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Christian Mysticism and Butterflies – link correction

Posted by Admin on September 28, 2012

Christianity means many things to many people. It can be the
one and only truth, or a pathway to spiritual experiences, and
it can even stand for a hierarchy of middle men who try to
stand between you and your experience of God.

This week’s article is written by Brian Longhurst, a lifelong
Christian mystic from England, who has spent over 30 years
doing what any mystic or serious seeker does – bypassing the
middle men and going straight to the source of his inquiry.

In Brian’s case, his deeply philosophical questions were
addressed directly to the living Jesus. His communications,
of which he has kept a faithful diary, have now stretched
over a timespan more than three decades.

I very much enjoyed reading Brian’s allegory of the history
of Christianity using the analogy of caterpillars, which
start their days as creatures of the earth and then transform
miraculously into beautiful butterflies.

*GREAT NEWS: After much painstaking preparation, Brian has
compiled an entire book full of his amazing experiences and
inspiring messages direct from the Prince of Peace Himself.

To enjoy Brian’s insightful article and see a link to the book,
click on this link or type the address into your web browser:

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Owen K Waters is the author of Spirituality Made Simple, which is available both as a (soon to be Out Of print) paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:

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Enlightenment Now – Part 3 – Long Live God!

Posted by Admin on February 21, 2012

(Parts 1 and 2 can be found here)

God is dead. Long live God!”

It is a centuries-old European tradition that, when a King died, he was promptly replaced by his successor so that no vacuum of power came into existence. In the streets, the people heard both items of news at the same time, that the old king was dead and the new king had been crowned. They would then voice their support for the new king by shouting,

The king is dead. Long live the king!

In Part 2 of this course, we noted the fading away of the old image of God above us in the sky due to the growing awareness of the enormous size of the universe. After all, for the universe to be filled with the Creator’s omnipresent consciousness, the Creator has to be greater in size than the Creation.

It has taken time to let go of the general belief that we on Earth are the center of all Creation. Fortunately, while the old concept of God in the sky has faded away, the new concept of God within brings us so much closer to the Creator and all of Creation. It is therefore fair to say, “Long live the new, expanded concept of God!”

We are aspects of the one Creator, as are all things in existence. Better yet, as human beings, we are endowed with self-awareness, with the curiosity to learn new things, and also with one especially undervalued faculty – imagination.

The expression, “It’s only your imagination,” is one that belittles your greatest faculty. The true situation is revealed in another expression; “We were made in the image of God.” The word “image” here does not mean “looks like.” After all, it would be hard to envisage a Creator larger than its creation – the universe – having two arms and two legs. The word “image” really means that we were created in the imagination of the Creator.

Imagination is your one creative faculty.

It is imagination – the application of consciousness in a creative direction – which laid the plans for this entire universe. In Part 2 of this course, it was said that, for Creation to succeed, there had to be a way to separate original consciousness into two complementary aspects and then have them interact with each other.

Those two aspects were the principles of pure thought and pure feeling. As humans, this idea of thought separate from feeling can be difficult to grasp because, in our experience, thoughts and feelings are always intertwined. Step back, for a moment, from your human experience, move into the realm of the abstract, and look at the original Law of Creation:

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Action

Think of pure, original Thought as imagination, intellect or intention. Think of it as a concept similar to the plans that an architect makes for a great building.

Then, think of pure, original Feeling as the energy that preserves and protects life, or the energy that makes things grow. It is related to the human concept of attention, because ideas grow as they receive your attention.

In cosmic terms, pure thought is the force of expansion that makes the universe continue to grow. Pure feeling is the counter-balancing force of contraction that holds the speed of that expansion down to a controlled, pre-determined rate.

If you were to equate the Law of Creation to a human analogy, you could say that the Divine Father and the Divine Mother work in complementary action to create and preserve the universe. In the Christian tradition, these concepts are called the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit or Divine Mother aspect of Creation fills the universe with the divine love that holds the universe together and provides the energy for the growth of all forms of life.

Now, if someone tells you that love is in the air, now you can reply knowingly, “Yes, it is!” You just have to reach out and touch the love of that aspect of the Creator to know that you are made from love and that you are loved, now and for all time.

As humans, we have inherited the power to create. Granted, our field of influence is human-size instead of universe-size, but the principle remains the same.

In the human realm, the Law of Creation is best stated in this form:

Creation = Intention + Attention + Action

And that is the key to creating a better life!

Next week, we will discuss the keys to making this formula work successfully and effectively. Until then…


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Channeling, UFOs and The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World – PART TWO

Posted by Admin on October 30, 2010


Summary: Suppose you are under occult siege from….real daemons. If you’re into Christian tactic, you might think that love-bombing will make “them” open their eyes until they see their error. Is this about to work? If not, what can you do about it anyhow? And, why did Whitley Strieber feel love despite he was just tortured by his astral enemies?Find out everything about love that you didn’t know before! Reveal the truth about negative propaganda from channeled sources, and head into the proper antidote: Real Initiated Understanding! One of the best spiritual texts ever!

Love Was All He Said

The alternate convention to which a certain New Age” mentality turns whenever the possible existence of an actual, deliberate negativity approaches the unimpeachable, is that of the vaguely “Christian” tactic: love-bomb the blighters until they see the error of their ways, by the point-scoring Good Example set. Such cheek-turning is in practice of course a very selective espousal, since it rarely seems to constitute the day-by-day business attitude of the very same proponent. Even in the case however that this recommendation weren’t outright hypocrisy, it would remain fatally fatuous; for, as the RA entityproclaims to one of the questioners who presented just such a tidy “solution”, they (the Orions) “do not want your love”.

