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Why “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls” strikes a nerve

Posted by Admin on January 21, 2012

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Franchesca Ramsey released part two of “Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls” recently and I can say it’s just as funny as part one. I loved the part about she, imitating a white girl, said she dated a black guy in college and went on about how large he was. It reminded me of my coworker who said she slept with a black guy in college and couldn’t understand how us black girls could “do it” as all black man are well-endowed. No joke. Apparently our vaginas are made to be extra long and wide to accommodate the BBP. Anyway…

I also want to speak about the backlash Ramsey’s video has gotten, particularly in comment sections of websites such as The Huffington Post and Jezebel. I just posted one comment I saw on The Huffington Post page, which pretty much sums the complaints:

I’m white and I used to live in an all black part of town. When I walked down the street people would roll down their windows and yell all kinds of stuff at me. Some of it I can’t post because the message would get deleted. It happened all the time—ever couple of blocks. And when I drive through that same neighborho­od today, people who are walking yell at me as I’m driving.

What the girl in the video seems to be calling racism is just naivete and ignorance. If her white friends didn’t like her they wouldn’t hang out with her.
Having been the only white among mostly blacks, they treated me like crap. Some African-Am­ericans are the most racist people of all. And they are often more racist toward their own race than they are to white people, because they taunt other blacks for being white or for not being black enough.The girl who made the video seems to be blissfully unaware of all this. I think she’s more racist than she thinks.

Most of the comments I’ve read have that same spin on them: white people face racism and discrimination, too! Most of the grumblings, as Tami Winfrey Harris wrote at Clutch Magazine, range from people crying reverse racism to people who downright don’t believe people actually speak like this.

The comment I posted above is the prototypical response people of color get when whiteness gets uncomfortable or offended with being labeled as racist. Since whiteness and white privilege teaches white people that they are inherently good and only racism is committed by a handful of folks, the charge of racism being an institutional ideology–one that white people benefit from–goes against what white people have been brainwashed to believe.

It’s no coincidence that backlash has been brewing against Ramsey’s video. Whenever whiteness is criticized or when people of color point out  racism, whiteness retreats into defense mode and often lay the racism claim at the feet of people of color, as the commenter stated in her response on The Huffington Post.

You can talk to any black person and they will tell you they’ve had white people, both men and women, boys and girls, make these same comments to them. You can talk to any white person, woman or man, girl or boy, and they have probably made comments similar to the examples in the video to a black person at one point in their lives.

The reason why this video strikes a nerve among black women is it puts a clever spin on the many microaggressive forms of racism we face on a daily basis. This video puts a face on the racism we have to negotiate each day. All people of color each day wrestle with whether or not to challenge and confront both conspicuous or microagressive forms of racism. It also brings to light of how harmful these microagressions are when they are committed by people who claim to not see color or don’t believe race is a big deal.

The reason why this video strikes a nerve among white people is it puts a mirror up onto the racial slights many of them have committed. This video forces white people to think about how much whiteness, forms of oppression and othering of people of color has been embedded into their brains. The video and the examples of the microaggressions shatters the flawed notion that racism can only be classified as the obvious acts–the cross burnings, the hate crimes, the painting of racial slurs on property–and not the small, everyday occurrence that can often break a person of color’s spirit.

The commenter also claimed that the comments in the video reflect naivete or ignorance, but not racism. I beg to differ as misconceptions, biases and contempt about people of color are often what breed ignorant, racist comments and opinions about The Others.

The problem with the commenter’s logic is whiteness doesn’t allow for people of color to operate on the same sociological level as whites. Since racism equals power and privilege, there is no equal form of treatment people of color can inflict upon white people that would perpetuate our racial superiority. There is no term that can be hurled at white people that reminds them of their racial inferiority.There is no ideology that gives people of color the power and privilege to decide what white people can or can’t view as racist. There is no institution similar to whiteness that allows black people to make our thoughts, feelings and opinions the center of discussion when it comes to the plight of white people. There are no political, economic, social or academic institutions in place that reminds white people of their inferiority by way of voting rights restrictions, stumbling blocks to receive aid, the decline of investing in public schools and the fight to block universal access to quality health care.

There is no historical context that belittled white women for having big butts or white men for having a sexual appetite bordering on rape and violence. There is no historical context in which gave black people the authority to enslave and brutalize an entire race of people. There is no historical context in which protecting black womanhood was used to justify terrorizing, maiming, killing, torturing and subjugating white men.

