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Vital Life Energy

Posted by Admin on May 17, 2012

Vital Life Energy
by Owen K Waters

Vital life energy is an apt name for what science will eventually recognize as “etheric energy”. Etheric energy is a primary energy while electric energy is, by comparison, a secondary, more dense energy.

Leaving the future of science aside, etheric or vital life energy has been recognized in the healing arts for thousands of years. Chinese medicine, for example, is based on the analysis and balancing of vital life energy or “chi” in the subtle nervous system of the human body.

Treatment is achieved by herbs with appropriate energetic qualities or by acupuncture, which redirects or enhances energy flows in the subtle nervous system. By achieving balance at the more subtle level, balance also manifests in the physical level.

In Hindu philosophy and medicine, vital life energy is referred to as prana. In Japan, it is called ki. Some of the more modern names include bioenergy and orgone.

The ancient, energy-enhancing practice of Tai Chi is now well-known in the West as is Chi Gong (or Qigong.) Chi Gong is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation.

My partner Dreama Vance is an ardent practitioner of Chi Gong and she will be teaching it in weekly classes to a group in Boulder, Colorado this summer.

Modern spiritual healing methods, including Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, employ vital life energy to boost the body’s natural ability to restore health and balance. Spiritual healing can be a hands-on experience or it can be carried out at a distance. Distant healers use their skills to send vital life energy to people anywhere in the world, regardless of location.

Spiritual Healing News

Earlier this year, I recommended the talented spiritual healer Amma Magi to anyone who wishes to obtain distant healing. On her website, she also offers a helpful free guide called “Spiritual Self-Healing” to show anyone how to attract and direct vital life energy in order to restore physical health and balance.

Her website’s Contact page was experiencing a technical problem where intended emails never came through to her. So, if you tried to contact her and heard nothing in return, please try again as her direct email link is now on her website.

Amma Magi’s latest article on spiritual healing, “When Miracles Occur,” is posted at:

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