This rebuff clearly meant that any “love-rays” directed toward the zones of Conscious or Spiritual Negativity would find nothing receptive on which to fall, no substance upon which to work. The inescapable implication was that any such proposal, suitable enough perhaps for beings of a straight 3rd-demity consciousness not decisively polarized and therefore still possessing a “recessed trait” of potential goodness able to be acted upon, when applied toward Spiritual Negativity of the Higher Densities simply served as clear indication that its proponent hadn’t understood the point.

The Negativity of the Higher Densities is ipso facto awake; it has chosen the rejection of other-love as a whole-being orientation, and therefore has no subconscious residuum of receptivity that might secretly “respond” to the good intentions of a positively-directed beam (even if such a beam proceeded from a sincere resolve which consistently applied its Samaritan counsel in all other avenues of life).

Indeed there is deeper implication than this. In the face of such uncommon or truly spiritual negativity the presumption of such conventional counsel (applicable enough at the ordinary level) might well result in consequences worse than simple “lack of success”. It has to be understood that spiritual principles and religious precepts, even those cherished from long use and universal recommendation are at best optimum advice for the given system of function, at the transition to general 4th-density existence, those precepts and principles most apparently “eternal truths”—as they stem alike fromBuddhism and HinduismChristianity and Sufism—have to be evaluated against an enlarged context, and modified according to the forms of information “unique” to the higher domains to which consciousness must adapt.


The principle to “love one and all alike”, to bestow “blessings upon all beings” and so forth is not subject to abandonment at this stage; we are not to somehow understand that a reversion to hatred and warfare are suddenly “all right” due to the extenuating circumstance that “pure spiritual evil does indeed exist“. Universal Love is and always remains the principle in some proper form; but the specific beaming of the “love-vibe” in the direction of the Orion Crusaders not only possesses the defect of wholly wasted effort; the philosophy informing it tends to contribute to a tremendous misreading of the elements actually involved. And this is no better illustrated than in the Strieber account of the manner in which he was made to feel tremendously guilty for not having obeyed a direct command of his tormentors.

Sweet Setup

In Transformation he recounts the otherworldly interdiction whereby a “voice” bade him refrain forever from sweets, his one true vice. Addicted as he was, Strieber couldn’t stop, even though the “beings” engineered circumstances so as to bombard him with dire implications. As a result, one evening he is visited by a malevolent presence which he himself—as always—describes best, i.e. as,

“monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be.”


“the sense of being infested was powerful and awful. It was as if the whole house were full of filthy, stinking insects the size of tigers”.

The entity, rising up beside his bed like a “huge, predatory spider”, places something at his “forehead” (i.e. the Third Eye) and with an electric tingle he is “transported” to a dungeon-like place where his attention is fixed upon a scene of excruciating torture. The victim, a normal-looking though quite naked man, is being whipped to shreds amidst agonized screams by a cowled figure. His “entity” explains to him that “he failed to get you to obey him and now he must bear the consequences”. This disclosure is followed by a very interesting and significant “assurance” that “it isn’t real, Whitty, it isn’t real.” AsStrieber reports, such an “admission” did nothing to mollify his horror.

The assurance was indeed an oblique reference to the actual tactic being used by his tormentors, the whole scene, like so much UFO-abduction data, is a projected thought-form. Such thought-forms are generated not in or through our ordinary “3rd-density” plane, but are manufactured in the medium proper to them, i.e. the Astral! The subject, then, is either spirited to the “vibratory frequency” of that density through dissociation of the astral vehicle from the physical, or, as in certain accounts possessing a component of “high strangeness” the 4th-density menstruum is tuned into place by a vertical adjustment and wholesale realignment of the nested “bodies”, in such a way that the subject doesn’t dissociate from the integument of “touch” (and thus, from the physical-electric grid) but rather undergoes the rotation of the coordinates of that grid so that they line up in conductive relation to the informing geometries of astro-etheric patterning which otherwise are obliquely screened— thus affording a direct continuity of perception surcharging the apparently “preserved”, familiar field of physical focus with impossible Whitley-in-Wonderland elements.

The purpose of soothing Strieber with such assurance as to the ultimate unreality of the convincing scene experienced, should be familiar to anyone who’s heard of the torture tactics employed in any good Banana Republic (i.e. those in which the victim is subjected to excruciating pain on the one hand while being simultaneously stroked and reassured on the other, often by the same party). The object is to elicit the full cooperation of the victim under duress, by making him instinctively gravitate toward the implicit salvation extended through the “motherly” touch demonstrated in that schizoid Grasp, feeling some surcease and thus even affectional Gratitude with respect to that one factor in the whole horrible stew that seems to proffer kindness and a relieving recourse.


Indeed, Strieber proves himself the compliant guinea pig, even under the intelligence that it’s all a thought-form, his compassion for the (imagistically dramatized) unsuccessful “bidder” persists, obviously in thorough confusion with his own self-commiseration, so that finally he collapses upon a repentant love for the very roaches that bedevil him.

“Again, though, I felt love. Despite all the ugliness and the terrible things that had been done, I found myself longing for them, missing them! How was this possible?”.

Again, “I regretted the contempt I had shown for its [the other “reality’s”] needs and its laws and felt a desperate desire to make amends”.

“I had felt a pain greater than the pain of punishment. It was the pain of their love. I had the sense that they had on my behalf turned away from perfect love, and that they had done this to help me “.

“I suspect that the ugliness I had seen last night was not them, but me! I was so ashamed of myself that I almost retched”.

In this way we may clearly see the baited hook that awaits within a context inclusive of life in the higher densities, with respect to the word of universal-indiscriminate love. The effort to operate such love according to a literal interpretation of the word, is ripe to be employed as a real booby trap for any form of consciousness having as yet no practical grasp of the Whole, and so by virtue of standard habits of identification chronically confounding the Whole and the part (as is the typical pattern of 3rd density mind).

