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Exopolitics Book Chapter 5 (Draft) by Ed Komarek

Posted by Admin on November 22, 2011


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Note: There is some material here in this draft that I need to get permission to publish before I put anything on paper. It’s going to take some time to run these folks down.

Gray Driven Advancements in Genetic Engineering, Microbiology and Aerospace

There is speculation that the alien species know as the Greys are perhaps just as diverse and spread across the universe as, are the human species. Therefore, it is important not to paint what appears to be a vast network of Grey species with the same brush. As with cosmic humans, it seems that the Greys run the gamut from being highly predatory using competitive win-lose tactics, to being cooperative and using win-win tactics.

Abduction investigators investigating Grey activity seem to fall into two very contradictory camps, those that see threat, like David Jacobs and those that see promise, like Steven Greer and Carol Rosin and John Mack. Its possible sides are right and both sides are wrong, because of the diversity of individuals and groups of Greys. Understanding this diversity as with cosmic humans is complicated by processes of artificial evolution.

Investigator and probable abductee George LoBuono got me interested in the idea of a Grey Collective and he had this to say in this regard. “Krapf is the first to outline a larger mega-population directly and in detail. It poses an overview of the Grays and the Roswell hybrids, also. We should expect to see some larger populations, given the age of the universe and the way that the Kepler satellite suggests an abundance of Earth-like planets.”

“I’ll state my experience with Verdants, again. Among aliens, telepathic and remote sensing is considered a reliable evidentiary basis for data and reporting. I’ve interacted and have criticized Verdants and their associated aliens for years–even my kids have probably been abducted, i.e. their stories of “dreams” about going up with aliens, after one of which I found a perfect, lentil-sized scoop mark taken out of my son’s foot soles (it absolutely wasn’t there before).”

“In years of interactions & rigorous remote probing and questioning of Verdants, it has been as is all such interaction. I see them, the inside of their craft (faintly) and I hear urgent, clear critiques of them by other aliens. I can say that I know the manner, character and behavior of some Verdants as well as I know that of some humans with whom I have been acquainted for years. Even more so, actually, given that in such interactions you resonate into their minds, not just seeing them visually. Having interacted with them and some of their sub-populations, I have absolute zero doubt about their existence. Again, this is in a more alien-like context: where remote checking and detailed interactions are normal, every single day. “(End)

I don’t like to use ethical and moral terms like good and evil anymore to compare different races of extraterrestrials, because what the fox may consider moral and ethical, the rabbit the fox’s prey might tend to disagree. I see morality and ethics as cohesive agreements that individuals or groups or even civilizations make between themselves, so as to be able to cooperate together and rise up to a higher level of fractal above those that don’t.

Some investigators like George have come to call the agglomeration of Grey species, the Grey collective, a term for this very diverse group of individuals groups and civilizations. Likewise maybe we should call the agglomerate of galactic human species the galactic human collective. Some evidence seems to suggest that these two collectives and even other cosmic collectives may be colliding and competing, not only on earth, but on a much larger universal playing field.

I am suggesting that not only are competitive and cooperative struggles going on within collectives, but between different collectives themselves. I see all this as simply just an extension of what is happening in nature all around us, here on earth. Why should the evolutionary laws of nature not apply elsewhere? The laws of physics do not stop at the edge of space, so why should the laws of nature, politics, science and economics stop at the edge of space.

Charles Hall has told me that the TW are in a cold war with the Greys disliking even hating the Greys, and a source known to Jeff Adams claiming to be the step-son of an Air Force general with close MJ 12 connection told Jeff this: “The Nordics and the Greys had an alliance which fell apart at this same time. The Nordics, who can be quite warlike when they want to be, opened up a can of whoopass on the Greys, and the war cost the Greys a lot of ground. The Greys were apparently using the Nordics for their own purposes, and the Nordics were not amused. The US/EU/UN still works with the Greys, so we all know where this going to end.”

I have heard similar stories of conflict between cosmic humans and Greys from my local contactee friends with one saying that he doubts that the Greys are going to leave us alone anytime soon. It’s pretty obvious from abductee accounts like those of Jim Sparks that the Greys think of us as property. In this quote from Jim’s book on page 100 this point was made very clear. “They seemed to sense my rage, and they left me alone for a little bit. I was clear-headed but angry.”

“Then, instead of answering any questions, they made their presentation again, though this time in written form, in their language. I watched it and found that, again, I could comprehend it, and it all underlined their message: “We’ve been around for a while. We’ve been working on your personal family line. We know you well. Humans are ours.”

Jeff Adams source said in more detail but similar to what I have heard elsewhere on the number of ET races know to the government. “To Jeff: Just got off with some friends in the know. Here is what they had to add. They also told me what to look for — (deleted for security reasons) there are 7 major and 57 minor alien races in our section of the universe. If we expand to include our galaxy, the number rises to 11 and 124. So much for the ‘no life in the rest of the universe’ theory!! LOL :)”

This leads me to believe that the really big picture in which we are intimately and subtly involved is a continuous struggle where the Greys are pressing and testing the defenses of the celestial human collective over wide portions of universal space. Because we are dealing with advanced sophisticated beings, the competitive struggles can be very subtle and range far beyond our normal perceptual awareness even into our individual minds creating a cosmic mental battlefield.

It may be that competitive struggles start as inter-galactic psyops, a kind of advanced multidimensional chess game that may or may not degrade into open material conflict on many material worlds. An analogy would be that a family fight begins with name calling, disinformation, propaganda and lies, then may or may not degrade down into violent action.

The Greys seem to be fundamentally different than humans with some having atrophied digestive tracts as discussed in alleged military autopsy reports and may be absorbing nutrients through the skin rather than through a digestive tract. The skin may function like the inside of our digestive tracts, that’s why some feel clammy and damp and smelly when touched. There is some evidence and speculation that the mutilation of animals and even humans, where the bodies are drained of blood, that some kind of food mixture using blood, is being externally ingested into their bodies through the skin. Maybe there is something to the vampire myths after all. Most Greys interacting with abductees also seem to be lacking of feelings and deep emotions while surpassing us in intellectual abilities.

Accounts of early meeting by extraterrestrial humans with earth humans have indicated that the Eisenhower Administration and his military generals were warned by these human ETs not to get involved with the Greys. From an abundance of evidence suggesting Technology Transfer Programs, (TTP) agreements between earth humans and Greys of a Faustian nature, we can assume that this advice was not heeded. The promise of high technology was just too great and fear so high, that the military and ruling elites may have felt they had no choice but to cooperate and sell out the citizenry in a kind of modern day slave trade, hoping in time to gain enough technological knowledge for a defense.

The truth seems to be very clear that some Greys are managing the earth human race considering us their property. It’s very clear in abductee accounts that we are expected to submit to them in every way. However from reports I have been seeing, resistance has been growing from many quarters both inside the breakaway civilization and outside in the public domain. The net result seems to be a state of insider cooperation based on human failings very well understood and useful to the Greys, and in other cases, resistance, outright hostility, fighting and shoot-downs. One Special Forces patch has “Tastes like Chicken” written on it.

What is also becoming clear is that it must take thousands perhaps even tens of thousands of Greys and their hybrids cooperating with the classified breakaway civilization to manage our rapidly growing population and rapid technological evolution. The evidence suggests that these operations are headquartered in underground mazes of tunnels, military bases even underground cities on earth and now perhaps even in joint mining operations on the Moon.

Reports and books by very credible investigators like Richard Sauder in his books on underground and underwater bases describes very well a little of the history behind the breakaway civilizations creation and move to extensive underground secret secure facilities beginning even before the 1950s when underground excavations and tunneling began in earnest, again seemingly in parallel with extraterrestrial contact. The following was written by Richard Sauder PhD and adapted from his book Underground Bases and Tunnels.

“The nuclear subterrene (rhymes with ‘submarine’) was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. A number of patents were filed by scientists at Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were written – and then the whole thing just sort of faded away. Or did it? Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them.

The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to the tunnel face, where it melts the rock. In the process of melting the rock the lithium loses some of its heat. It is then circulated back along the exterior of the tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled lithium then circulates back to the reactor where the whole cycle starts over. In this way the nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear powered, 2,000 degree Fahrenheit (1,100 Celsius) earthworm, boring its way deep underground.

