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Intel Wars 2 (RAM wars)

Posted by Admin on October 11, 2010

Godfather of Exopolitics

Godfather of Exopolitics

Intel Wars 2 (RAM Wars)
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

In the article Intel Wars 1, I began wading into the RAM controversy. Some of the players have not been amused at my entering their RAM pond. Aside from the occasional threat from Gorden Novel (I am getting along fine with Gordon at present), Jack Sarfatti (New web site: who along with his usual colorful insults, had the audacity of late to call me a bottom feeder for elbowing my way into the RAM ruckus. (Keep in mind I have tangled with Jack for 15 years.) I decided I would wear that badge with honor. All of us in the public sector have by necessity become bottom feeders in order to survive, feeding on the scraps that fall from the voracious surface feeders above.

Down in the deep south where both Gordon and I live, the bottom feeders can grow to great size and when the water and oxygen levels get low, can eat up the surface feeders. As a persistent bottom feeder of all things extraterrestrial, I have been accumulating more information on this RAM controversy that expands the playing field beyond just Gordon’s RAM. There are other RAM projects in development. Jack Reason at the Open Minds Forum stated very well the potential importance of these RAM wars in ending disclosure.

“Is this it? Is this the deck of cards that could topple the UFO Cover Up? RAM = Replication Alien Machine. RAM/ARV Technologies Project = to build a Alien Reproduction Vehicle. Gordon Novel, the primary party interested in moving ahead disclosure of the alleged RAM/ARV technologies, has been meeting with VIPs of Industry, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Science & Technology, and Hollywood for the past five years or more.

In the past couple weeks however, a powder keg is threatening ignition, that if lit, might blow the UFO Cover Up to high heaven. And yes, high heaven includes Washington DC. An unexpected ‘Truth or Dare’ has arrived. Gorden Novel has hurled a shot across the bow.” (More to be found at the following URL. (For those new to OM it may be difficult to turn the pages on the threads. Use the cursor on the page icon, top left, to bring down other pages that are not visible.) )

Both skeptic Ryan Rube of Reality Uncovered and Paranormal Investigator and reporter Gary Beckum have had plenty of contact with Ron Pandolfi over the years and have been very involved and reporting on the people and issues involved. Ryan’s articles:

Gary’s articles:
(Note Ron Pandolfi has been raising hamsters in his home.)

Several years ago Dan Smith said that Ron had indicated that Gordon’s RAM had competition and Bigelow’s name was mentioned. If there is a RAM operation connected to Bigelow Aerospace that would be an important development. Bigelow Aerospace already has a prototype inflatable space station in space and certainly has the interest and capital to move a RAM project ahead quickly. Could Jack Sarfatti be involved in such a operation after the falling out he had with Gordon years ago?

When I talked to Gordon by phone the other day, he said that Paul Murad had stolen his chief aerospace engineer. I assume that this was one of the things that sparked the altercation at the Pizza Hut. (Gordon said the rumor is not true that he pulled a knife on Paul, but that he did have a pocketknife in his pocket with a saw blade on it that could scratch up a persons face a little. ) Gordon’s altercation with Jack Sarfatti and a few choice threats, had Jack screaming FBI, so we see that this competition for talent and investors amongst competing RAMs has turned nasty. The details of all this are on the OM RAM thread already referred to above.

Ryan in his article made a good point that there is intense competition for investors amongst the RAM operations. It seems that Paul Murad is somehow connected to yet another RAM operation and has been intent on poaching investors and talent from Gordon’s RAM, maybe even with Ron Pandolfi’s help. Dan Smith told me in the past that Paul worked for Ron. Keep in mind that Steven Greer has another RAM operation mostly associated with energy and like Gordon through good salesmanship and networking of contacts has accessed millions of dollars of venture capital.

On top of all this Gordon claims to be in a vigorous struggle with those who wish to suppress all RAM development in the public sector including his own. All this could lead to lawsuits involving many billions, maybe even a hundred billion dollars. If a lawsuit can be maintained to the point of discovery that could really heat things up. Lawyer Ramsey Clark is a friend of Gordon.

Gordon says the RAM circuit that his group has a patent on is based on a very fundamental principle upon which all or many of these ARV’s are based. Gordon says its much like the principle of a jet engine where all the different kind of jet aircraft operate on the same fundamental basic principle. The folks who own the patents on this principle or circuit could potentially have a powerful financial impact on all the secret classified spacecraft industry.