Unable to “see” the Whole which nonetheless directly infuses and underscores the negative entities as their very medium, clinging to their foulness like a sweet masking scent, the mind used to dealing only in terms of the representative part is unusually open to making just that identity-equation in which the incidental expression of a Field is presumed to contain that field, or is taken as one-to-one equivalent of the quality belonging to the field as a whole. Conversely, the return of the Love -value toward any being of such a field isolated out of the context of the Whole, tends—to the mind chronically focused only on the complex relation of part to psychological part and never on the Whole itself—to be but a yielding or block submission to the other’s requirements as means of overcoming the resistance of “identification”.

To the Highest Bidder

Should there remain a reluctance to grasp this point, or some desire to conserve the liberal-humanistic proposal to which Strieber often turns (i.e. , to call such things truly Negative or Evil is “simplistic”, you know) we need merely resort to the Ra material once more, wherein we find a passage—first published in 1981, don’t forget— that anticipates Strieber’s account by years and furnishes a framework before the fact which not only fits the Strieber-entities’ behaviors like a key a lock but gives us a needed perspective of evaluation.

On page 21 of Volume III, The Law Of One, the Ra entity characterizes a prototypical tactic of the Orion Crusaders, that of “bidding”, “bidding” is described in such a way as to make it clear that Strieber’s experience represents a concrete instance of the phenomenon, a factual case history with which to footnote Ra’s words. “Bidding” is a contest of will, serviceable in determining the pecking order of the social-memory-complex of the Crusaders, and in rendering the general run of consciousness enslaved through intimidated compliance of its own free will. It is a command of obedience, precisely such as that issued without explanation against Strieber’s lust for sweets. Its sole purpose is to bend the subject into accepting the command, the actual content of the order being largely beside the point (other than the degree of difficulty involved for the subject according to the strength of the tendency to be overcome, a factor which redounds to the polarization of the “bidder”).

We find further that any failure to exact conformance in “bidding” results in a proportional loss of negative polarity to the aggressor, a situation which the entity must then attempt to rectify. In this way we see that, in terms of the higher densities not only are “thoughts things”, but the metaphorical relations characterizing the order as which beings functionally interact possess distinct energy values, and have a direct bearing on degree and intensity of polarization-alignment. To possess a legion of “servants” in these subtle regions is an actual nourishment to the centers and systems, a kind of psychic “food-chain pyramid”.

At this point a pure bolt of recognition should allay any further doubts, either of the type which question the factuality of Strieber’s accounts or the kind that equivocate as to the actual nature of the entities involved, for we find the Strieber entity virtually paraphrasing the earlier Ra recitation re the modus operandi that identifies the Negative polarity, in its suggestion that the failure to exact obedience on the part of the imagized “Crusader” bears punishable consequence. Not only is this “narration” of the visualized scene an adequate admission of the terms involved, for those with prior knowledge as is supplied by the Ra description, it is a continuing illustration of the way in which the Negative polarity extorts the desired obedience — and thus soul capture — through manipulation of the Love value belonging impartially to the psychic plane through which this largely takes place.

What then are we to “do” with the counsel of the general Teaching thus far delivered to this density, such as that of “love thine enemy?” How are we to interpret such a precept or indeed understand the principle of Love altogether, when its application seems so susceptible to a sticky, spider web ambush from planes of reality actually eager with invitation for so innocent an approach?

Love Was All He Said

At this point it’s important to understand the way in which a spiritual truth is necessarily reflected into zones of adaptation. Principles applicable to one density of consciousness aren’t just outmoded and put aside upon “stepping up” to another density. It may however be necessary to identify the form in which such a principle is recast, according to requirements of a density nearer in direct spirit to the Truth which it expresses. In this sense, from a perspective that may be characterized as “4th density”, the appropriate disposition of the Love-nature which serves it most perfectly on all occasions is that of whole hearted Love of the “One Infinite Creator”.

We may of course readily recognize this “higher truth”, it is none other than the Shema of Israel, which Jesus identified with the heart of the Law. If then the first spiritual precept to “Love God with all your heart” is a familiar reference of 3rd density consciousness, how is it that such a framework possesses it? And how does such a reference coexist with corollary commandments and encomiums, i.e. precisely those such as “love thine enemies“, “love your neighbor as yourself,” etc ?

The general rule, “Love God”, reaches alike to every density, for it is in its essential character the spontaneous outpouring of the Truth of Life apart from any formulation or customized tailoring. Thus the 3rd density freely receives it, just as any other, regardless the functional state of understanding. At the 3rd-stage level of egoic self-reference, such a rule incarnates through abstract conceptual distortions practically screening direct cognition of that Whole which is the real referent of the rule. In order that such a rule be functionally operative and lived according to its spirit, a level of mind-body integration and harmony is required that abuts the threshold integrity of a “4th density”, for such a (minimal) state of unitive coherence is able to surpass identified allegiance to the ego-divisive verbal mind, thereby settling into congruence with the actual holism that informs it as reflective expression of the Holism of the Creator.

It is through such holistic grasp that the undivided Love of the Creator is received as the constitutor of all centrist reference, so that such a composed self-center may in full awareness ascribe that Love-value to its true Giver, faithfully returning the Gift. Where—as in the ordinary state of 3rd-density consciousness—this cannot be done directly owing to the prohibitively low level of mind-body integration and harmony, Compassion-incarnate adjusts the means to suit the available material. Thus a relatively indirect instruction is necessarily given, one which compassionately takes into consideration the actual compass of comprehension practically available.

The “holism” of Self and Creator is functionally masked at 3rd density level by the compulsive allegiance of the (potential) whole-value of identity in one-to-one equations of identification with the preferential profile of the ego-inventory, thus the advice to “love thine enemy” may be understood as very practical strategy meant to extend the I. D. beyond its contractile, lopsided self-enclosure into a more unified resolution recognizably encompassing polar terms as facets of a single Being. It’s suited strictly to a level of functioning which is not able to proceed directly from a grasp of the Whole, but must attempt to approach the Whole through comparative inference.