The United States Atomic Energy Commission and the United States Energy Research and Development Administration took out Patents in the 1970s for nuclear subterrenes. The first patent, in 1972 went to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

The nuclear subterrene has an advantage over mechanical TBMs in that it produces no muck that must be disposed of by conveyors, trains, trucks, etc. This greatly simplifies tunneling. If nuclear subterrenes actually exist (and I do not know if they do) their presence, and the tunnels they make, could be very hard to detect, for the simple reason that there would not be the tell-tale muck piles or tailings dumps that are associated with the conventional tunneling activities. The 1972 patent makes this clear. It states:

“… (D) Debris may be disposed of as melted rock both as a lining for the hole and as a dispersal in cracks produced in the surrounding rock. The rock-melting drill is of a shape and is propelled under sufficient pressure to produce and extend cracks in solid rock radially around the bore by means of hydrostatic pressure developed in the molten rock ahead of the advancing rock drill penetrator. All melt not used in glass-lining the bore is forced into the cracks where it freezes and remains …

“… Such a (vitreous) lining eliminates, in most cases, the expensive and cumbersome problem of debris elimination and at the same time achieves the advantage of a casing type of bore hole liner.” U.S. Patent No. 3,693,731 dated Sept. 26, 1972 There you have it: a tunneling machine that creates no muck, and leaves a smooth, vitreous (glassy) tunnel lining behind.

Another patent three years later was for: A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in soft rock or wet, clayey, unconsolidated or boulder earth by simultaneously detaching the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and forming a supporting excavation wall liner by deflecting the molten materials against the excavation walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous wall supporting liner, and detaching the tunnel face circumscribed by the kerf with powered mechanical earth detachment means and in which the heat required for melting the kerf and liner material is provided by a compact nuclear reactor.

This 1975 patent further specifies that the machine is intended to excavate tunnels up to 12 meters in diameter or more. This means tunnels of 40 ft. or more in diameter. The kerf is the outside boundary of the tunnel wall that a boring machine gouges out as it bores through the ground or rock. So, in ordinary English, this machine will melt a circular boundary into the tunnel face. The melted rock will be forced to the outside of the tunnel by the tunnel machine, where it will form a hard, glassy tunnel lining (see the appropriate detail in the patent itself, as shown in Illustration 41). At the same time, mechanical tunnel boring equipment will grind up the rock and soil detached by the melted kerf and pass it to the rear of the machine for disposal by conveyor, slurry pipeline, etc.

And yet a third patent was issued to the United States Energy Research and Development Administration just 21 days later, on 27 May 1975 for a machine remarkably similar to the machine patented on 6 May 1975. The abstract describes: A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in rock by progressive detachment of the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and simultaneously forming an initial tunnel wall support by deflecting the molten materials against the tunnel walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous liner; and fragmenting the tunnel core circumscribed by the kerf by thermal stress fracturing and in which the heat required for such operations is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor. This machine would also be capable of making a glass-lined tunnel of 40 ft. in diameter or more.

Perhaps some of my readers have heard the same rumors that I have heard swirling in the UFO literature and on the UFO grapevine: stories of deep, secret, glass-walled tunnels excavated by laser powered tunneling machines. I do not know if these stories are true. If they are, however, it may be that the glass-walled tunnels are made by the nuclear subterrenes described in these patents. The careful reader will note that all of these patents were obtained by agencies of the United States government. Further, all but one of the inventors are from Los Alamos, New Mexico. Of course, Los Alamos National Lab is itself the subject of considerable rumors about underground tunnels and chambers, Little Greys or “EBEs”, and various other covert goings-on.

A 1973 Los Alamos study entitled Systems and Cost analysis for a Nuclear Subterrene Tunneling Machine: A Preliminary Study, concluded that nuclear subterrene tunneling machines (NSTMs) would be very cost effective, compared to conventional TBMs. It stated: Tunneling costs for NSTMs are very close to those for TBMs, if operating conditions for TBMs are favorable. However, for variable formations and unfavorable conditions such as soft, wet, boulder ground or very hard rock, the NSTMs are far more effective. Estimates of cost and percentage use of NSTMs to satisfy U.S. transportation tunnel demands indicate a potential cost savings of 850 million dollars (1969 dollars) throughout 1990.

An estimated NSTM prototype demonstration cost of $100 million over an eight-year period results in a favorable benefit-to-cost ratio of 8.5. …Was the 1973 feasibility study only idle speculation, and is the astonishingly similar patent two years later only a wild coincidence? As many a frustrated inventor will tell you, the U.S. Patent Office only issues the paperwork when it’s satisfied that the thing in question actually works!

In 1975 the National Science Foundation commissioned another cost analysis of the nuclear subterrene. The A.A. Mathews Construction and Engineering Company of Rockville, Maryland produced a comprehensive report with two, separate, lengthy appendices, one 235 and the other 328 pages. A.A. Mathews calculated costs for constructing three different sized tunnels in the Southern California area in 1974. The three tunnel diameters were: a) 3.05 meters (10 ft.) b) 4.73 meters (15.5 ft.) c) 6.25 meters (20.5 ft.) Comparing the cost of using NSTMs to the cost of mechanical TBMs, A.A. Mathews determined: Savings of 12 percent for the 4.73 meter (15.5 ft.) tunnel and 6 percent for the 6.25 meter (20.5 foot) tunnel were found to be possible using the NSTM as compared to current methods. A penalty of 30 percent was found for the 3.05 meter (10 foot) tunnel using the NSTM.

The cost advantage for the NSTM results from the combination of, (a) a capital rather than labor intensive system, (b) formation of both initial support and final lining in conjunction with the excavation process. This report has a number of interesting features. It is noteworthy in the first place that the government commissioned such a lengthy and detailed analysis of the cost of operating a nuclear subterrenes. Just as intriguing is the fact that the study found that the tunnels in the 15 ft. to 20 ft. diameter range can be more economically excavated by NSTMs than by conventional TBMs.

Finally, the southern California location that was chosen for tunneling cost analysis is thought provoking. This is precisely one of the regions of the West where there is rumored to be a secret tunnel system. Did the A.A. Mathews study represent part of the planning for an actual covert tunneling project that was subsequently carried out, when it was determined that it was more cost effective to use NSTMs than mechanical TBMs? Whether or not nuclear subterrene tunneling machines have been used, or are being used, for subterranean tunneling is a question I cannot presently answer.” (End)

One really can’t delve into this subject of the Greys without coming to the conclusion that the Greys seem to be operating out of subterranean bases now networked into United States subterranean facilities throughout the western United States, the Nation and across the globe. This vast system of excavated underground tunnels, bases even cities that are part of the secret infrastructure of the Breakaway Society would seem to be 50 to a hundred years advanced from what is public, just as is with the Secret Space Program. This even while the United States government sticks to is false narrative story line indicated in the 2011 response to Steve Bassett’s White House petition.

“Phil Larson, who works on space policy and communications at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, wrote the White House response to the two petitions. The response was posted on the White House Web site. Here is a summary: ““The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race, Larson writes. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.””

This lie continues to reinforce the 70 year false narrative, is just a continuation of official American public propaganda policy even though countries around the globe are now releasing declassified documents proving otherwise. I guess if it still works, don’t fix it. The Air Force got into trouble by trying to adjust their lies in regard to Roswell that began with Weather Balloon, and then Mogul Balloon then dummies dropped out of airplanes. When will it ever end?

There is little doubt in my mind that the Greys have advanced the aerospace and biotechnology of the US and its allies, far beyond what would have happened naturally. Even the TW and other races have seemed unwilling to give us deep space technology to travel to other solar systems, but the Greys seem to see us a weak link in the cosmic human collective, and see it’s to their advantage to give us this technology at the expense of the greater cosmic human collective.

The Glowing Raccoon

The following is evidence that the Greys are accelerating our biotechnological knowledge, but cases like this also show how this most prominent species of Grey employs so many of the attributes of the predator, stealth, deception, perception management, false memories, false appearance, misdirection, illusions etc. A flood of abduction cases starting in the late 50s and early 60s presents a huge body of evidence in support of this perspective.

When we select out the probable psychological noise of false cases from what appear to be real cases, a picture emerges of a serious threat to earth human rights and liberties and our genome sovereignty. It’s becoming obvious that we are not the top predators of the planet that we think we are, and have little genome security defenses, let alone space defenses against such a crafty and sophisticated predator essentially doing with us what it will. I must say that this position is still vigorously contested by some UFO/ET investigators especially those that claim positive experiences with certain types of Greys.

A good example of Greys possibly accelerating biotechnology and genetic research can be found in the following case.

On a Friday night in April 1983, Dr. Kary Mullis, a biochemist, was driving up to his cabin in Mendocino County in northern California. During that drive to his Anderson Valley cabin Mullis conceived one of the great discoveries of modern chemistry: the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a surprisingly simple method for making unlimited copies of DNA, thereby revolutionizing biochemistry almost overnight. Dr. Mullis described his discovery in Scientific American (“The Unusual Origin of the Polymerase Chain Reaction”, April, 1990). He was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery.

