciousness which is behind Creation. We will see how Creation was achieved and learn new ways to apply this knowledge to our own lives.

We will see why change is so rampant in the world today, why everything seems to be speeding up, and how to apply that insight into gaining mastery of the emerging New Reality.

Next week, we will examine the cosmic scale of Creation and see what that means to our perception of the nature of God. Now that humanity has abandoned the idea that the Earth is the center of the universe, we are ready to appreciate the vastness of Creation and therefore the scale of its Creator. More importantly, we will also see why, paradoxically, we are actually closer to the presence of God than ever.

Until next week…

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