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The God Particle

Posted by Admin on July 22, 2012

by Owen K Waters

The God particle has been officially recognized. Well, sort of… a lot of confirmation will be necessary before the CERN particle physics laboratory in Switzerland actually agrees that it’s official.

The God particle, known in scientific circles as the Higgs boson, depends upon the existence of a “Higgs field.” The Higgs field permeates all of space and gives particles their property of mass.

But wait, a field that permeates all space? Gaahhh! You mean like the aether? The aether was widely accepted as a universal field until the late 1800’s, when a misunderstanding about its nature led to the idea being temporarily dismissed.

Now, as the “Higgs field,” acceptance of the aether is back! So, what is this field that pervades all space? We know that sound energy carries through the medium of air. We know that, at sea, wave energy carries through the medium of water. Obviously, light energy cannot reach us from the sun via ‘empty’ space unless that space is filled with a medium capable of carrying light and other energy waves.

Confusion exists today about the nature of the aether. Some say that, because it froths and boils at the atomic level, it is potentially a source of great energy. This confuses the carrier field with the energy that bubbles forth from it. The energies that courses through the aether include physical light or electric energy as well as vital life energy, which is also known as etheric energy.

The aether field itself is a primary form of magnetism. It is a magnetic fluid that can be distorted or compressed like a gas and it can flow through the poles of a bar magnet. As a magnetic energy, it is attractive in nature.

The aether or Higgs field is the magnetic fabric of space.

More can be understood about the fabric of space when you consider the basic principle of Creation. The entire universe is created by the three aspects of original consciousness: Thought and Feeling set into Motion.

When compressed into the density with which we are familiar in our physical environment, Creation’s original Thought or directed intention becomes energy. That energy is woven together to form physical matter. Because the compressed energy within physical atoms requires an equally-compressed carrier field, the aether is intensely concentrated around all forms of physical matter.

Original Feeling is the love energy that pours forth from the Creator. What does love do? Hold things together. What does physical magnetism do? Hold things together. In its physical manifestation, original Feeling is the fabric of space – the all-pervasive field that holds the universe together through its attractive, magnetic nature. The fabric of space is a compressed version of the original Love of God. It is the aether or the Higgs field that supports the “God particle”.

This means that we can say, literally, that love is in the air!

The top-down approach to science – putting the Creator first and working out how Creation was achieved – provides the fast track to many answers about the mysteries of life. Professor Higgs put forth his Higgs field theory over 50 years ago. It has taken science that long to stop bickering and begin to accept that he was right all along. If modern science had incorporated the basic principles of Creation into their worldview, they could have saved all that wasted time. Imagine where science could be now if it had moved faster towards the answers to the big mysteries of life.

The common cold still hasn’t been cured, but a mastery of etheric, vital life energy would have provided a cure long ago. When your body lacks enough self-healing capability, add vital life energy!

How about gravity? We’re still using giant rockets to struggle into outer space instead of floating giant cargo loads effortlessly up into orbit. An understanding of the fabric of space with its attractive nature and its intensity around physical objects could lead directly to an understanding of the attractive force of gravity that pervades each planetary mass.

The real fun will begin when science learns how to isolate a vehicle from the field that forms the fabric of space. Consider this: Just like everything in Creation, each location on the planet has a unique frequency signature. Therefore, if you were to disengage your vehicle from the fabric of space at location A, then flood it with the frequency signature of your destination, you could instantly emerge from “hyperspace” at location B. Instead of taking hours to travel from location A to location B, you’d disengage from space then instantly re-emerge at location B. What a way to travel!

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