On another Friday night, during the summer of 1985, Dr. Mullis drove up to his cabin. Arriving around midnight after driving for about three hours, Mullis dumped groceries he bought on the way, switched on the lights (powered by solar batteries) and headed, with flashlight in hand, to the outside toilet located about 50′ west of the cabin. He never got there that night. Quoting from his 1998 book Dancing Naked in the Mine Field, Mullis encountered something extraordinarily weird on the way. “…at the far end of the path, under a fir tree, there was something glowing. I pointed my flashlight at it anyhow. It only made it whiter where the beam landed. It seemed to be a raccoon. I wasn’t frightened. Later, I wondered if it could have been a hologram, projected from God knows where.”

“The raccoon spoke. “Good evening, doctor,” it said. I said something back, I don’t remember what, probably, “Hello.’ The next thing I remember, it was early in the morning. I was walking along a road uphill from my house.” Mullis had no idea how he got there but he was not wet from the extensive early morning dew. His flashlight was missing. He was never able to find it. He had no signs of injury or bruising. The lights of the cabin were still on, along with the groceries on the floor. Some six hours had gone by unaccounted for.

Later in the day he found that an area of his property…the most beautiful part of my woods, had inexplicably become a place of dread. A year or so later Mullis exorcised this fear John Wayne-style by shooting the woods up. While his attempt at psychotherapy proved successful it did not help him find out what had happened that night in the summer of 1985. Mullis would become the only known Nobel Prize laureate to claim an experience of what might be an alien abduction.

He describes himself as “a generalist with a chemical prejudice.” Others have described him as “Hunter Thompson meets Stephen Hawking” or “the world’s most eccentric and outspoken Nobel Prize-winning scientist.” It is not easy to dispose of Mullis’s experience as a drug or alcoholic hallucination. For one, he was not affected by either that midnight. Plus, he has not been the only one to have experienced strange events at the cabin.

His daughter, Louise, disappeared for about three hours after wandering down the same hill. She also reappeared on the same stretch of road. Her frantic fiancée was about to call the local sheriff. Mullis had told no one of his experience until his daughter called to tell him to buy Whitley Strieber’s Communion. She was calling to also tell her father about her strange experience. By coincidence when she called, Mullis had already been drawn to the book and was up to the point where Strieber reports strange “owls” and little men entering his house.

In his own book Mullis concluded, “I wouldn’t try to publish a scientific paper about these things, because I can’t do any experiments. I can’t make glowing raccoons appear. I can’t buy them from a scientific supply house to study. I can’t cause myself to be lost again for several hours. But I don’t deny what happened. It’s what science calls anecdotal, because it only happened in a way that you can’t reproduce. But it happened.”

Dr. Mullis confirmed all this and more when spoken with recently. Another person encountered a “glowing raccoon” between the cabin and the toilet. This was a friend of Mullis who did not know of the “raccoon” story and was a first-time visitor, during a party at the cabin after the announcement of the Nobel Prize win in 1993. This man did not stick around and fled up the hill towards the house. On the way he encountered a small glowing man, which then suddenly enlarged into a full sized man who said something like, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The man, who was not experiencing a drug or alcohol-induced hallucination left with a friend without informing anyone. They returned to their hotel at a nearby town. That night the man inexplicably found himself outside in the hotel car park troubled and terrified by the impression he had somehow been back at the Mullis cabin. He and his friend returned the following night to the cabin. The celebratory party was carrying on from the previous night. As the man arrived he was shocked to see the “full-sized man” seen as an enlarging apparition the night before drive up in a car.

This was too much for the first time visitor. He left in a panic, holding Mullis somehow responsible for the previous night’s events. Sometime later in tears he revealed the full story to Mullis, who identified the man his friend he had seen as his elderly neighbor. Mullis checked with his neighbor and sure enough he had come to the party on the second night, arriving to be seen by the terrified visitor. However he was certain he was not there on the first night, not in person and not lurking as a glowing raccoon or a small glowing man that enlarged into a vision of himself. There is more but that can perhaps wait for another more detailed telling. (End)

Engineer Bill Uhouse

A pretty clear cut case of Greys accelerating our secret aerospace programs is that of Bill Uhouse. Bill is now dead but there are video interviews and transcripts that tell his story of working with a Grey on flying disk simulators to train pilots to fly the donated and reverse engineered disks in the government’s possession. His testimony is very compelling and puts another critical node on the timeline to today’s Secret Space Program. I am very impressed by how consistent the testimony of so many whistleblowers is with the historical timeline to today’s Secret Space Program. Bill Uhouse released this statement to Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project that summaries his very detailed story of Grey – Earth human cooperation in the field of aerospace. There are at least a couple of videos of Bill on the Internet.

“I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, and four years working with the Air Force as a civilian doing experimental testing on aircraft since my Marine Corps days. I was a pilot in the service, and a fighter pilot; [I] fought in after the latter part of WWII and the Korean War Conflict, I was discharged as a Captain in the Marine Corps.” “I didn’t start working on flight simulators until about – well the year was 1954, in September. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I took a job with the Air Force at Wright Patterson doing experimental flight-testing on various different modifications of aircraft.”

“While I was at Wright Patterson, I was approached by an individual who – and I’m not going to mention his name – [wanted] to determine if I wanted to work in an area on new creative devices. Okay? And, that was a flying disc simulator. What they had done: they had selected several of us, and they reassigned me to A-Link Aviation, which was a simulator manufacturer. At that time they were building what they called the C-11B, and F-102 simulator, B-47 simulator, and so forth. They wanted us to get experienced before we actually started work on the flying disc simulator, which I spent 30-some years working on.”

“I don’t think any flying disc simulators went into operation until the early 1960s – around 1962 or 1963. The reason why I am saying this is because the simulator wasn’t actually functional until around 1958. The simulator that they used was for the extraterrestrial craft they had, which is a 30-meter one that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, back in 1953 or 1952. That’s the first one that they took out to the test flight.”

“This ET craft was a controlled craft that the aliens wanted to present to our government – the U.S.A. It landed about 15 miles from what used to be an army air base, which is now a defunct army base. But that particular craft, there were some problems with: number one – getting it on the flatbed to take it up to Area 51. They couldn’t get it across the dam because of the road. It had to be barged across the Colorado River at the time, and then taken up Route 93 out to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time. There were four aliens aboard that thing, and those aliens went to Los Alamos for testing.”

“They set up Los Alamos with a particular area for those guys, and they put certain people in there with them – people that were astrophysicists and general scientists – to ask them questions. The way the story was told to me was: there was only one Alien that would talk to any of these scientists that they put in the lab with them. The rest wouldn’t talk to anybody, or even have a conversation with them. You know, first they thought it was all ESP or telepathy, but you know, most of that is kind of a joke to me, because they actually speak – maybe not like we do – but they actually speak and converse. But there was only one who would [at Los Alamos].”
“The difference between this disc, and other discs that they had looked at was that this one was a much simpler design. The disc simulator didn’t have a reactor, [but] we had a space in it that looked like the reactor that wasn’t the device we operated the simulator with. We operated it with six large capacitors that were charged with a million volts each, so there were six million volts in those capacitors. They were the largest capacitors ever built. These particular capacitors, they’d last for 30 minutes, so you could get in there and actually work the controls and do what you had to – to get the simulator, the disc to operate.”

“So, it wasn’t that simple, because we only had 30 minutes. Okay? But, in the simulator you’ll notice that there are no seat belts. Right? It was the same thing with the actual craft – no seat belts. You don’t need seat belts, because when you fly one of these things upside down, there is no upside down like in a regular aircraft – you just don’t feel it. There’s a simple explanation for that: you have your own gravitational field right inside the craft, so if you are flying upside down – to you – you are right side up. I mean, it’s just really simple, if people would look at it. I was inside the actual alien craft for a start-up.”

“There weren’t any windows. The only way we had any visibility at all was done with cameras or video-type devices. [See the testimony of Mark McClandlish. SG] My specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck. I knew about the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained.”
“Because the disc has its own gravitational field, you would be sick or disoriented for about two minutes after getting in, after it was cranked up. It takes a lot of time to become used to it. Because of the area and the smallness of it, just to raise your hand becomes complicated. You have to be trained – trained with your mind, to accept what you are going to actually feel and experience.”

“Just moving about is difficult, but after a while you get used to it and you do it – it’s simple. You just have to know where everything is, and you [have] to understand what’s going to happen to your body. It’s no different than accepting the g-forces when you are flying an aircraft or coming out of a dive. It’s a whole new ball game.”