Such a compromise adaptation of the primary rule, while it may serve well enough at its level as a rehearsal, shows precisely why it was a stop-gap measure progressively less viable in very practical ways as consciousness approaches the plane at which the Law operates through self-evident values and direct qualities.

When the general level is raised at which the Love-teaching is received, the relative inefficiency of its previous level of reception becomes apparent, the possible pitfalls and menial snares of that reflected, siepped-down viewpoint emerge like serpents and spiders from the rocks when the open invitation to take on the higher responsibility of a more profound level of existence at the same time discloses conditions revealing the defect of lesser adaptations, and making mortal the dangers of persisting to identify a whole and indivisible Value with fragmentary phases or preferred parts.


When (in adaptation to the more direct Influence of Truth infusing the higher densities) we learn the whole-being expression of Love as that spontaneous Love of the One Infinite Creator, the very essence of Love tends to emanate impersonally as a global value, spreading without effort or special address to all quarters where it’s received or not according to the specific will of every form. In this way its Presence doesn’t become confused with the conditional presence of the myriad beings “positive” or “negative”.

Nor does its Presence become confounded with the mechanics of “give and take”, which are all relative identifications of the mind (look again at what befalls Strieber in his mental efforts to specify the love-value he felt lurking in the worst of circumstances, notice the manner—common to the complex of 3rd-stage psychology that accepts the teaching of Love according to its lights—in which he winds the skein of complicated love-strands through a conceptual miasma of “owes” and “oughts”, bewildered by just those ordinary terms of psychic bookkeeping).

The Portrait of Dorian’s Grays

When considering the extraordinary deception woven about the circumstances of such abductions as Strieber’s, we may wonder how it is that the entities involved don’t simply use their obvious powers of illusion to mask their awful character, for in all the captious play-of-mirrors produced in relation to the principle of love, the actual ferocity and venomous character of the Crusaders seems to spring irrepressibly forward, thus in a sense almost requiring a tremendous expenditure of energy and time toward bullying some interpretation that belies the painfully obvious. The answer to this, also shows succinctly the real nature of the phenomenon with which we are dealing.

The origin and informing character of these entities is, self-evidently, that of the density corresponding to (what esotericism knows as) the astral plane, and what esotericism knows of the astral plane clearly accounts for the transparency of their basic presentation, which, as we’ve noted, calls for an overlay of psychic subterfuge. The Law governing astral existence, requires the exteriorization of basic character in identifiable symbolic terms. All “form” in its astral origin wears its heart symbolically on its sleeve. It is for this reason that a physical object of apparently neutral character such as a knife, when perceived astrally may distort in dream-fashion into a recognizably malevolent entity, assuming a distinct persona in the manner of anthropomorphized objects in a Silly Symphony.


The Strieber entities give the overpowering impression of malignancy, because that is their character; and by extending their essentially psychic, 4th-density being into physically perceptible range, they are merely spreading the compulsive “honesty” of the self-symbolizing Astral medium into twilight structures visible to eyes of flesh.

(Such spontaneous, symbolic exteriorization functioning much like the Portrait of Dorian Gray, becomes progressively less reliable as an index of “moral valuation” the higher up the scale of densities we ascend; thus the luminous, angelic white entity Strieber encounters as a kind of harbinger of death inTransformation does not qualify by appearance as a positive manifestation. It is of the Negative along with all the others, but it is a relatively rare presence in the corpus of the Strieber account, since it emanates from the 5th density of creative Mind.

Thus it represents in its appearance the power to conceive and govern whole patterns of exteriorization. The Ra material discusses just this capacity of the 5th density Negative adepts to assume so fair a shape, and in fact the likelihood is altogether greater that higher-density entities either positive or negative who manifest in more “pleasing” human terms are 5th density beings able to modulate the matter of visible appearance according to inner conceptual requirements, rather than merely being able to regulate it from a point past its primary patterning and projection).

Speaking With Forked Tongue

It is for this reason of direct symbolic disclosure that the Negative hierarchy often finds more efficient means of dissimulation in the channeling phenomenon, for here, there is no direct encounter or condensation to “visible appearance”, but only the medium of the word to be interpreted according to the recipient’s lights. The mode of expression is by that measure indirect and the Negative beings have therefore a greater latitude of deception at their disposal.

Since the Negative is altogether, in one sense, an inverse reflection of the Positive or True Creative Logos, a parallel configuration borrowing all its components by simple reversal and distortion, it proceeds by the method of imitation. It apes the expression of the positive, the more meticulously where it wishes to be mistaken all together for the positive so as to subvert the message for those who tend to abide by it. Its typical strategy is to adhere so closely to the letter of the positive as to be virtually indistinguishable to all but initiated awareness, installing itself through the rhythmic lull of entrainment so as to catch the “congregation” totally off guard when it diverges slightly or greatly from pattern and so pulls a portion of the positive track along with it.

The voice of the Negative is of course the more ingratiatingly imitative where the inclination of the recipient is already to the positive; a negative receptacle requires no such precaution.

Even in the case of channeling, however, the character of the Astral origin compels the insinuation of a sign, a kind of confessional signature no matter how subtle. Indeed this trait of the communication is often accepted as a device of mockery suited to the character of the source, it is played with as a defiant means of asserting the true identity of the Signal, hiding it in plain symbolic sight in conformance with “astral” requirements.

