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Why People Believe Americans Are Stupid

Posted by Admin on February 11, 2012

Note by the Admin –

Oops!!! No offence to some of you but a lot of offence to a lot of you, wake up a**holes.

Yes sometimes the rest of the world does get fed up politely nudging you to wake up from your deep slumber.

We are moving on…and tired of waiting for you to catch up.

On a side note to some of the New Age Evangelists who actually have the balls to say people like me are racist, discriminatory and suffer from xenophobia. Well I really wish to not type this particular word coming to my mind on my own blog but hey, you guys are familiar with it all the time.

Please understand that some of us come from countries where we grow up speaking five different languages with our neighbours as a standard and also tolerate three major religions in a community with peace and love all the time.

No we are not from Israel and yes your country may not even last 250 years from its inception of that date of proclamation of independence [whatever that is supposed to mean especially if you don’t know anything about the Virginia Company].

But some of us come from civilizations which have consistently peaked and sustained themselves for at least 5,000 years according to modern and mainstream archaeology and history.

From alternative and unconventional chronology we come from civilizations that pre date even Atlantis.

Some of us are your very citizens and we developed technologies and seeded them even before your learnt to strike two flints together.

I may be harsh but that’s how my energy works in this delusional and controlled matrix to anchor the truth.

If you can’t stand it then unsubscribe but if you want to get to the other side of the rainbow bridge without the leprechauns having booby trapped it then hold on.

Please don’t buy into the renegade Pleaidian agenda [they are so smart and subtle-more so than even the reptilians in some cases] but yes understand that most of you are a pain in the a** for the rest of the world by the very way in which you live and consume as a lifestyle feeding off of other’s lives literally.

We are willing to wait and let bygones be bygones or not but then again their isn’t much time and if you get left behind it means you are aboard a spaceship frisking you off to another world with a similar matrix installed to run it.

Wonder what I am raving about then check this link –

P.S- Like I said no disrespect to some of you. In fact the honour is mine as I have learnt a lot from all of you. Thank you.

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