Potential royalities from this patent could be in the tens maybe even hundreds of billions of dollars. I would not count Gordon out quite yet. He might not be a physicist, or a good buisnessman, but he is a good networker and has been operating in the black world for a long time and has developed many powerful contacts. For the penthouse spys in Washington to call him a joke, may be a little bit premature. 🙂

There are plenty of people who doubt and attack both Gordon and Steven Greer’s credibility, but the simple fact is that regardless of credibility concerns, both men have through good salesmanship and networking of contacts been able to access millions of dollars of venture capital that is flooding into public RAM operations.

All these operations that I have been reporting on have been in the U.S. but undoubtedly there are other RAM operations cropping up around the world. All this chaos in the private sector is what one would expect as integration into extraterrestrial realities continues to move down from the apex of power towards the grass roots of society.

Certainly all this ruckus has got to be popping up and piquing interest in the large number of companies involved in corporate espionage. These latest revelations on corporate espionage and the CIA show just how prevalent corporate espionage is today.

Once corporations cut out of the action catch on to RAM and powerful legal teams realize how much money is to be made in litigating these issues, that could as Jake Reason suggests, blow the UFO/ET cover-up sky high. Certainly this is something that all the UFO/ET community should be aware of and keep a close eye upon.

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Intel Wars 1 (Sacrificial RAM)

Posted by Admin on October 11, 2010


Godfather of Exopolitics

Godfather of Exopolitics


UFO/ET Intelligence Wars (Part 1, Sacrificial RAM)
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My Blog:

Quote of the day, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”Mahatma Gandi

I have been remiss of late for not having paid enough attention to the latest upheaval and uproar amongst the UFO/ET intelligence professionals associated with the Ron Pandolfi and Jack Sarfatti group. These rogues have been at it again big time with their undisputed Spy In Chief, Ronald Pandolfi. Once again Ron has instigated a ruckus as part of a continuing high stakes game of political UFO/ET Washington gamesmanship, that I believe leads right up into the halls of Congress!

For you neophyte readers still in kindergarten and not having read prior articles of mine RAM is directed by a old Nixon era counterintelligence agent rumored to have been the Umbrella Man in the Kennedy Assassination. Gorden Novel no lightweight to intelligence games. RAM since as its inception has focused on developing an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) based on key patents that the Cartel seems to failed to apply for and RAM applied for and received. Gordan believes the patents are basic to the trillion or multi-trillion dollar secret international space fleet code named Solar Warden.

RAM could be a real headache for the Corporate Cartel in the future costing it huge sums of money in litigation. RAM could be a very important asset and chip for any politicians trying to reign in the Cartel corporations that have been almost totally outside the law and constitution for decades since the MJ 12 purges and privatization of the Nixon administration.

Gordon also claims that RAM has just put a very important UFO/ET movie disclosure script on Steven Spielberg’s desk. With fame and fortune and millions even billions of dollars in sight it appears all is being swept away and Gordon may soon find himself homeless living under a bridge with only his trusted blackberry in tow. 🙂 What the CIA gives it seems it can take away! At least that is the appearance being projected. As we know appearances can be deceiving.

Folks should keep in mind that there is historical precedence here and it would be a good time to remember James Black especially because John Alexander has been in regular contact with Gorden and has become quite friendly with Gordon. James Black was an inventor that formed a company to get these same kinds of technologies out into the public domain. He was befriended by John Alexander who once he had infiltrated James’s group promptly blew it up. Lets hope that Gorden comes out of this in better shape than James. 🙂

A couple of weeks before James was to file a lawsuit against John Alexander, LANL, the American and Canadian governments he was found dead in his hotel room. Being that Gordon is threatening to sue for 30 billion dollars I am beginning to feel a sense of Deja Vu. I wonder if Alexander is thinking that he too has been double crossed by Ron for not blowing up RAM long ago. 🙂 One angle would be that this ruckus is to give the appearance of blowing up RAM in order to placate John, MJ 12 and the Cartel.

An even more interesting speculation has been made by Dan Smith that Ron is deliberately creating this ruckus and focusing the attention on himself and away from his political handlers in order to have Gorden throw him into the media, legal and congressional brier patch. Remember Brr Rabbit says, “Please oh please do anything you want to me Brr Fox, but don’t throw me in that brier patch!” Already Gordon has been on Coast to Coast and Dan says Jack is scheduled in the near future and then he Dan may follow. Dan even suggested that I might want to get into the act to play my part and has encouraged me to write this article.