This law which insists even the physical form exhibit “some sign or characteristic which identifies” the “true essence”, is indeed remarked upon by one such channeled source, the Hilarion Material. Hilarion is an entity identified in both the “Christ” materials of V. Cssene and the Ra channelings, as a being of the positive Hierarchy. Thus when we see books on the shelf bearing the Hilarion moniker we automatically respond with a beam of recognition. Hilarion’s ’channel’ (Maurice B. Cooke) seems decisively predisposed to the Christian stream of positive teaching, so we are not particularly surprised when the second half of The Nature of Reality (which had up to then been a so so account of “esoteric physics”) breaks into a frenzied description of the imminent apocalypse. Indeed, the book ends with a graphic account of destruction and the final torment of souls as they are beaten to their knees in extortion of a “repentance” and “turning to God” which they’d apparently been reluctant to make even when melting into one another.


This stomach churning peroration was no accident, for in another Hilarion volume, the source proclaims that the structure of the book held been deliberately designed with the “Armageddon” last so as to attract a particular type of “select” readership.

My, What Big Eyes You Have…

With an eye, then, to the Ra account are the way in which the Orions have traditionally sought to subvert the positive messages and meanings of persons or events through emphasizing moods of doom and destruction, making such negativity a central feature of the communication thus deflecting attention into brooding byways of despair, we may turn to the Hilarion account of the existence of Negative Beings (or the Dark Brotherhood, in the terms of this source). According to Hilarion’s account, the Negative is allowed to exist because its minions act in the ultimately helpful and healthy capacity of predators that only decimate the “diseased” ranks, i.e. like wolf attacking the sick or congenitally weak specimens of caribou (Hilanon’s analogy).

“The wolf attacks these defective caribou, and would never think of wasting its energy trying to chase or bring down healthy specimens. By weeding out the weaker ones, the wolf ensures that the healthy remains strong.

“With this edifying version of Christian Darwinism, we are comforted into the notion of our constitutional safety (considering the readership of such a work to be ipso facto amongst the Elect, an assurance “we” were already given in the gross-out discussion of Armageddon).

This encouraging information hardly tallies with the outright attack which the Orions launch upon the Ra channelers in the very midst of their activity (see books II, III and IV, The Law of One), nor does it square well with what initiated knowledge otherwise knows about the effort of the Negative to attack, discredit or physically eliminate those who are quite positively polarized and in no way “defective” in the arrogant sense that the Hilarion material proposes. It is also more than passingly interesting to note that in the film Wolfen taken from Whitley Strieber’s book of the same name, the behavior of the predatory creatures is rationalized in precisely the same way, i.e. that they are simply weeding out the decrement of mankind thereby ultimately strengthening the total stock (the fact that one of the “good guys” who even subscribes to this interpretation and is in no way depicted as “defective”, is nonetheless wantonly massacred by the creatures, attests to Strieber’s early powers of schizophrenic dissociation, and gives us as well certain cause to look more deeply into the character of the Hilarion idea).

100 Many Plots Spoil the Cooke

When we read on that the Dark Brothers are allowed to “test” a channel such as Cooke (apparently alluding to an early channeling incident that must have been a source of some distress) by making an agreement of exchange with the “White Brotherhood“, each bargaining some “deal” or concession from the other, we are squarely on Donald Trump territory and about as far away from the facts of the polarities and the densities as we can possibly be.

(The “Hilarion” rationalization here is almost self-evidently a cover story, meant to assuage Cooke more than anything else, for initiated understanding does recognize that a Negative source, having attached to a positively disposed channel, will push the negative hypothesis into increasingly more overt expressions in order to determine how much the malleability of the subject will yield to directly negative propaganda! Apparently at one point Cooke must have been pushed too far, and this absurd scenario was manufactured to explain the cordially adversarial relations whereby the Positive and Negative players of the higher realms use the channeler’s “inner instrument” like a Border land pari-mutuel window).

When we read further along how to identify the interference of the “Dark Brotherhood“, we presently realize we are being disabused of the Seth teaching (although of course that teaching isn’t specifically named due to the punctilious observation of that “Cosmic Law governing the operation of these testing factors”), Hilarion’s objection, revealingly enough, has to do with the “impropriety’ of explaining cosmic truths of simultaneity and probability to the anthill focus of physical consciousness, which should be properly stuck with the mea culpa considerations of karmic consequences, thus “Hilarion” neatly pivots us back into proper alignment with all those conventions of cultural conditioning that chronically lock us in place as a mechanical unit of cause and effect, and away from the elastic efficacy of the present poised at the juncture of potential change!


Finally, Hilarion regales us with the assurance that all “galactic observers” within the “region of Earth” are necessarily friendly, contrary to the misleading teachings which would have us believe otherwise.

“There is the suggestion that some are distinctly alien and even hostile, and that certain of these beings kidnap humans and kill animal life for experimental purposes”.

To disabuse us of this base less notion, “Hilarion” resorts to no less than the old canard about the inability of any civilization in the galaxy to develop interstellar technology until such time as it decisively overcomes all negative inclination (!) Thus any close encounters, sightings, landings or interactions of a third or fourth kind are necessarily conducted only with the kindliest and most positive of beings.

Flying With Expired License

It is precisely here that those most glaring of contradictions indicative of the channeling phenomenon become inflamed, and virtually force themselves upon our notice right along with a virtually self disclosing hypothesis that accounts for them. For the Ra material specifically warns that Confederation sources (with very few exceptions) refrain from any but long distance exposures, generally only in order to extend the range of mankind’s inquiry toward renewed consideration of the Unknown, and almost never effect that kind of encounter known as “landing”. Landing has become the almost exclusive resort of the Orions, the Negative Beings. Thus, virtually all “close encounters”, reports of abduction etc. are of the manifestly negative type. Despite his composed rationalizations, Strieber’s emotional declarations continue to ring in our cars, and the material gathered into such sources as those of Budd Hopkins, certainly have little of the aura of “good will” about them.