“Each engineer that had anything to do with the design was part of the start-up crew. We would have to verify all the equipment that we put in – be sure it [worked] like it [was] supposed to, etc. I’m sure our crews have taken these craft out into space. I’m saying it probably took a while to train enough of the people, over a sufficient time period. The whole problem with the disc is that it is so exacting in its design and so forth. It can’t be used like we use aircraft today, with dropping bombs and having machine guns in the wings.”

“The design is so exacting, that you can’t add anything – it’s got to be just right. There’s a big problem in the design of where things are put. Say, where the center of the aircraft is, and that type of thing. Even the fact that we raised it three feet so the taller guys could get in – the actual ship was extended back to its original configuration, but it has to be raised.”

“We had meetings, and I ended up in a meeting with an alien. I called him J-ROD – of course, that’s what they called him. I don’t know if that was his real name or not, but that’s the name the linguist gave him. I did draw a sketch, before I left, of him in a meeting. I provided it to some people and that was my impression of what I saw, an art picture of an alien that is working in cooperation with earth-people as told here.” (End)

Linda Howe and credible and well respected UFO/ET investigator got into this case early and as you see from this quote of hers from one of her early articles, presents Bill Uhouse evidence that the Greys were cooperating extensively with the American military to accelerate the Secret Space Program and Space Fleet. Linda Howe states:

“On visits to the flight simulator, Bill Uhouse would occasionally see who acted as a technical adviser to the ultra-secret program that Bill worked on. It was J-Rod, a typical gray-colored EBE, hairless and without facial expressions. He had large, black wrap-around eyes or eye-lenses that are typical of these creatures. He is reported to be 200 years old, suffering from cell deterioration and still located at Papoose S-4, Area 51 in Nevada. But I can’t confirm that.” (End)
During my investigations of the Secret Space Fleet code named Solar Warden, at least for that part of it operating in our solar system, I contacted and talked to UFO/ET investigator Wendelle Stevens not long before he died, about Solar Warden. Wendelle was very interested in Solar Warden and was doing his own investigations and we shared information.

Wendelle told me that he was told by his source or sources that past NSA director Admiral Bobby Inman’s company SAIC was making the flying disks on earth and then flying them up to the very large carrier craft in space. These would seem to be the very same disks that Bill Uhouse was involved with. UFO/ET investigator and activist Steven Greer at his disclosure project Internet site mentions SAIC, a transnational group having access to covert programs dealing with ET related technology.

I hope the reader can appreciate how all these tiny bits on testimony while not so significant individually, but when put together methodically and in context, make for a very compelling case for the classified breakaway civilization and how that civilization is being fostered and developed with the help of several alien races especially the Greys.

Bobby Inman got a lot of attention in the UFO community years ago when Bob Oechsler secretly recorded a conversation where Inman confirmed his knowledge of extraterrestrials and their craft. The full transcript of the conversation can be found at this site. This material also illustrates the revolving door between government and the private sector the so called military-industrial complex. In the article written by Lee Nicholson, Nicholson says,

“We are proud to announce that former NASA mission specialist, Robotics expert, and maverick UFO investigator Bob Oechsler has kindly consented to a series of interviews with us here at the Open Minds Forum. Bob’s contributions during the early 1990s were unparalleled in many respects, not the least of which was his infamous recorded telephone conversation with former Director of the NSA and Deputy Director CIA, retired Admiral Bobby Ray Inman. It is our belief that much of the work that Bob did at that time remains equally important today.”

If one reads the complete phone transcript it is obvious that Inman is talking about extraterrestrial technology when he answers Oechsler’s question: “Oechsler: Do you anticipate that any of the recovered vehicles would ever become available for technological research? Outside of the military circles. Inman: Again, I honestly don’t know. Ten years ago the answer would have been no. Whether as time has evolved they are beginning to become more open on it there’s a possibility.”

Dan Sherman A NSA Intuitive Communicator for the Greys

Dan Sherman claims that he was told by his NSA superiors that the Greys developed a program into which he was unwittingly inducted as a fetus in his mother’s womb in 1963. His role was to become a NSA intuitive communicator to be used to maintain Grey communications after an anticipated future global catastrophic communications breakdown.

The Captain said, “In 1947, the US government made contact with an alien species. Today, we commonly refer to them as ‘greys’. Because of this contact, we have learned many things. Some of the things we learned were good, and some not-so-good. And it’s one of those not-so-good things that has ultimately brought you here, Sergeant Sherman.”

“The captain went on. “The experiment that I’m referring to was, and still is, named ‘Project Preserve Destiny.’ It started in 1960 and was fully operational by 1963. It was a genetic management project with the sole purpose of cultivating human offspring so that they would have the ability to communicate with the greys. Your mother was initially abducted in 1960 for tests, then again in 1963 for the actual genetic procedure while you were in the womb.” ”Compatibility?” “Yes. Actually, it’s a long story. I’ll try to explain as much as I can but there’s much that I don’t even know. In a nutshell, you’ve been given an interesting ability through what we call genetic management.”

“I mentioned you have a unique ability; we call it ‘intuitive communications.’ It’s an ability to communicate through the intuitive manipulation of your mind. There have been a handful of people since this ability was perfected that have utilized this skill within the military establishment. There are many others throughout the general world populace that currently have this ability, but until it is brought out by proper exercise methods it lays dormant.”

“In January of 1963, the first successfully managed embryo was produced under PPD supervision. There were only a certain number of ‘intcomm’ capable personnel required; hence the genetic management phase of PPD was terminated in March of 1968.” (End)

I got interested in this old time tested Dan Sherman case, not only because it is an example of the Greys accelerating our technological development, but because NASA has been warning for years of a massive communication failures caused by severe solar flares that could be extremely catastrophic. For instance a flare in 1859 fried telegraph wires, so just imagine what could happen to our civilization today if an event like this were to occur.

Communication satellites could be not only destroyed in earth orbit, but the area around the earth could be off limits for satellites for years because of the radiation. Our whole civilization could be set back a decade or more if this were to happen now when we have ascended so far into the electronics age. No wonder the Greys would be concerned with maintaining communication with their earth human assets and network in such a situation
This is powerful confirmation of Dan Sherman’s story. If telegraph wires got fired in 1859 just think what would happen to our civilization if this happens again as is likely. We seem to be woefully unprepared in spite of NASA warnings.,2933,478024,00.html

““The prediction is based in part on a major solar storm in 1859 that caused telegraph wires to short out in the United States and Europe, igniting widespread fires. It was perhaps the worst in the past 200 years, according to the new study, and with the advent of modern power grids and satellites, much more is at risk. A contemporary repetition of the [1859] event would cause significantly more extensive (and possibly catastrophic) social and economic disruptions,” the researchers conclude.”

“”Impacts would be felt on interdependent infrastructures with, for example, potable water distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12-24 hours; immediate or eventual loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, transportation, fuel resupply and so on,” the report states. Outages could take months to fix, the researchers say. Banks might close, and trade with other countries might halt.” “”Emergency services would be strained, and command and control might be lost,” write the researchers, led by Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder.”

Dan communicated with one Grey he called Spock and another he called Bones before he got himself out of the program. “Is this an unauthorized comm?” I asked. “There is no harm in communicating on this plane,” he said nonchalantly. I was surprised by how effortlessly he had said that. Here I had been sweating out the fact that I might have been doing something wrong and he acted as if it was no big deal.

“How come you are comm’ing so candidly on this plane and you don’t during our normal comms?” I asked. “You have never given me reason,” he replied. I stopped to think about this. It was true. I hadn’t attempted to ask any questions or to communicate anything except what pertained to our regular comms. I had always assumed we were not to discuss anything else. My impression of Spock was one of being official, with no room for emotion. Even as we now communicated on this other plane, I still felt a sense of rigidity.”

“Perhaps this was just how they were. Pressing forward with my curiosity, I asked whatever came to my mind first. Since I was thinking of how formal Spock sounded I continued with that line of thought. “Do you have feelings like humans?” I asked bluntly. “We are quite alike in our emotional makeup, 118,” he said, referring to me as my PPD code number. “We react to our surroundings, just as you do, but are much less impacted by what we sense. In the absence of markedly increased stimuli, emotion is not readily useful.”

“A million questions came to my mind. I managed to pick one and throw it out before I lost my new friend’s attention span. “Why did you think it was unintentional when I first comm’ed with you on this plane?” “Until now, we thought it impossible for a water-human to sustain communication on this plane. But we are continually being surprised by other IC’s abilities as well.” (“Water-human” is the closest I can come to an accurate translation of how Spock referred to humans. Other alternatives would be perhaps “water-vessel” or “water-entity.”)

I realized by now that I had stopped typing our comms into my reporting window as soon as we had jumped to this other plane. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to continue or not. “Am I supposed to report our comms while on this other plane?” I asked, wanting the answer to be “no” so I could concentrate on what was being communicated. To my surprise Spock said, “No, that is not necessary. Our communications are only being monitored through your reports so as to calculate an accuracy factor. Your communicating on this plane was never anticipated and therefore will never be known unless you discuss it with your chain of command.”