Franchesca Ramsey’s videos could be the starting point on a discussion on racism, both in its obvious and microaggressive forms. However, just like all events that could spur an honest, candid discussion on racism, this opportunity will pass without a budge because whiteness continues to turn the other cheek on a system that promotes its advancement.

One has to wonder how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would feel about this lack of emotional and mental progress to the topic of race and racism.

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As U.K. Releases UFO Files, Former UFO Project Chief Apologizes For ‘Spin And Dirty Tricks’ (Exclusive)

Posted by Admin on September 30, 2011

Huffington Post, August 17, 2011
Posted here: Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 7:45 Am

This image from 2004 was taken of the town hall in Retford, Nottinghamshire. When the image was developed, it revealed what appears to be a flying saucer in the sky (right side of image). A senior government image analyst ruled there was insufficient information to determine what the object was.

As the British National Archives continues to releaseUFO-related documents, the former Ministry of Defense (MoD) UFO Project chief is openly admitting to being part of what he claims was a U.K. policy of ridiculing UFO reports and the people who reported them.

The U.K. made public 34 previously-classified files, totaling about 9,000 pages of documents covering the years 1985 to 2007. For three of those years, 1991 to 1994, Nick Pope was in charge of the official MoD office.

“What’s abundantly clear from these files is that, while in public we were desperately pushing the line that this was of no defense interest,” Pope told The Huffington Post. “We couldn’t say ‘There’s something in our air space; pilots see them; they’re tracked on radar; sometimes we scramble jets to chase these things, but we can’t catch them.’ This would be an admission that we’d lost control of our own air space, and such a position would be untenable.”

“Every time we got a report from a pilot, we were checking the radar tapes. So it was an interesting sleight of hand. We were telling the public we’re not interested, this is all nonsense, but in reality, we were desperately chasing our tails and following this up in great detail,” he added.

One file reveals how officials were afraid to be embarrassed if the public learned that UFO research was hindered by a lack of funds and higher priorities.

Another case, from 2007, took place in the vicinity of the Channel Islands and involved a small commercial aircraft.

“The pilot and several of his passengers saw a UFO, which they said was essentially a mile long,” Pope recounted. “And several other pilots saw it, but said, ‘We’re not going to report this.’ And here’s the great little get-out-of-jail-free-card for the MoD: Just by a matter of maybe a few hundred meters, it turned out that this was in French air space, so MoD was given this little get out to say, ‘Well, it happened in French air space, so it’s not an issue for us.’ Clearly, that was an absolutely outrageous abrogation of responsibility.”

A file from 1993 (while Pope was chief of the UFO Project) describes how European Union funds had been wasted on a report that included a theory that aliens had established a base in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It turns out that Pope may have been directly involved with this case.

“I’m a little bit apologetic about this because obviously, when I was in MoD, I had to play this game myself. To really achieve our policy of downplaying the UFO phenomenon, we would use a combination of ‘spin and dirty tricks.’

“We used terms like UFO buffs and UFO spotters — terms that mean these people are nut jobs. In other words, we were implying that this is just a very somewhat quaint hobby that people have as opposed to a serious research interest.”

But Pope said the ridicule policy went much further than that.

“Another trick would be deliberately using phrases like ‘little green men.’ We were trying to do two things: either to kill any media story on the subject, or if a media story ran, insure that it ran in such a way that it would make the subject seem ridiculous and that it would make people who were interested in this seem ridiculous.”

Pope further admits that he may have been the one who drafted actual MoD statements that contributed to the ridicule policy.

“If it was my words, then I apologize, I’m very sorry for that. I believe in open government and freedom of information. I believe that the UFO phenomenon does raise important defense, national security and air safety issues, and if I helped kill any initiative on that, I’m deeply sorry.”

Some U.K. cases were apparently easier than others in trying to make them seem non-credible. Like the file that describes UFOs reported at the June 2003 Glastonbury Music Festival.

“It was very easy to find an incident where something is seen at an event like a rock concert,” Pope noted. “You don’t even need to say a thing without the public or media perception being that drugs and alcohol might have played a part. It was all part of the way in which we spun the subject, to try and discredit it.”

Despite the thousands of pages of documents released — with one final batch of files yet to come, sometime early next year — Pope concedes there’s still no written evidence confirming alien visits to Earth.

“Not just yet — there’s no spaceship-in-a-hangar smoking gun. However, there are plenty of sightings that I think show that we’re dealing with more than just aircraft lights and weather balloons.”

The latest 34 U.K. UFO files can be downloaded free of charge for the next month at the National Archives website.

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