These intelligence rascals and even the skeptics never learn. Anybody who points out to them that their character, thoughts and emotions are being played and orchestrated daily by one of the best counterintelligence men the CIA has to offer, still believe Ron when he tells them that the accuser is nuts! Brr Rabbit stuck it to Brr Fox time and time again because Brr Fox never learned to distrust what Brr Rabbit was saying and instead watch and learn from what he was doing. Gorden Novel is just the latest of the Brr Foxes to be double crossed and tricked by Ron to serve his and his handlers political agenda.

Gorden now admits he has been tricked and used by Ron.

Please send me a phone number and or e-mail contact for David Reitzes. He is about to finally make me spend some money or time to get him to get rid of his “CIA or Con Man” marquee I cannot believe RP and Associates remotely appreciates. I have over a thousand e-mails and equal number of phone calls along with a lot of well witnessed meetings with RP since 1997. We were not discussing tiddlywinks. Ron currently by his or his associates choosing is my “Brer Rabbit” and I his “Brer Fox“. Until he fixes whats wrong in our relationship starting with Murad has a “TARBABY” of very large magnitude to deal with and no “Brier Patch” to hide in and I ain’t giving him one. In my viewpoint he is still a brilliant much admired and respected friend I gladly use to risk my life for. He is not my enemy – just a very serious disappointment in hero worship.

David’s using me as his whipping boy in his historical claim to fame like the Flame for Fame Jackal tried to do until my son and some of my friends got his go away while you still can attention is about to get legally speaking for him very dangerous. You also owed me the right of rebuttal before you wrote that fallacious and salacious “RU” hatchet job. This interview would have gone a lot smoother without the pseudo “Reality Uncovered” sandbag job piece and your e-mails clearly supporting Jack’s libelous attacks if you really were interested in getting to the truth. You need to remove that specious crap, rant, and diatribe off my overall web site or this is going to be a very tough interview for you. “Once burned – twice shy”. I suggest you get my SCS REPORT book so you know exactly what it is your asking me about. RP should still be willing to confirm that I am no ones fool including his. GN”

In response to the above I wrote back.

“Hi Gordon thanks for putting me in the loop. I think you did a very good assessment of the mistakes you made with Ron. As long as a person realizes that Ron is a master of gamesmanship and a clever sociopath that so plagues the beltway mentality, he can be worked with. One just has to remember in his world people and friendships are considered political currency to be used, abused and everybody is expendable. I suspect while this may work well in Washington politics elements of the military may have a quite different perspective on how friends and fellow comrades should be treated.

The beltway bandits moral compass of course is seriously flawed based on the assumption that the end justifies the means. That’s a very fundamental error and character flaw individually and collectively because in truth the means creates or is the end. Destructive means eventually corrupt the most admirable of ends.

As long as a person understands that Ron creates friendships and associations to be used to his political advantage and played one against one another on a continuous basis then as long as one is always watching their back a person can stay safe. Forget this and as you have seen the price must be paid. I doubt that Ron has any real friends with Dan Smith being the closest to being a real friend but even Dan knows Ron is his handler and a CIA asset but others like yourself don’t realize that or tend to forget the fact. Once you interact with Ron you are being used as a expendable asset, that’s just the reality of being in any association with Ron.

The phone conversation I had with Ron quite a while back involved Ron sizing up a number of characters in this intelligence network. It was obvious to me that once Ron has figured out a persons character, mind and emotions he knows how to brilliantly manipulate that person to his advantage and he does that on a continuous basis and that is why he has risen to the top of the CIA and Washington politics.

Ron spent a lot of time helping you build up RAM as a valuable CIA asset and poker chip to be played in a high stakes game of political poker. Now think about that and try to figure out what’s his game. Don’t trust what he says without verification from other sources. I think this apparent double cross is a tactical move in response to getting concessions from the Cartel corporations. I don’t expect him to completely blow up such a valuable asset, just make it look that way to the Cartel in just another political maneuver. Remember he knows what you are going to do even before you think of doing it. He knows you inside and out and exactly how you will react when provoked to play out the role assigned to you by him.