“Will anyone get upset if they find out I have communicated with you on this other level?” I asked. I was still slightly paranoid about what rule I might be breaking, if any. “I am unaware of your people’s standards for this. However, we are not averse to communicating with water-humans on this plane. It is interesting to us that we are able to communicate with water-humans as it is, but communicating on this plane creates even more interest.”

The second Grey that Dan communicated with, he called Bones. “There is no harm in this communication,” he said responding the same way Spock had months earlier. Not wanting to cover too much of the same ground as I did with Spock, I tried to think of other things to ask. Because of my own personal needs at the time, the most profound thing I could think of was, “Do you eliminate waste like we do?” I could swear that if they were capable of laughter, I could “hear” it in the background. I could sense a bubble in our communication like I had never experienced before. Was it laughter? I don’t know, but it might have been. “Yes, 118, we have that need as well, but not in the same manner,” he answered back without any embarrassment or any other emotions that we as humans would feel if asked the same question.

“Over the course of 10 months at PPD Base #2, I received over 75 comms from Bones. During that time we communicated on the higher plane on numerous occasions. What I learned from Bones during that time frame doesn’t come back to me in a neatly packaged chronological order. I remember the things I learned from Bones more as a gradual progression of knowledge that built upon itself over time.”

Dan Sherman in his book recounts a detailed conversation with Captain White on the NSA security mechanisms involved in keeping the alien programs outside the public domain which I think the reader will find interesting. “As I said yesterday, PPD had its beginnings in 1960. The personnel in charge of the project, at the time, tried to figure out a better way to keep the program from the eyes of the increasingly aware public. Brute force and manipulation was intimidating but not an effective long term solution. In order to protect any future information leaks they instituted what they called the ‘onion’ effect.”

I was slightly confused by this time, so I asked, “When you say brute force and manipulation, what do you mean exactly? In what context are you talking about?” “The personnel working with alien projects at the time were simply told not to tell any unauthorized person about anything they knew or they, a friend, or a family member would meet with an unfortunate situation. Of course, fear is a prime motivator but not the most effective.”

“They still had people stealing documents with classified markings all over them as proof to others about what was going on. In order to hide information effectively back then, it took a great deal of resources and manpower to oversee everyone involved with alien programs. So when PPD was first formed, it was the model for the new onion effect. It was also around this time period that a new black project was just getting started so they decided to hide the newly formed PPD behind this new black project to keep curious Congressmen and other nosy officials away.”

“How the onion effect works is similar to the actual layers of an onion. An onion has many different layers. So does the military. On the outside of the military onion, the side everyone can see is the ‘unclassified’ layer. This is the layer that is typically portrayed to the public and may or may not have any bearing on the true mission of the organization, base or installation. At most government locations, the unclassified publicized mission of the base is perfectly accurate, and there is truly nothing to hide. But this is not true of every location.”

“The next layer we uncover on our way to the center of the onion is called the ‘For Official Use Only’ (FOUO) layer, or Level 5. FOUO is mostly a formal way of keeping what is essentially unclassified information from being disseminated indiscriminately. If several FOUO bits of information were to be pieced together to form a more classified picture, the release of that information could inadvertently be as damaging as the release of a higher level of classified information.”

“The next layer on the classified journey is ‘Secret’, or Level 4. The unauthorized release of Secret information and above has the potential of causing serious damage to national security.
“The next layer is ‘Top Secret’ (TS), or Level 3. Within the TS category there are code words that compartmentalize the release of information even further. These code words are used to protect many missions, including the ones referred to as black missions.

“Black missions, which we call Level 2, are what the alien projects are effectively hidden behind. The existence of black missions is only known by a handful of Congressmen and the President. These black missions are the last line of defense for the alien projects. Wherever an alien project is located there must be a black mission to cover its existence from prying eyes. It creates a highly sophisticated shield designed to mask the grey project’s existence from high level officials who have no need-to-know. Otherwise, the alien project would eventually come under scrutiny by someone within official channels. As it stands under the current system, if a nosy Congressman starts looking where he has no need-to-know, he can be briefed on the black mission, be made to feel important and thereby squelching any further digging. It’s an extremely effective method of hiding alien missions and is the reason they have been hidden so effectively for so long.”

“Last, but not least, on the trip through the onion, we come to the alien missions or Level 1; referred to as ‘grey’, ‘grey matter’ or ‘slant missions’. The center of the onion always contains the alien project. Not even the commander of a site is normally aware of the alien project residing beneath his nose.
“Anyone who is or has been part of an alien project is considered to be ‘first level’, or Level 1 personnel. Personnel who serve in a support function to the first level are considered ‘second level’ and are unaware of the link between their jobs and the alien project they are covering for. They work with the cover or black missions. In addition, the existence of the entire level system is only known by first level people.”

“It gets even more complicated. Within Level 1 there are separate and distinct categories called ‘steps’ which directly correspond with your need-to-know.” As he was explaining this onion effect, I remember being fascinated by the ingenuity of the system. It was obviously very effective in preventing information from being revealed.”

Captain White finished explaining the onion effect. “Any questions, Sergeant Sherman?” he asked. “Yes, Sir,” I replied. “You allude to the fact that there is more than one alien mission – is this true?” “I only refer to there being more than one because I assume there are several. I am not personally aware of any others, but since we have been in contact with them since 1947, I can only assume there are now and have been others in the past.” (End)

Well so much for those uninformed skeptics that keep repeating over and over that the government can’t keep secrets. Of course we have these leaks, but once out in the public domain they become mixed with copious amounts of disinformation now circulating throughout the Internet and the social networks. This mostly by just an uninformed public engaged in wild opinion and speculations even outright fraud but accelerated to some extent by government psyops operations.

Unless a person has been in this field for a long time with a mind suited for intelligence gathering and analysis or has a road map such as this book to follow its almost a hopeless task to find the signal in the noise. What the reader is seeing is a benefit of my life’s work in a nutshell, mostly directed to the younger generation that needs to hit the ground running in regards to these matters so as to get society back on a positive evolutionary track.

Lyn Buchanan Abduction Story

For something less than nine years Lyn Buchanan was a remote viewer in the U.S. Government’s Project STARGATE, and, during that time, he was training military and government Remote Viewers. Presently, he is executive director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (for short PSI), originally a data analysis company, but after the CIA has in December of 1995, declassified information about remote viewing techniques, due to overwhelming demands for training and services, PSI now spends more than 90% of its time involved in special type of remote viewing works called Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV.

A continuing public service which is sponsored solely by Lyn Buchanan himself, and which uses the volunteer services of other remote viewers and his own graduated students, is “The Assigned Witness Program”, that performs free CRV services for police and other public-sponsored investigative agencies. Mr. Buchanan is considered to be one of the best remote viewing trainers.

At age 12, he had experienced several events which could be only described as psychic. However, as he was growing up in East and Central Texas, which is often referred to as the “Bible Belt”, such things were never admitted to happening to decent people. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, this tendency of his was not suppressed. They went largely ignored and/or hidden.

Finishing high school, he went into the U.S. Army and served for 3 years as a computer systems technician, after which, as a civilian, he worked for about 5 years for the IBM Corporation in El Paso, Texas. Realizing that a lack of education holds people back in such corporations, he returned to East Texas to attend college. During his college years, his special capabilities all but atrophied, except for occasional uncontrolled events, when some emergency, tragedy, or anger brought long-forgotten subconscious talents to the surface.

Having obtained a Master’s degree at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, he taught foreign languages in rural East Texas junior and senior high schools for several years. After 12 years he left the military. He returned to the U.S. Army and became a linguist within the US Intelligence and Security Command. His first “second” languages being German and Spanish, he spent the first year of his enlistment studying Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

Afterwards he was stationed in Japan as a Russian linguist for four years, where he also gained a small proficiency in Japanese and Mongolian. For his last 12 years in service, he was the only Mongolian linguist in the US military. From Japan he returned to the Defense Language Institute for another year to attend their intermediate Russian course and was then assigned to a 4 year stint at the US Intelligence Field Station in Augsburg, Germany. Here, due to his extensive ability with computers, he was mostly used as a systems designer and programmer for the uncountable number of US and foreign-manufactured mainframe and mini-computers.

It was in Augsburg that his psycho kinetic ability resurfaced one fateful day in an event, parts of which are still classified. Shortly thereafter, Major General Albert Stubblebine, who was at that time Commander of the U.S. Intelligence and Security Command, decided to transfer him to the Washington, D.C. area, where he spent the last 9 years of his military service in a special assignment. There he studied the CRV protocols and methodologies which had been developed by Ingo Swan, Ph.D., the father of US remote viewing programs some years earlier. He quickly became proficient at using this technique.

