Revolutionizing Awareness

helping humanity, make choices, more so through awareness, than ignorance


Who am I?

I say this to all of you who may read and cherish and wonder at what I have penned down henceforth, I am firstly and lastly a human being, always one amongst the company of my brethren and family.

Yet I am a neo-conservative who believes in tackling recurring and traditional problems with the might and supremacy of modern ideologies of free trade and progressive thinking aided by advancements in technology and science which would enable the better part of humanity to achieve a substantially higher quality of livelihood.

However I am also an extreme right winged conservative who strongly and firmly believes the above must never be brought upon to be borne by a populace through the infringement and desecration of its customs, heritage and core traditional culture.

To the opposite if we do not cherish and uphold the above then what orientation of our identity and origins can we grasp as we waylay the future and its continuity with weak links to our own roots?

I also believe in being a socialist not as a communist but in placing the mantle of responsibility upon the majority to understand and yield amongst themselves the value and solidity of equality, that which is complete and total in its makeup, action and consequences of implementation and sustenance.

Yes, and so is democracy a part of my belief, underlying the pillars of Justice, fairness and transparency and the equal measure of these to one and all and it should be for freedom and sovereignty are the birth rights of all sentient beings.

Finally to say that change is constant is true and so I am a progressive libertarian who endorses the tuning of the cogs of the cycles of civilizations and their grand tenure in the greater eclipses of time and so to fight entropy and decadence and moral complacence it is required to uphold the future generations with lofty thoughts of imagination, creativity and the freedom to pursue them without restriction.

In short I am a neo-conservative technocrat extreme right wing conservative socialist democrat progressive libertarian.

Thank you and on top of all that I am human being which is the most important thing for me that I share with each and every one of you.

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