Then just what could this “counsel” of the Hilarion material possibly mean? It seems only too evident from this as well as other “revelations” of the teaching, that the “Hilarion” source conforms to the methodology of the Crusaders as disclosed in the Ra Material, i.e. that of close adherence to the style, thought and content of positive sources so as to sneak in “undercover” as it were, and at the point of greatest vulnerability—when the subject is set at his ease and off guard—pour the venom of disinformation in the audio channel!

(We should be interested to know that “false teachers” can be identified by their appearance, whether they’re too fat or too thin, whether they look as if they can be trusted and—oh yes, whether they’ve “ever been hounded through the courts, or banned from any country”—an interesting criterion, considering such an ostensibly “Christian” source. Perhaps the governmental persecution of true Teachers is a phenomenon confined to the old Roman past ).

Taking all this together, we may now identify the very emphasized oratory of the Hilarion material on page 26 of Dark Robes, Dark Brothers

“Specifically, by asserting that one should love one’s enemies, Christ presented the single most effective way to overcome the temptations of Earth life and to confound the whisperings of the Dark Brotherhood”.

Interesting that of all the possible teachings and enlightening words of the Christ, this material should go out of its way to emphasize the one expression which is most subject, in such a context, to the distortions of 3rd density thinking patterns! For of all the possible teachings that might effectively have been drawn upon, the one which lends itself most readily to the snares of the Negative poachers is precisely this precept, presumed by a mind-body complex insufficiently unified in congruence with the conscious axis to make the necessary 4th density transference from the psychological structure where such imperatives come to lodge, to direct alignment with the unitive Ground of Being from which love streams naturally in all directions without entrapping concern for “friend or foe”.

I’m Sorry—Do You Have Any Credit Cards?

Finally, there was the case of a student of the initiated teaching who, finding the cover signature on the Hilarion books quite intriguing by virtue of its consistent entwining of the heels of the letters “L” and “A“, decided to apply a Qabala of numbers whereby, lo-and-be-hold – he determined that the deliberately emphasized letters clearly spelt “LA” which in Hebrew means “nothing” or “zero“. Since Zero is alphabetically an “O“, his eyes automatically transposed that letter over the “LA” on the cover signature and, much to his amazement, one of those clever “astral” disclosures sprang forward, of the type that shows the natural compulsion of the medium to reveal its character symbolically (as well as the perverse delight taken by the Negative in coding its identity in plain sight): HI ORION.

(Some of the book covers indeed expressly separate the letters H and I from the rest, which are arranged to touch one another so as to group the “LARION” with its entwined L and A in one bundle).

Indeed the contents of “Dark Robes” etc. (a book, remember, about the negative beings) pointed to its own clue in declaring that even all physical things bore the symbolic signature of their particular source.

This Is Not the Behavior Of an Ordinary Kitchen Appliance

It is necessary to note that the growing public presence of “negative” literature (i.e. books overtly or unknowingly inspired from spiritually-negative sources) is not just the mild circumstance of a “democratic distribution” of diverse information. The presence of such material is not innocuous, nor is its active component confined to the personal imbibitions of content. It is not in the contents alone that such media carry their infectious messages. Everyone reading this review section should take to heart the real lesson contained in the incident reported by Strieber in Transformation, i.e. that of the psychiatrist who upon seeing the cover of the book felt compelled without knowing its contents to purchase it, the next day being greatly surprised to hear a number of patients report dreams of UFO abductions for the very first time.

It is revealing that the covers of both Strieber’s books depict the alien countenance of his abductor, for in Communion (click image left) we learn that the entity actually modeled for Strieber at the interior space of his “third eye”, specifying that it wanted the artist who would transcribe the description to get it right!!

To initiated understanding this clearly shows that the accurately-rendered image was to be used as a kind of talisman, or a material basis for the manifestation of that force-influence to which it corresponded.

Stneber gives vent once or twice in Transformation to the sentiment that, if he really thought the creatures with which he was dealing were negative or harmful he could not in all conscience expose people to what was clearly a powerful and unpredictably commanding influence. He should have held on to that thought. He should have made every effort to penetrate the shallow rationalization by which he “forgives himself for his recalled participation, in youth, as the apparent ringleader of the “children’s circle” whose job it apparently was to lure acquaintances out into the haunted woods of night where presently, amidst the horrified shrieks of many, they would find themselves face to face with something unspeakable.

In addition to Strieber’s books, there is a motion picture of Communion soon to be released, as well as a spate of other movies already primed for the competition that purport to depict true-life alien encounters. These should not be considered ordinary modes of entertainment. They must be understood as vehicles, very potent types of imagistic “talisman” supplying the material basis for a mass manifestation of unprecedented character. We need to listen more closely than ever now, to a channeled source that dates back to 1957, for in The Secret of the Andes (by Brother Philip – George Hunt Williamson) we find a corroboration of the Ra source which predates that communication by many years, in which it is specified by name that we are under invasion by the Orion Empire.

It is necessary to understand this for what it is, and not treat it as a removed spectator witnessing another phenomenon of mass entertainment. Everyone is involved, and there are children present. As was indicated, in last month’s review titled Movie and Dream, the Qabalah of Star Wars, motion pictures have a profound correspondence with and influence upon the dream psyche, owing to the structure of the medium. That harbinger of the “Freddie” films, in which there arises an incursion into waking consciousness of the terrible content of dream and nightmare such that they are presently confounded and inextricably entwined, is poised to take place “in reality” the same as it was prefigured on film. In the specific instance of the Strieber books it is very advisable to neither buy nor read them, and this not the expression of some “censorship of content”. There is something else going on altogether, something for which the public, in its wildest dreams, is scarcely prepared. It is advisable that the new films such as Strieber’s dealing with UFO abduction etc be given a wide berth, and certainly children should be kept away from them! They are not just “spooky” movies, good for Halloween-type thrills.