After retirement from the U.S. Army in 1992, he settled down in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and began working as a computer consultant, mostly on governmental contracts. At the same time, he began building his own company, the PSI. Among the other assignments it is known that he has been requested by the US government to search for Osama Bin Laden. On 06.06.2000 Lyn Buchanan was interviewed by Jim Marrs, a renowned journalist and writer. For a long time sound files of this interview were available on Jim Marrs’s site to anyone for free, as if Marrs and Buchanan wanted its contents to become known to as many people as possible. Then, one day, the files just disappeared. What follows is an accurate description of this interview. Wording used is mostly those Lyn Buchanan has used himself.

According to Lyn Buchanan, he was trained by the military to take his psychic abilities and his mind, and go out for controlled remote viewing, so he could view enemies, and other things that were going around. When some of the remote viewers were sent out to look for things pretty conventional, like nuclear sites or atomic submarines, or something like that, they encountered things they had not expected.

One time, at one meeting, while Ingo Swan was tracking a submarine he just happened to mention that there was a UFO overhead. Everyone around the table laughed, and Swan was told: “OK, well, track it for us to tell us what it is doing”, and then they sent the word out about it with a request to have the radar readings. They never got feedback on that. The real purpose for that meeting was to see if they were going to get funded for another year. Immediately after their request got out they got funded.

During his interview Lyn Buchanan said that the first exposure to things alien he had was probably about 20-25 years before he got into the unit. It was a personal abduction experience. He does not usually talk about that very much. At that time he was a circuit riding preacher for a little Methodist church in east Texas.

One night he was getting ready to move out of the parsonage, they were moving to a new circuit of churches. His family had gone on and he was just there alone packing the last bit of stuff into the boxes. Suddenly, he had to lie down on the floor and he heard this thing coming down from the sky landing in the back of the house. He tried to get up to see what it was but he was frozen, he could not move. All he could think of was that a flying saucer had landed in the back yard.

He thought that he had proof because the weeds were high up there, as this was way-up in the middle of the country. He would take a picture tomorrow. He heard some people, it sounded like, coming through the weeds up to the house. The next thing he knew was that he was just walking through the house, and it was morning time. He could not figure where he was, or what he was doing. Finally he remembered that he was cleaning up and moving. So he entered the last bit of stuff into the truck.

That started about 20 years of a compulsion that he had of thinking: “I have forgotten something.” He would leave the house and he would have to come back 8-10 times sometimes to check the lights, make sure he had locked the doors, because he knew that he had forgotten something.

One Sunday afternoon, when he was in the US Army Remote Viewing unit for about 5 years, he and his wife were going somewhere and he had gone back, and back, and back, checking, and checking, and checking. Finally his wife stood in the front of him and said: “Well did you check the roof top? Did you check the back yard?” The minute she said “Did you check the back yard?” it all came flooding back to him, the whole abduction experience. It was just overpowering.

He had the benefit of having controlled remote viewing training, a large part of which is weeding-out thoughts and information. So he started running through the process of weeding-out false information of everything that he remembered. And there was quite bit of it. What he finally did remember and came up with some fair proof that night back in east Texas, the people had come into the house, and had evidently, taken him into the ship.

The next thing he remembered was he was sitting there in a row of seats, and that the seats were empty to his right, and that there was a window over there. To his left was this little old woman. He tried talking to her but she was like a zombie; she was scared to death. Then this real tall guy came walking by and he was not human. He was at least 6.5 to 7 feet tall and just built like a muscle builder. As he came walking by Lyn said: “Excuse me, may I sit by the window?”

He turned and looked at Lyn and fear came over his face. He turned and actually ran out of the room they were in. Pretty soon he and two others like him came back and there was this little Gray that was in the front of them. They were actually sort-of hiding behind the Gray. They were grouped together. They were going to keep the Gray between them and Lyn because they were evidently just scared to death of him. The Gray came up and started talking to him and tried to put him back under but it did not work. So, finally the Gray said: “Look, we have work to do”

He brought Lyn up front where they were working, where they could keep an eye on him so he could not get into trouble. He knelt down beside the Gray as he lifted the ship off (the ground) and they would set it down and this tall guy would go out, bring somebody else in and then he would lift-off, and set down somewhere else again. They would go out, bring some more people in.

Lyn was asking questions and the Gray was showing him how to control the control panel. He was basically answering every question Lyn ever had. They took a long journey that lasted about 30 minutes and the Gray let Lyn try to handle the control board. Lyn has very large hands. When Lyn asked to try it, the Gray said: “No, human hands are too small”, at which Lyn lifted his hand to show him that he has large hands. The Gray and Lyn’s hands were the same size although the Gray was 3.5 feet tall. Finally the Gray let Buchanan fly the thing with very close supervision. It was like holding a kid in your lap and letting it steer the car. They got where they were going and it was not Earth. It was a very dark place. It was day time because the sun was out and it was very warm, but it was very dark as in the middle of night. There were two other ships there.

The Gray let Lyn go back with the other people and they finally got out and formed the line along the path that went along the hillside. As they walked along a Gray came up and grabbed him out of the line and said: “I have somebody you want to talk to” and sat him down on the hillside. Lyn just sat there, played with grass and looked around. The grass was solid black which sort of surprised him. He still does not know why this stuck out so vividly in his mind.

The other people went on that pathway to the pavilion on top of the hill and there were screams, belly laughs. Just a mixture of the belly laughs and horrid screams the whole time they were up there.

Pretty soon another Gray came up and asked him to hold up his hand. When Lyn did the Gray placed his hand against Lyn’s and they had a long conversation. It took Lyn the longest time to figure out after he had remembered all this, what they talked about, but basically the Gray said they needed pilots and offered him a job. On this Lyn said: “Yes, but I will have to go back and get my family.” Gray said: “No families, we are at war” at that Lyn replied that without his family he won’t do it. The Gray did not say with whom they were at war with.

After this the Gray went away: first the Gray, then the pilot, sat down beside him to wait for the other people come down from the hill. They talked for a while. Lyn remembers he wanted to ask him what was going on up there but he did not want to get involved in it. He was trying to ignore it as much as possible.

Instead he asked him what they were doing there and the Gray said that they were a small contingency of only three ships and that different units have different purposes. Their purpose was a medical one. What they were doing was they were abducting people. They come in contact with a lot of diseases as they go from planet to planet. The Gray said that humans are, basically, antibody factories. So they were implanting their diseased tissues into humans and then picking them up again later on, and getting their antibody samples so they can create medicines and antidotes for their own people.

Lyn asked about the implants. The Gray answered, with a chuckle, that the implant is not the thing humans are finding, which is just a little tip off the instrument. He said that the implant is, actually, the piece of flesh around it. The actual cells of tissue that is right adjacent to that is what they have implanted. From what Lyn has figured out later if they would take the tissue around those things they are calling implants they would, probably, find out that they have different DNA in it.

Meanwhile, people started piling back down from the hill and Lyn got back in line with them and the pilot got busy with his business. They were standing at the bottom of the ship waiting to go back in.
The Gray came over and pulled Lyn out of the line again and said that it will be a while so they stood there and talked. Lyn remembers asking him: “Please let me remember all of this” and the Gray replied:
“Well, you won’t”.

The next thing he remembered was waking up, wandering around the house not knowing who he was or what he was doing, and it was the next day. When he remembered all this he went back to the unit and told them about the experience he had. A person reported him back up to the chain of command. The following week he was at DIA on the seventh floor, going to see the director, and these two men in completely black suits, looking like Jehovah’s Witnesses without their Watch Towers were there.
He had worked with them before, so he knew who they were. They are professional interrogators.

They stepped out into the hallway and funneled him off into a conference room and started asking him about his experience.

There are always two of them and one sits over to the side while the other one interviews you. The one that sits off to the side is quite often not a professional interrogator. Quite often he is a person from the unit who needs the interrogation done. He is a local expert. That was evidently the case. Lyn had thought immediately that they were checking to see if he had gone crazy. They were not. They were extremely interested in the control panel and how it worked. One of the tricks they use is to ask the same question in about five different ways over a period of time to see if you trip yourself up. So the second time when he asked Lyn how to work the control panel, Lyn re-explained, but the guy over to his left side slapped his knee with his hand and said: “So, that’s it”.

That guy is supposed to sit there and shut up so Lyn knew immediately that he was not a trained interrogator. This had to be some guy who had one of these things and did not know how to fly it.
The interrogator sitting in front of Lyn did not make any facial changes at all, but his ears got beet-red. Within like 10 seconds the interview was over and they were gone. Then later at work a buddy told him that maybe all this was not imagination.

