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RevolutionisingAwareness Newsletter – February 2012 Special Edition – The Fukushima Finality

Posted by Admin on February 28, 2012

RevolutionisingAwareness Newsletter – February 2012 Special Edition PDF Interactive for Web – Copy

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In case you were living in a cave all these years(which by the way is a good thing considering how much pollution we face on the surface of this world in all its entirety) you need a .PDF file reading application to open and go through the contents of this file.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best suited applications for the above purpose that can be downloaded for free here –

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Now that I have finished making it clear to most of you why you just have no excuses to avoid reading the latest Newsletter courtesy of Yours Truly, which by the way is a masterpiece [I am also a masterpiece by the way and no I am not down with the “David Wilcock” syndrome of self aggrandizement and gloating and neither have the 7th Density Sirians portraying themselves as Gods during the Egyptian and Greco-Romanian chapters of our history, post the antediluvian phase of this world have infected me in anyway or lured me into their temptations of grandeur and pomp] and well worth the time and effort put into its creation and conception, let me make it clear that this Newsletter is dedicated for the enduring Spirit of the Collective Consciousness of the Souls that reside in Japan and have repeatedly incarnated over and over again to work off the Karmic issues that most of us have put off or were not willing to face and deal with, for our sake so truly with magnificence, dignity and utmost resilience.

We suffer with you physically, emotionally, spiritually, etherically, astrally, causally and holographically.

What happens to one, happens to all and what happens to all, happens to one as well.

I approach any conspiracy theory and spectacle with a three pronged approach.

  1. Understand the experience from the logic and rational part of me and my left brain and reading up on some of the reports from mainstream media and academia with the help of my B.S filter to cipher strands of truthfulness in them.
  2. Next understand it from all aspects of esoteric and exopolitical manipulation, manifestation and influence including anomalic interferences being the realm of conspiracy theorists themselves.
  3. Feel the emotions and the ‘tatva’ and relate to such an experience as an individual and as a group.

The above newsletter addresses points 1 and 3.

The post tomorrow will address number 2 and the darker side of human nature that is so capable of repeating itself upon its own kind endlessly and needlessly.

All the above is related to what happened to my dear and beloved brethren in the great nation of Japan.

Hope this has a holistic impact on all of you.

Take care.

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