This is not an easy month for your reviewer. The decision to advance this discussion and extend such difficult, goblin-ridden counsel has not been made lightly. But the truth should at least be put out, out on the bookstall floor or street-corner along with every other conceivable kind of information in the endless bid for the ephemeral attention of this place. What people choose to do with it, is a whole other column.

But do it we must, and did. This is the ghostbusters boys, your cover is blown and your time’s at hand.


ET, go home.

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POOFness for SEPT 5: And Here We Go!

Posted by Admin on September 6, 2010

Cults and new religious movements in literatur...

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Greetings and Salutations,

Some of you know and for those who don’t, banks in this country are changing to treasury banks this weekend. I’ve already told you what time it is for the fed. It’s so hard for americans to come to grips with the fact, the fed isn’t running anything. Soon, you will be hearing that we’ve returned to the constitutional treasury, you know, where it has precious metal backing the currency. What reagan tried to do and got shot for his attempt, is happening under this current administration. Kept silent from the people is how many attempts that have been made on this man’s life to prevent the same thing. This time people with bigger teeth are at work to stop any interruptions in the conversion process. The line is in the rock and that’s it, like it or not. From that point on, there will be some disorder because, many preconceived notions will be destroyed as having no merit. The sleeping giant shall awaken from it’s fitful dreams.

You have free will and it will be personal to you, as to what you will do with all of this stuff when the moment strikes. You can either lose your mind and act out, or sit and contemplate and move on. The funds will be a great incentive to ‘reason’ first. This is a lost art with this constant pounding from the media. The right wing wants to go back to the past, tho the bridge was taken out, so it will be impossible. They won’t tell their supporters that but it sounds good to the people. Money supply is the determining factor, no matter what they say. This is no longer an island that can do what it chooses. Others with a longer and more powerful ability are the ones at work preparing this country and the world to step into the future. After they’ve seen and watched, what these guys have done with the chances they were given, ‘daddy has taken the t-bird away’. I was shown a doc a bit ago, with a loan of gold given to washington, dated 1786, by a chinese trust. This story is long and deep. All they tell us about is those rotten ‘commies’, nothing could be further from the truth. Even if McCain would have won the elections, he’d have been faced with the same thing..the Truth..and miss bendy straws with him. Once one enters the white house all a sudden the world view changes, it isn’t quite the same as you believed.

Religion is getting an upfront and personal too. All heads of all religious faiths will be called to the big tables where the archives will be brought out and opened, more uncomfortable stuff will have to be dealt with, basically, no more wars fought in the name of whatever deity they have been telling folks who’s running things. You can’t fight the Creator’s war, the best is act ignorant. They have created God in their image anyhow and that is an impossible task when you’re talking about the Infinite with a finite mind. The right is out here wanting to ‘let them eat cake’, how does that square up with the Master’s teachings? My kingdom is no part of this world. So much for ‘politrix’. I am adding something to this newsletter for you to contemplate. It’s about a hypothetical interview with Jesus…think about it.

This is a working weekend for the bankers as they prepare for what is going down now. I’m outside the thick doors but I am getting the minutes, when somebody steps out to use the bathroom from time to time. Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a wild ride. You’ve never seen nothing like this before.

I will call for consultations as long as I can, just email this address if needed.

Love and Kisses,



I woke up last night to the sound of laughing and realized I’d fallen asleep with the TV on. It was 3 AM and I knew it was Jon Stewart but I had to fumble around for my glasses to see who his guest was. Unbelievable! It was Jesus, in his robe and all. His nose was bigger than I thought, his skin a lot darker, but his eyes were more piercing than I’d ever imagined. It was like light came out instead of going into them.

John was making some joke about both of them being Jews and Jesus, after laughing harder than I thought he would, said quite seriously to Jon, “Yeah, that’s one of the weirdest things, isn’t it? How could they forget that?”

Jon was all over him with questions from the daily news. What was his take on the whole Mosque/Ground Zero fiasco? Jesus said he’d seen some newscasts on the story and couldn’t believe the drama and fear it was bringing up. “They want to build a public building for prayer, education and community gathering. That’s a good thing. A better thing perhaps, would be the construction of an interfaith building, There’s room for everyone, and it’s these distinctions between religions that’s causing all the problems in the first place.”

Jon looked incredulous. “An interfaith building??”

“Yes, a multi-tasking mosque, with a synagogue, chapel and meditation hall in it. A building where people of different faiths come together to make a better world together. That’s the point of religion right? It’s not about doctrine. It’s a plan for action, an opportunity to be a bigger force for good. Religion is just the map. Faith is the real adventure.”

“I don’t know….” said Stewart, making one of those funny mouth movements he does after hearing a strange idea.

Jesus pipes in, “What could be better in that spot than a building that represents, by its very structure, a coming together, a new vision that goes beyond religious borders? It’s like taking a good idea and making it great. The real prophets of the day know this. Where are their voices? Why aren’t you interviewing them?”

“Hmm, I thought I was,” says Stewart, tapping his pencil on the desk.

“You know why you have border issues here? Because you believe the borders are real, like they MEAN something. Muslim against Christian, Mexican against American, Republican against Democrat-all those borders are made up. You put up walls to defend your ideas-and not even your OWN, but ideas passed down to you from someone else-and then you make other people look like demons. It’s no wonder this country is in a state of collapse. You don’t even get it how connected you are. You’re like five fingers on a hand who think they’re separate and make up reasons why not to get along.”

Jon sat there with his mouth open.

“You’re like children playing war games. You spend all your time, all your energy attacking the “other side” instead of realizing you need to bridge the two sides in order to get across to a higher level of thinking. Even news shows are at war. Look at how you make fun of FOX. What light does that add to the world? All the time you could be giving to real visionaries, all the ways you could be role-modeling good behavior, showing the audience how it really WORKS to bring great and opposing minds together, and you sit there poking fun at another station. That’s really enlightened, isn’t it?”