Later on he was out on a special mission that they went on every now and then. Lyn was at the location and met a guy that he has known way years before in the military. They got to talking and after asking his friend what he is doing he was answered with question about what his clearance was. Lyn answered and his friend said: “Oh well, we will just call in and get the permission for you to come in and see what I am doing”.

They called, checked-up his clearance, it was OK, and his friend took him into the facility where he worked. Here they had several debris-field type things, like those hangars where they sort out the plane crashes. Evidently what they had was that a fighter plane had collided with a UFO and they had the debris field reconstructed in there. All you could see was pieces of junk, scrap metal and all.

They were walking along and his friend was telling him about how they reconstruct the collision from this debris. His friend had not mentioned UFOs so far when he bumped into one of the control panels and Lyn blurred out: “Oh, this is out of the UFO, isn’t it?” All of a sudden a Colonel came rushing over and gave them the bums rush out of there and threatened Lyn with death or worse if he talked about it or revealed the location or anything like that.

For Lyn this was feed-back because he actually saw that one of the control panels was right there. So the US government has some of this equipment, in scrap form at least. Many of the people in the Unit have had some kind of UFO experiences. Lyn Buchanan retired from the Army after he had fully completed his term.

William Pawelec Encounters Alien Craft at Tonopah

I find the following account of William Pawelec extremely credible and it shows what happens to a person and his friends when they get too close to the truth of the Breakaway Civilization. Notice that implants figure into the Grey agenda very prominently and David Rockefeller even told his friend Aaron Russo that the Globalist Elite’s ultimate goal was to chip the earth human population. The following article was written by Mary Joyce Annie DeRiso with husband William Pawelec.

William (Bill) Pawelec had a long career working on top secret security projects around the world. In 2000, he shared some of those secrets in a video interview for Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project.” There was one stipulation; the video could not be released until after Pawelec’s death. ( ) Though Pawelec died in 2007, it was three years before his wife, Annie DeRiso, found a letter among her husband’s papers from Greer and learned about the video interview and her husband’s stipulation. When she contacted Greer, he sent her a copy of the interview.

After watching it, she gave him permission to release it to the public.
It went viral in December 2010 but there are even more secrets to be told and Annie shares some of those in this article. Pawelec saw alien craft at secret underground facility “Seeing an alien craft changes your life forever, as it did for my husband,” says Annie. “Even while he was still in the Air Force, he joined APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) and began his quest to find out what they are, where they are from and what the extraterrestrials want here on Earth. It became a lifelong mission and led him into many mind expanding discoveries. Unfortunately, the discoveries shuddered his soul. “Even though Bill had seen a craft in the skies,” she explains, “what he saw in the secret facility beneath the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada left no doubt in his mind that beings from other worlds are here on Earth.

“Because of his profession, Bill knew all the buzz words to get someone’s attention which often led higher ranking individuals to tell him ‘secrets’ above his clearance level,” she says. “During one of those conversations, he was taken to a building at Tonopah where a large section of the floor is actually an elevator that goes down many floors. I don’t remember how far down they went, but Bill was taken to an area where they were reverse engineering a typical saucer shaped alien craft. “This is what he is talking about when at about seven minutes into the “Disclosure Project “video he kind of laughs and says ‘Our guys used to chuckle about the model not being quite right.

’The craft Bill saw being worked on was later made into a plastic model by the Testors model kit company and is known as ‘Area S4 UFO Revealed.’ This craft is also commonly known as ‘The Sport Model’ and is based on Bob Lazar’s description. Lazar worked on his craft at Area 51 but Bill saw his craft at Tonopah.” Testor’s model kit “Area S4 UFO Revealed” is similar to the alien craft William Pawelec saw at the secret facility deep below the Tonopah Testing Range in Nevada. Pawelec tries to stop nefarious plans for injectable chips “Bill was a security consultant for alphabet soup organizations like the CIA, FBI and NSA,”

Annie continues. “He also worked for those in Washington D.C. who are known as the ‘Beltway Bandits.’ “He was tops in his field and worked on keyless card entry systems, security systems for Air Force One and American embassies, including the now infamous Moscow Embassy where the Russians had listening devices hidden in the walls so they could easily spy on international diplomats. “Bill and his friends also were involved with the development of the RFID chip. When they learned about the nefarious plans for its use, ‘The Powers That Be’ stole the technology. Two of those friends were assassinated and Bill’s own death remains suspicious.”

It should be explained that a RFID chip is a tiny radio-frequency identification chip that is small enough to inject into animals and humans for monitoring purposes. Pawelec speaks about this in his video interview with Greer. There is a link to the video at the end of this article. Pawelec shaken to core at secret meeting “Another project Bill worked on was at Area 51,” Annie continues. “It was his job to upgrade the perimeter security systems for Area 51 and it was his idea to install cameras in fake rocks. It was during this time that he learned about the Tonopah base which is more remote and inaccessible than Area 51. It also was where Bill’s rose-colored patriotic glasses began to cloud over.

Satellite view of the Tonopah Test Range area “His disenchantment began when he was called to give what he thought was going to be a regular project status report at Tonopah. The meeting was held in a heavily controlled room that was built like a Faraday cage making it impossible for communications to come in or out of the sealed room. “Briefcases, papers, pagers and any form of identification were not allowed at that meeting,”

Annie says. “Only the generals could be recognized by their uniforms.
The tension was really high and Bill was surprised at how nervous the high-ranking generals were. He knew something BIG was up. “Bill saw a private jet escorted by two of our military jets land on the tarmac. Surprisingly, this private jet rolled all the way to the building where the meeting was scheduled as the escort jets departed. “A very imposing man stepped out of the jet and entered the room. He was relatively tall, and wore a very expensive European suit. His shoes and briefcase were equally luxurious and there was an aide or bodyguard by his side. His demeanor was very aristocratic and he spoke with a High German accent. “The room was electrified with nervous tension as each person gave his status report and answered questions.

When everyone had spoken, the German man thanked them for their good work and simply left. He was never introduced nor identified in anyway. It is believed he was Baron Jesco von Puttkamer, one of the Germans who came to the United States with Werner von Braun. “Whatever happened that day convinced Bill that the United States, and probably the whole world, was being controlled by Europeans,” says Annie, “but exactly who ‘they’ were was the big question. It drove Bill and his friends on a quest to find out what was really going on.

After that, he frequently quoted his friend Jim Marrs who often says, ‘The Nazis may have lost the battles but they won the war.’ “The men also wanted to discover the true alien agenda and the reasons they were interacting with humans,” Annie continues. “They concluded that while there are many benevolent extraterrestrials, the negative or dark ETs were using the Nazis, the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers as pawns in their plan to take over Earth and claim it as their own. They learned that a parallel battle for Earth has been going on in space for thousands of years. “Bill and his friends wanted the people of the world to know all this but it took Bill four years of telling “them” what they wanted to hear before he could slip from their control and begin to live a somewhat normal life. “He still wasn’t talking publicly about all of this until we met,”

Annie explains, “and he came to know that all of my friends were also in the UFO arena. About the same time, Bill’s cancer started to grow and he began talking about what he knew. By the way, two of his close friends are professional remote viewers and see Bill’s death as being highly suspicious. “All this leaves me and Bill’s friends wondering WHAT ARE “THEY” NOT LYING TO US ABOUT?”

Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. We recently found out that Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007 and we received permission to release it in December 2010. (End)

Alien Tissue and Fluid Samples: Preliminary Report II

While the Greys usually come out on top when they mess with humans, that is not always the case. This article written by the very credible Retired Air Force Captain Robert Collins, illustrates this point. Bob like ex-CIA Derrel Sims allegedly have found themselves in the thick of things resisting the Greys attacks on the earth human genome and earth human individuals.

I do find it interesting that Bob Collins and Rick Doty were both involved in the disinformation operation against Bennewitz when working for AFOSI. Once retired, Bob has been a staunch and tireless advocate for UFO/ET disclosure. In his book, Exempt From Disclosure, Bob disclosed the core story about a U.S. Government team sent to the Eban planet called Serpo. A firestorm erupted from this claim and a disinformation operation ensued run by a team of disinformation specialists who created false Serpo stories to wash out the core story. By and large the operation seems to have been successful and is still ongoing on the Open Minds Forum.

I watched this counter-intelligence operation develop on the Internet, but Bob just cowered down like the old crusty Badger that he is, and took the abuse. It’s ironic that once involved in AFOSI disinformation operations himself, he ended up on the side of the public having to contend with a disinformation operation run against him. So the reader can see how large and complex these Grey issues are, and how hard the government is working to keep the public confused and ignorant.