If Brr Fox paid more attention to what Brr Rabbit was doing and less to what he was saying he would not have been the butt of Brr Rabbits tricks so often. Unfortunately Brr Fox never learns like so many other folks who foolishly believe the talk and get taken in. He knows how to play Jack just as well as he does you and I wonder if Jack has any idea of how well Ron manipulates him. Ed”

I agree with Gordon that Jack Sarfatti, Ron’s principle attack dog, has been deliberately unleashed against the now poverty stricken Gorden Novel and his RAM group. But Gordon, that’s not the half of it, because undoubtedly Ron the past several years has been covertly feeding Jacks anger and resentment to use against you and RAM at the appropriate time. I assume he has also been feeding the skepticism at Reality Uncovered as well.

It is a undisputed fact that Ron has been devoting large amounts of his valuable time over the past several years to help Gordon his loyal bulldog build RAM. In a phone conversation Gordon says that he has been in touch with Ron the past several years almost daily. This is confirmed by Dan Smith who let it slip to me in a recent phone conversation that he is just a tad bit resentful for all the attention Gordon has been getting from Ron. 🙂

Dan says as far as he knows in a recent phone conversation, that in the public domain he and Gordon have received the most attention from Ron than anybody and they both have become important key CIA assets with Ron as their handler. The important difference between Dan and Gordon until recently is that Dan knows he is being adroitly manipulated and Gordon did not. Gordon mistakenly believed that Ron and the Washington politicians have a correct moral compass that guides their gamesmanship. Now he pays the price for not realizing that in the Beltway, the false idea that the end justifies the means, is wildly rampant in political gamesmanship and maybe instead of plotting revenge Gordon should be flattered for being screwed? 🙂

So why in the world would Ron go to all this trouble to build up RAM only to inexplicably blow it up? I believe this question can only be answered by enlarging our perspective to the degree that the answer becomes obvious. Critical to this enlargement of perspective is to understand the way high stakes politics works and Ron is inadvertently being my teacher just as I am inadvertently his CIA asset. Just as important are some important assumptions and facts.

How many folks remember when Ron appeared before Congress and blew up an illegal corporate technology transfer to China during the Clinton administration that was a severe national security threat? Here is a tiny but very important ti-bit of information that speaks volumes as to who Ron’s handlers are. After the s— hit the fan Dan received a call from Ron’s wife telling Dan that she had received a call from a very important Committee Chairman telling her not to worry and that things were not as they seemed and Ron was not in trouble. At the time Dan could hear Ron yelling at his wife not to tell Dan this. Obviously Ron’s whistle-blowing was being orchestrated at the highest levels. (See first link in this article.)

Dan and I now suspect that this past covert operation run out of the halls of Congress was a precursor to Ron’s CIA activities today as point man and congressional briefer in all matters extraterrestrial. My guess is that Ron could be coordinating the activities of all the secret stakeholders with the three main stakeholders being the Cartel, Congress and Executive Branch, and the Military.

If my source in my ET integration articles is correct this may be orchestrated through a Top Secret Contact Committee, which makes sense as this is much bigger issue than any single committee in Congress can tackle. Dan says Ron is one of the very few people who does not have to go by strict limiting protocols and can walk in and meet any member of Congress as he pleases, freely.

I might be possible that Ron is coordinating Secret Contact Committee disclosure efforts. If these other sources are correct humanity’s integration into extraterrestrial society is so far along that he may be involved in many other extraterrestrial related things like ET trade, cultural exchanges, scientific and technology efforts, etc. etc. as well. The Ad hoc UFO Military Working Group to be a maverick operation and this might be why Ron deceived Gordon in saying that Source A was hoaxing. Ron would not want any of his assets moving over and coordinating with any maverick operations being run by the Navy. I expect Ron to do his best to attempt to keep CIA control over all things extraterrestrial as best he can.

I hope that Ron’s Congressional handlers have a little more moral authority than Ron himself. My father used to have a man like Ron working for him that was always stirring up trouble amongst the rest of the staff playing people against off each other for entertainment unless he was kept busy. Ron strikes me as that sort of person that might have to be taken to the woodshed from time to time by his Congressional handlers, else his gamesmanship gets totally out of control. Meanwhile he and his confusing antics on the Internet undoubtedly remain a very useful asset in the Intelligence Wars centered around UFO/ET disclosure.

I would appreciate if if all parties involved could send me URLs and material I can quote for my next article. I am wading into this bit late and not up on the details of this controversy. In the meantime folks might want to go to Jake Reason’s thread at OM that gives many of the details as to what this is all about.

To be continued:

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