This was the first time I’d ever seen Jon Stewart speechless. He looked like an embarrassed 6th grader. No pencil tapping now. More like a puppy with his tail between his legs.

“What in the world are you people doing? The ones who call themselves “religious” are often the most immature, the most judgmental and intolerant. What is THAT about? That’s exactly the opposite of what every religion teaches. And I mean EVERY religion,” Jesus said, as he looked away from Stewart and spoke right to the camera.

“All the religions say two basic things,” he said, holding up his fingers in a peace sign. “First, there is no distance between you and this one you call God. God is the creative force behind all things. It’s invisible, but you are the manifestation of it. I’m telling you, the Sistine Chapel should have been a mirror.”

The audience laughs, but Stewart stares into those deep eyes of the Nazarene.

He goes on, “You are the eyes, the hands, the feet of that creative force. That energy is in you. It’s called your breath.” He holds up his index finger and taps on it a few times. “That’s the first thing. Don’t think there’s some man out there pulling strings. Grow up. This civilization-if you can call it that-is YOUR creation. This earth, it is not a bunch of resources to be exploited. It is not to be owned. It is your mother, the womb that you sprang from. You are its consciousness, its neural cells. The whole earth is the organism that you belong to. You did not come down to earth, you came up from earth, as I did. Its well-being is in your hands. Can you be proud of what you’re doing? Are you going to be the ones who kill it off, after all that talk about pro-life?”

Jesus was getting a little worked up, like that day he stormed through the temple turning over the merchants’ tables. Jon cut to a commercial, “And we’ll be right back to hear the 2nd basic thing from our guest tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the Jewish prophet Jesus of Nazareth. Stay tuned…”

They were laughing about something when they returned from the commercial, Jesus stretched out in his chair with his long lanky legs covered by his tunic, his sandaled feet hidden under the desk.

“OK,” Jon says, “You were saying there were two things. Let me see if I got this right. There’s no bearded guy up there on a cloud. That God we talk about and fight over is the creative force inside us and around us? It’s invisible and we’re like….(a long pause) its shadow?”

“Not exactly,” says Jesus. We’re like the physical form of the same energy. The ice cube version of water or steam. Same elements, different form. The sea and the iceberg. You’re all icebergs in the Sea of God,” he said, half-laughing at his own quaint metaphor. “But the problem is you don’t realize that underneath it all, you’re all connected. There’s just one big iceberg with a lot of tips. The truth is, you’re Creation continuing the co-creation of Itself.”

“Oh my,” says Stewart. “Let’s leave that discussion to Bill Moyers, What about number two? What’s the number two thing we’re supposed to know?”

Jesus holds up his two fingers again, tapping the tip of his middle finger. The camera zoomed in so closely on him I could see a scar on his forehead. “It’s not so much what you need to know-that’s part of the problem, all these peoples’ belief systems. That’s what gets you in trouble. No one has to believe in me to get to heaven. A…there is no heaven to get to and B, it’s not what you believe but how you act that matters. If anyone learned anything from reading that Bible they should have picked up that one. There’s 3000 references to helping the poor in there. But let me get back…”

“Yes,” says Stewart. “The second thing..”

“The second thing is this: forget everything you ever learned in any holy book and just treat everyone like a brother and a sister. I mean that literally. If it were your brother coming across the border…your sister with cancer and no health care….your child unable to get an education….your mother with no food in her house. And even further, your brother who was gay or hated gays, your sister who was a corrupt politician, your brother who bombed an abortion clinic, your sister who got an abortion. What does it look like to love unconditionally? To bridge differences, to come together over what we can agree on? Can you get through one day without thinking you’re better or less than another? That’s the thing to strive for. That is living faithfully.”

“But…but…” says Stewart. “What about the Tea Partyers, the terrorists, what about Fox News and hate crimes?”

“If you think they are so different from you, be the opposite of what you think they are and enact that powerfully in the world. Don’t focus on who’s wrong. Just be a greater force for good.”

“Not focus on who’s wrong? How could I do my show?”

“Exactly. Remember what Gandhi said? Be the change you want to see in the world?”

“Sure. I have that quotation on my refrigerator.”

“Well, it’s time to take it further. You’re evolving as a people. You’ve come through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the wrongly named Period of Enlightenment. You’re now in the Information Age. You are growing your consciousness. In the physical world, you have Olympic marathon trainers who run 10 miles or more a day. They spend every waking hour in training, eating the right foods, researching the right clothing and equipment, working out, following a discipline. And in the metaphysical world, the spiritual world, you have people doing the same-they are your mystics and prophets-engaging in spiritual practice, accelerating their wisdom, expanding their consciousness, transcending judgment and radiating love into the world. You might be in that category.,.”

Stewart does one of his choking, ahem things, putting his hand over his mouth. “Out of the question,” he says frankly. “I thrive on judgment.”

“Good to know yourself. You’re all evolving at different rates. In the fall, when you look at a maple tree, you see leaves that are green, yellow, orange and red. They don’t all change at the same time. And that’s what makes life exciting. You all know different things. That’s why you need each other. Like that guy Ken Wilbur said, “You’re all right, only partly so.”

Stewart nods his head in agreement, tapping his pencil on the table again.

“But back to Gandhi. I agree with what he said, but I’ll say it a different way, just to shake things up a bit, which I love to do. By the way, it’d make a great bumper sticker:
Be the God you want to see in the world.”

“Oh-oh, sounds blasphemous to me,” says Stewart.

“You know as well as I do, every good idea starts out as a blasphemy.”

“OK, great, we’re out of time,” says Stewart, as the camera swings over for a shot of the audience. They’re all standing, some crying and laughing at the same time, the most incredible look of collective awe I’ve ever seen. And Jesus walks over like Jay Leno and starts shaking hands with them. What a night!”

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