Among the numerous false whistleblowers, contactees and abductees building fraudulent false narratives confusing the issues, there really are honest dedicated whistleblowers, contactees and abductees coming forward to tell the truth. It’s really a tough job to sort it all out and I too have been taken in by seemingly sincere frauds and deluded individuals, but just have to try to do the best I can to get the overall picture out into the public domain.

By Robert M. Collins USAF Retired
Analyzed by W.C. Levengood and Ammanda N. Nimke 2009

Prologue: Given the threats, we decided to go forward with this material. However, the latest word from John Edmonds (09-27-011) is that the threats and warnings are still coming. Samples purported to be alien extraterrestrial tissue and fluid samples were shipped from a ranch near Phoenix, Arizona where bizarre incidents have taken place over many weeks, months and years, culminating in a number of extraterrestrial entities being stabbed, wounded or killed in the ranch house by its owner, John Edmonds, who wrote:

“…wiped up the blood/Fluid and tissue of the Gray I nearly split in two parts with an exceptionally well sharpened Samurai sword, after hand to hand combat with these little parasites. We have plenty of evidence to prove it, gathered over many years.” See, “John Edmonds elaborates,” at bottom of page. This gave plenty of fluid and tissue samples to work with.” In summary: Blood found? The sample appears to be pure hemoglobin like that found at the Cattle Mutilation sites with what appears to be segment rods in the blood, never seen anything like it. —Levengood, see attachments 1 & 2.

Skin? Looks like segmented grass except it’s not grass Levengood said, see attachment 2. Details/data and analysis: Numerous samples have been collected under correct forensic technique by several skilled investigators and were sent to independent labs of high regard. All came back with the same result that the proteins in the samples could not be identified as anything they had seen before either plant or animal or human.

One lab did add that the samples sent to them did match the samples they had tested over the last 30 years of fluid specimens they had tested from various cattle mutilations across the South West US. They believed that there was a 100% compatibility that the two were from the same creature(s). Finally a smoking Gun that absolutely links cattle mutilations to alien life forms. One scientist was extremely elated by the discovery!

The important significance of these fluid matches is that according to W.C. Levengood, the fact that they matched so well was proof that indeed they were both extraterrestrial as the samples match nothing from the animal or plant kingdoms on Earth. However, as said above, the samples match the samples from mutilated cattle sites, and that would in Levengood’s words show a correlation between aliens, cattle mutilations, and the obvious hostile intent of the Gray Aliens. “You have the smoking gun. This is proof of alien life visiting Earth and links the phenomenon together positively!” These were Levengood’s words!

Robert Bigelow and his agency spent close to a month studying the ranch and the events here and my wife and I underwent extensive interviewing, videotaping, and analysis by ex FBI and CIA investigators. Everyone involved has had a consensus that the events here are real, accurate in nature, and have not been publicly released due to my desire to avoid a deluge of publicity which will neither further the investigation nor heighten the hard science approach to an unexplained phenomena that deserves the respect of remaining a discussion between professionals.

Further details/data W.C. Levengood 06-30-011: He said he is not going to write a report at this time, however, recent phone conversations suggest he may never write a report, but he was very excited about the samples sent which contained tiny segmented fibers. These were not cloth. This is what was in the photomicrographs he sent. Levengood explained blood as we know it does not contain segmented fibers. This made the sample highly unusual. He also explained normal antibodies that are positive or negative determine the type of blood which is something totally different. It is very peculiar because “the cell parts look like joint grass, but are not grass.”

He has not written a report as stated above, but he did mail the photomicrographs, which are photographs taken through a microscope, attachment 2. Levengood said the material did not look like human skin. “It was weird,” he said. When asked why he didn’t send the tissue out for DNA testing, he said there wasn’t enough material and it was very expensive and to do so. W. C. Levengood can be reached below, but may not respond or even lie given the threats against him: W.C. Levengood,
4853 Wolf Lake Rd, PO Box 388, Grass Lake, Michigan 49240
Papers by W.C. Levengood:

John Edmonds elaborates: Let me be absolutely clear for the record on the samples of Alien DNA collected from our ranch in regards to the death of a Gray I killed was in self-defense, after repeated home invasions by similar creatures over a period of many years. The assaults by these creatures were responded to in the most violent behavior I could respond with because of weekly and some times daily confrontations during which our home, ranch, horses and dogs were killed.

Our bedroom as well as our own bodies were assaulted leaving bleeding holes from syringe like wounds. Large bruises on both me and my wife in the inner thigh, lower stomach, and upper shoulder areas have occurred on many occasions. As a result my wife and I both have contracted diseases. My wife has a thyroid condition and I have type II diabetes. Neither of us have a personal history nor a family history of these diseases. The events coincide with the onset of these diseases.

Is it related? We believe it could be as we have no contributing behavior from a lifestyle point of view that likely caused it. We are not drinkers, people who use drugs, we watch our diets closely, and we are both very physically active. We have no reason to believe the fact we are both ill from these conditions has anything to do with our behavior.

The collection process of the fluid samples was done immediately after the incident where the fluid from the Gray Alien was I believed killed or at least mortally wounded, was done using the best forensic technique I could muster and was sent to W.C. Levengood in Michigan for analysis. He responded to me by phone conversation that it matched the many samples of blood and tissue he had collected over a thirty year span with regard to the many cattle mutilations he had studied.

He is the individual who repeatedly stated that “We Had The Smoking Gun” He went on to state we were the first to tie the cattle mutilations and the occurrence of alien life directly together with specific verifiable and documented proof. He was very excited about this fact and said he would continue to explore the subject more. He requested additional samples. I sent W.C. Levengood a second sample and included a piece of actual tissue left on the sword blade at the time of the incident that had been in cold storage in a container to preserve it.

He later reported he used this to vivisection samples and send them to other professionals for further study to verify his findings. Approximately two months later I had an additional phone call with Levengood and he said that he had received confirmation of the information he had already discussed with me and that his other associates from Michigan state and the University of Michigan were also amazed by the evidence and couldn’t identify what or where the samples came from since they didn’t match any plant or animal species they had any knowledge of and couldn’t identify the sample origin. They were both perplexed and amazed by this development.

At the time Levengood stated he would prepare a report for world release to the press and I told him to please proceed, but to release it only to me and not the general public through the news media. I wanted to be able to control the release of this information and wanted to get suggestions on the most professional and scientific method for doing such. It was my hope do so and would be in the best interests of both myself, my wife, and Levengood to avoid any negative side effects from what I perceived would be quite a bit of attention and the perception it could have a negative impact on our lives.

As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about because Levengood stopped communicating with me and no longer expressed any interest in the subject. Repeated efforts to obtain the report nor any follow up from him at all were futile. Derrel Sims and I had several phone conversations after he was recommended to me, and he and Ron Regehr visited our ranch for nearly a week last summer. During that time Derrel collected numerous dried residual samples from the same area left behind after the numerous violent encounters I have had with the Grays in our master bedroom, master bathroom, halls and walls from various locations in our home. Please understand the fluids left behind are clear in nature and slightly oily. They are easy to see on a surface like a glass door, a white drywall type wall, but very difficult to see against a natural exposed brick wall. We have many such walls in our home.

Derrel using a special light was able to detect many stains left behind that are apparently impossible to detect using only the naked eye. He scraped these stains off the surfaces he detected the samples on and reported to me they would be sent to experts he had available to him for analysis. He took comprehensive testimony from me, my wife, and observed photos and video collected at this ranch related to this phenomenon.

With regard to subsequent follow up: The samples collected by Derrel Sims: Unknown. He has recently stated to me he has made preliminary analysis, but to complete the study it will require expensive lab analysis that may exceed $12000. in costs. I suggested he appear with me on Coast to Coast and report his findings and that we request a fund to be established so that interested contributors could fund the research through Pay Pal contributions set up for that express purpose. The request was declined. Coast to Coast contacted me and I referred them to Derrel. I have no understanding of why he has declined this interview since he and I have already done the show together on this subject one year before.

So to wrap this up, I believe this is an important story that has important scientific as well as societal implications. I have done the best I can to report the events as they occurred. I used my best intentions to collect the samples and forward them to people who expressed great desire to follow up and provide expert witness testimony and scientific analysis of them. Beyond the control of the collection and distribution to these individuals I have had no control over what occurred.

I have always tried to answer any and all questions about the information truthfully to the best of my ability. I have no answers beyond what I have reported as to the current status or disposition of what is happening in regard to the samples or any information about them. We continue to live at the same address where the events occurred as reported and we continue to experience many strange events. These events are no longer reported by me as I see no purpose in continuing to do so. No positive result has occurred by my previous reporting. I will continue to make a record of the events as they occur.


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