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Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message – August 1-7, 2010

Posted by Admin on August 3, 2010

August 1-7, 2010
Beloved Lightworkers,
Many of you are feeling the heaviness that you have been experiencing for many months now lifting from you and you are able to feel joy, happiness and well-being once again. Long have you struggled with your core issues and now that you have valiantly been willing to experience your core fears and issues, it is time to let go and move on. There is much that is waiting for you to discover, all your innate talents and abilities that have been lying in wait just beneath the surface of your thoughts. It is time to re-dedicate yourselves to exploring your own uniqueness and majesty. You are each mighty, powerful Beings and it is time for you to reconnect with you and what you really are.
Every situation and issue that you are confronted with gives you a choice, to choose either to delve right in to the experience or to stand back, go within and discover the root of the problem or challenge and decide to take the high road. This can be difficult to do when those you love are involved and distancing yourselves from them can keep you detached from the drama that is manifesting around you. Stay centered, Dear Ones, and have faith in your own abilities and intuition.You do know the answers and they are within you. Take the time to sit in meditation, or just spend quiet time out in Nature, and allow yourselves to feel whatever needs to express through you.
This is very helpful in gaining a truer perspective of your situation.
Humanity as a whole is becoming more self aware and many people around the Planet are questioning those in authority and they want more good in their lives than they believed they could attain before. As more and more people begin this exploration of their innermost thoughts and feelings, they will begin to make more relevant choices that are more responsible and cognizant of the effects of those choices on those around them. This will create transformations within the minds and hearts of all who go through this process and it is not an easy one, as you know. The most important thing to remember is that Love is the answer in every situation or issue, for the bottom line is that Love is all there is. Sometimes, what is necessary is the Love of Self.
Do practice focusing on what you want in your lives consistently each and every day, for this is what will help in its creation. Use your visualization skills to create mind movies that you can replay over and over again, knowing that you are creating the life and circumstances of your choosing. If you find yourselves being ‘stuck’ in a rut of negative thinking, identify these recurring thoughts and create a substitute and replace the negative with the positive until it comes naturally to you and be sure to involve your emotions in the process, for it is the experience of the feelings of your desired outcome that will bring it to you more quickly and easily. Start with a small project and as you experience success with it, your confidence will grow until you become adept at the process of creative visualization.
You who have been in the trenches in the Ascension process are nearing fruition in your endeavors so do not lose hope or faith, keep on keeping on! You are accomplishing more than you can possibly know in your present moment and what is required of you is to persist and never give up. Each of you has the Ascended Host at your disposal and we are only too glad to be of service. I know that this is something I have said to you many times, but it is true, and it is also true that you Beloved Ones get so caught up in your Earthly lives that you quite often forget to ask us and we must have your request before we can step in to give assistance, so please, once again, we say to you to just ask us!
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff
Permission is given to share this message as  long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and  Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.
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Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message:July 25-31, 2010

Posted by Admin on July 25, 2010

Master Hilarion

Master Hilarion

Beloved Lightworkers,

Long have you all been in the trenches, transmuting and transforming all the World Karma energies that have been surfacing for resolution through this year. Many of you are weary from the sustained effort knowing that this will not abate any time soon but there have been breakthroughs in consciousness and Awareness and many of you are beginning to realize that you can at any moment, recreate your reality just by changing your thoughts and intentions. If you have been experiencing lethargy, this new phase will require extra effort on your part to break out of.

There is much that is changing on the etheric levels and if you would be able to see and witness these changes, you would be so very heartened, Beloved Ones. Your efforts are most definitely not in vain, even though it seems as though chaos falls upon the Earth as each day dawns. Take heart and stand strong and practice your disciplines, for this is the glue that will keep you united, even though you feel as though you walk alone. We are always near you and give you strength and energy when you need it, even when you do not ask. Of course, when you ask, we can go to work on all levels of your Being and life situations and can help you get through the many initiations you are experiencing.

As the days go forth through this month, remember that you are the anchors of the Light of God that never fails and that it is you, each of you, who make the difference. The Light quotient on the Earth is increasing and people are Awakening in record numbers now. Remember your own experiences as this happened and lend a hand to those who may need it, to help guide them through. It is your thoughts and intentions to create a new World, a better World that is making it so. This is the power that you wield, for you are the power and the power is love. We applaud your many efforts throughout the World to add your Light to many events that have been taking place in order to facilitate a change for the better.

Know that there are Legions of Angels and Galactic Beings who are working diligently to help the Ascension process of the Earth, Humanity and all upon Her and that the Light of God will prevail. We love and honor each of you for going the distance, no matter what.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as  long  as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and  Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

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Hilarion: Allow Your Loved Ones to Go Through Their Process

Posted by Admin on July 22, 2010

July 18-25, 2010

Beloved Ones,

As you look around you, the World as you have known it is rapidly changing. All that once seemed solid is now in the process of dissolution and transformation.

This is bringing many of you great sadness and pain but also great growth in spiritual perceptions and a total re-evaluation of your purpose here on Earth.

Grieve not, Beloved Hearts, for as the dissolution comes, there is also great potential for growth and transformation that is taking place within the hearts, minds and Souls of those who are giving you such difficulties at this time. All is as it should be from the higher perspective. We say to you not to give up on your relationships with those whom you love, for all is not yet lost.

Your Beloved Ones need giant wake up calls at this juncture and each of you have agreed to accept the roles that you are now playing and what is now playing out in each of your lives and relationships has required each of you to experience a ‘dark night of the Soul’ and, as Lightworkers, you are helping them to open up to their higher potential.

To you it seems as though all is lost and never ‘the twain’ shall meet, yet you will find that down the road you are each traveling, there will occur great transformations within your Loved Ones and as these transformations begin to take place, a greater realization of your value and worth to them will begin to take place within them and they will realize how blessed they have been with your presence in their lives and there will be opportunities for reconciliation.

What is needed now for those of you going through these experiences is to love and nurture yourselves. Go within as often as you are able and spend as much time in Nature as possible, for this will help keep you grounded and will help soothe your Soul.

Allow your Loved Ones to go through their process and try and detach yourselves from any expectations. Sometimes a temporary time away will create greater clarity within your minds and hearts and bring your situations into greater focus and you will get a sense of your next step and your way will become clearer.

As this happens, be open to receiving guidance and the synchronicities as they occur in your daily lives, for your personal Guides and Angels will do everything they can to give assistance. We are ever ready and will answer your calls with alacrity. Stand in your Light, Dear Ones, and stand tall. Speak your truth and be not afraid, for all will work out in a way that will leave you gasping with incredible joy.

It will require further and great patience on your part, for you must allow the time for this to manifest. You may have to spend this time removed from the situation, in order for order and harmony to be restored. Have faith and hold onto the Love that you hold in your hearts, for the Love IS the answer.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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